Global Citizen – Chilean guy in Hong Kong (TVB program)

Globalization can break the border between countries It is said that global citizens who adapt to the world can overcome this challenge So… where can I find these “Global Citizens”? Hello, every episode I will show you people from different countries who live in Hong Kong Hello guys! Welcome to “1 Minute Spanish” (Can I have your number?) In the first episode, we will introduce this person from Chile His name is Lucas and he is 26 years old He is a programmer and at the same time he wants to make videos as he would like to be a YouTuber A lot of foreigners wonder if Chile is named after the “Chili Pepper” (Spicy fruit) Because the sound in English is quite similar South America’s Chile in English is “Chile” There are different theories of where the name comes from Some think it comes from the chili pepper Chile is the longest country from north to south spanning over 38 degrees It has the driest desert in the world And it has icebergs in the south Seeing it like this, it actually resembles a chili pepper But the truth is, in Spanish we don’t call chili pepper “Chili”, we call it Aji. So Chile is not related with chili pepper Also, Chile is located in the pacific ring of fire And there are also a large number of active volcanoes 90% of earthquakes happen in here Even small earthquakes are quite scary You feel like there is a train passing by next to you Then, stuff starts falling You might hear in the kitchen some dishes and cups fall down and break Like the end of the world… is quite scary Today he is making a video, but this time not about Hong Kong Hey guys, today I am at the airport to pick up my parents and my auntie Originally didn’t know about Hong Kong But 10 years ago came as an exchange student Where he fell in love with Hong Kong culture He went to Chile to study (high school, university) and then work Then came to Hong Kong to study, and afterwards, work. Today he speaks fluent Cantonese In these years, he has gone back to Chile several times This time, his family came over to visit him Today Lucas brought his family to try the most local Hong Kong beverage Then I will finish it Delicious, huh? Is it good? The bitterness of these herbal teas is not their favourite They’d prefer the bitterness of beer Chile is a country which exports wine 3/4 of the wine made in Chile is exported Our culture has a lot of things to do with dancing Drinking alcohol A lot of people drink because Chile is a big Wine (and alcohol) exporter We like to sing and dance, we like to be lively I think this is common in Latin america (being lively) Until now, since he has lived in Hong Kong for long will his way of thinking and living be similar to mine, since I am a local Hong Konger? My favourite thing to eat in Hong Kong is: Egg Waffles Quick question, quick answer. start Let’s go! Milk tea or Coffee? Milk Tea -You also like milk tea?
– I love milk tea! Texting or talking on the phone? Texting! Talking on the phone is annoying Everytime I get a call, I don’t want to talk Oh because you have to speak Cantonese Not really! I think is disruptive, when I am doing something else So you can’t do other stuff Monopoly or Airplanes Game? Dai fu long? Monopoly “Dai fu yong” means Monopoly I thought is “Dai fu long” (Big hole in your pants) Cantonese or English Cantonese Although my English is better, I can understand the news Egg tart or Cake? Egg tart or Cake? But I think portuguese egg tart is even better I agree But now we only have this tow choices Hot pot or BBQ? Hot Pot I can’t choose Are you talking about Hong Kong BBQ? I really don’t like to use the fork and wait so long Then everything is burnt outside I think Hot Pot is easier Lady Gaga or Eason Chan? Eason Chan Food can represent a place’s culture Hi, I am Chilli Lucas (智利仔) Today we are in the market to get some food Why do we have to come to the market? If you want cheap, nice and good food we should come to the market Oh so you must love eating, do you love Hong Kong food? I love eating Hong Kong food Hong Kong food is one of the reasons why I stayed in Hong Kong for so long Oh, so you like Hong Kong food, are we going to cook some today? well, not really. The reason for today’s visit to the market is I will be cooking Chilean food with my mom for you – I see, then let’s go
– ok let’s go I need a kilo a pound? I need a kilo I usually I go to the supermarket more than the food market So now I am a bit embarrassed This one, 10 hkd for 6 I don’t know how to choose What’s the difference between these two? Different size Give me twelve please Got some beef? What’s the difference between food markets in Chile and here? They won’t hang the meat They place it in some refrigerated compartments Lucas! I think we are done Yep, we are done, now we can go back to cook Since Chile is a Latin American country. Me, like many people, might think that Chilean food would be like Mexican food And have a lot of chili on it But their food is not spicy at all! Chili powder from Chile Is not very spicy We call it Merken it is dried chili powder You can smell it We use common spices used in Chile Then the food will taste much like Chilean food No matter how I cook it, if I don’t have the right spices, it won’t taste Chilean Chileans emphasize their families. During holidays, they will have BBQ at home But Lucas had to adjust after coming to Hong Kong Today a friend is has come over Since we are having Chilean food, we will be using forks instead of chopsticks In Chile, we don’t have a phrase before eating So I really like this tradition in Hong Kong and in Asia Right before eating with friends and family we say: “Let’s eat” (“Sik Fan”) This one is called Charquican We usually add and “sun egg” on top Then you can stir it with the potatos and the pumpkin Besides tasting Chilean food This meal also makes Lucas think about the years of his mother’s care We always had delicious food because my mom was very hardworking to cook for us Sometimes my mom came after 9pm And she still cooked for us afterwards So I want to thank her A family eating together is not always possible And is specially hard for Lucas since he is living in Hong Kong We better leave them enjoy their family gathering Will a Chilean and a Hong Konger have different opinions regarding the same topic Let’s meet our new friend to talk with him Erwin is a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology He says that technology has made the world smaller “If you want to be more competitive, you have to be opened minded to the world” If you keep thinking that you are in one place you will limit yourself Drink some coffee thank you! Smells great Let’s try Is good I like drinking coffee Let’s talk about you Lucas. Why did you decide to come to Hong Kong When I was a kid in secondary school, I wanted to make new friends from abroad I wanted to know more cultures Because I started to see online and on TV, and while playing video games. Oh, there are people with different cultures, so I thought of studying abroad But Hong Kong is so far! At the beginning I thought of the US Then I thought about New Zeland But then I thought, the culture is pretty similar Then me and my family thought that Hong Kong is a good choice At that time we watched a documentary that showed how the Hong Kong airport was made You guys made a Man-made island for it Oh, the artificial island Erwin: Did you see our Kung fu movies? Only after I came I knew that Bruce Lee was from Hong Kong before I thought he was Chinese So Bruce Lee is from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan was from Hong Kong Then I even noticed that Stephen Chow is also from Hong Kong! Wow! You know them all! I was so happy… I actually had watched Stephen Chow as a kid, but I didn’t know he was from Hong Kong Is great that you know these I loved watching it, at that time I didn’t know what language they spoke, because I was too little I watched “Xiaolin Soccer” with Spanish subtitles So you came here by yourself to study Yeah, the first time I came to study secondary school for a year Then I went back to Chile but I missed Hong Kong So after several years I came back to study and work So you went to far away place, this is very special Would that be a Global Citizen? You went across the whole world. I think I actually am a case of “Global Citizen” Erwin: How do you determine that? Well, there are people who go traveling or go to other countries to work But they might not be Global Citizens Do you think they can be in a short period of time? I don’t think that’s the point For instance, if they only use English (instead of the local language) Maybe they don’t like the food so they keep eating McDonald’s If they cannot adjust to their culture I don’t think they are global citizen So if we go abroad and live in the Chinese town, eat fried noodles, then we are not Yeah… if you always think… Wait a minute, why is your Cantonese so good… It must be in order to flirt, right? Vanessa: Eh? Your reaction says something Erwin: It must be true, my experience tells me so. I just want to say… That is not the reason But that doesn’t mean it didn’t help But I just really wanted to learn You must had good friends that made you want to learn Oh yes. I shall quote Mandela If you want to communicate, then you should learn English But if you want to listen to people’s hearts, then you should learn their mother tongue Oh yes yes yes, totally true Erwin: I have this experience I wanted to date a girl from Russia, so I learnt Russian You lived in Russia? Yeah, I lived in Saint Petersburg But now I forgot all my Russian Vanessa: Because you lost your girl? Erwin: I was sincere You learnt Russian, that is so difficult! In a short time, I had to pressure myself Lucas: That is amazing Erwin: I wanted to listen to people’s hearts So you learnt Cantonese People usually say: Start with foul language and love language Erwin: Vanessa, you also have flown around a lot Yes, I went to the UK I already learnt English So there I had a better chance to keep learning I went for two years Yeah, I would try to get involved with locals Accept their culture, so I wouldn’t stay with just a group of people but instead try to meet new local friends Or even people from Asia I think this is a characteristic of Global Citizens Must be open minded to accept new things If I didn’t have as much time, for example, you came to Hong Kong for several years Vanessa in the UK for 2 years is not short either… Actually I can go to many places So let’s say I go to Europe or to America to do backpacking I might really want to understand their culture but I don’t stay for a long time And I might not be able to learn their language, but try to learn some words Am I a Global Citizen? Vanessa: I think the attitude is correct I think you are You might not learn the language but you tried, you opened your heart you opened your mind to accept someone’s culture. I think this is the main point to be a Global Citizen Some people are like that, for example they go to France and complain that some food is not like in Hong Kong If they always compare, they will think is bad If you always compare then you will dislike it Oh but if you compare for good Oh, there are so many ways to make bread Coffee has so many ways to make Chilean and Chinese food are very different My mom has a hard time getting used to it The tastes are two different, the cooking method is different In Chile is cooked like this, in China is cooked like that You have to embrace the difference You should not try to find a replacement for everything You have to think is something new Let’s use a food example Let’s say I make a chicken soup in Hong Kong In Chile you are also making chicken, so wouldn’t it be the same? I have thought of this Why can’t I cook here as I did in Chile And it was because I couldn’t find the right spices So the spices are very important Yes. So this time, after I went to Chile I brought a lot of spices with me So, homesickness When you go abroad, do you have something to remember your home? When I was young and studying in the U.S. I bought a lot of instant noodles Because they were my brought me memories of home I myself really want to know new places, but sometimes you still miss home Lucas: Because you still have this culture You cannot just get rid of it Erwin: So you can value some old things and some new things Lucas: With my friend we think there is a thing called a third culture A third culture is not about living in three different countries But rather, after living in two countries, you yourself will create a new culture where you combine the things you like from both cultures. I like these things from this culture, and these things from this one, then you created a new culture This song is called: “Todos Juntos” I think is especial because it means Everyone Together It talks about everyone sharing the planet

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