Gold Digger colony version

He takes our money when we’re in need Yeah he’s a trifling king indeed Oh he’s a Gold digger Way over the seas that digs on me Now I ain’t sayin he a Gold Digger But he ain’t messin with no broke blokes Back off, brah,
go back to Britain King George the Third was a royal turd He wanted to tax us and that’s so absurd No taxation without representation benign father country before we got it good
making paper and colonizing the new world (They) tried to pull some *bleep* which wasn’t too legit
the parliament is all twits So we took your tea tossed it to the Boston friggin Harbor
little did you know we’d come back to fight harder What’s this nonsense? Stamp act of
’65? Seems like you’re controlling all our lives Intolerable Acts of ’74? You’re taking
our freedom, closing our doors So we fought and fought shout out to general G.W. – Oh and the French, I guess Now we’re singing the Articles of Confederation Welcome to the newfound American “Nation” Now I ain’t sayin he a Gold Digger… But he ain’t messin with us no more

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