Gold Humanism Honor Society

Gold Humanism Honor Society

The Gold Humanism Ceremony is the ceremony that recognizes the students selected by their peers and then the faculty selected by the
students into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. It’s a group of students, faculty, and residents that are exemplars of compassionate patient care. So the students that are involved are the
outgoing seniors and the incoming seniors; and this has started back in 2010 with our
first inaugural class. So the Staff of Asclepius, who is the son
of Apollo and a practitioner of medicine, is well known symbol, and it has a single
serpent that goes down the staff. The staff was given to by our inaugural class for the Gold Humanism Honor Society, and the staff is made out of yucca, which is a native plant in Arizona; and it was made by Dr. Howard Silverman, who was our first Gold Humanism Honor Society mentor. The ribbons are different for every single
class. So the first inaugural class had one ribbon, and each student tied a knot in the ribbon; and then each additional class adds a ribbon to that first knot, ties their knots from each student, which this creates a chain that symbolizes power, strength, and compassion in our students and in our community. The candle symbolizes the light in every one of us, and there’s two wicks. So the dual wicks symbolize the ‘I am thou’ in the humanistic care setting. To be eligible for the Gold Humanism Honor Society, they need to be selected by their peers, and it’s also on their applications
for Residencies; and it’s actually now a checkbox because it’s recognized as such an important quality as a physician that Residency programs want to know who their Gold Humanism Honor students are. They’re the faculty and physicians that you want caring for your family.


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