Good Moral Character For Citizenship Through Naturalization

Good Moral Character For Citizenship Through Naturalization


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    Hello from Florida, thank you for advanced guideness about GMC ! My citizenship case was denied 1 week ago, I know my fault because I rushed with this statutory period. PLEASE, would you give advice , when to re-apply again or should wait even longer. Shortly In 2013, I had petit theft 1st degree, then 2 months later I missed court day. After I found interpreter, I agreed to pay fine $120 and I went through one day anti theft program. In Nov 2013, case was closed after pretrial program with statement 'Nolle Prosequi'. So, I have in my record: petit theft 1st degree, paid fine $120 and 'Failure to appear in court for this misdemeaneur offence' for which I was arrested, I spent one day in jail. Since Nov, 2013 I'm totally clean, nothing happened else. I'm just curious, is there point to wait longer than 5 years to make me look better in front of USCIS ?
    Is there chance to win appeal for N-336 form ? Basically I had these extenuating circumstances, I hadn't had any interpreter while I was in court and how to prove it now ? Thanks in advance.

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    Jessica L.

    Hello from. NY I am going for Citizenship interview , soon. In 2016 I had an arrest doe prostitution but got dismissed Only arrest during the 5 years of my green card what are your thoughts Thank You!

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    Usman Uthman

    Hello from new Jersey. I had an accident which is my fault due to drinking of alcohol and was charged to court case. Will it affects my future green card and naturalisation?

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    becka abed

    Hello. I live in California. I have 2 concerns or questions. 1. Can a traffic violation such as running a red light bar you from getting citizenship?
    2. I came here as a refugee and have been a permanent resident for 4 years now. I'll be eligible to apply for citizenship July 2020. In December 2016, I divorced my wife with whom I have one child. No child support or no amount (0.00 dollars) was ever ordered by the judge ever since till further notice as our child was in CPS custody at the time the divorce was granted. He was released back to us 8 months later during which I was paying child support to his mom but NOT on court order. Just two weeks ago my ex wife and I received calls from Child support department and got told the case just got resuscitated and we now need to appear before a judge after a date is set probably in the next couple weeks or months. Would that negatively impact my application?

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    Simply Woke

    Great Great Video! I am an America citizen by birth (Mom, Dad, Grandparents – US citizens). Your video is very educational and helpful to any person who is NOT a citizen and wishes to naturalize. GREAT VIDEO!!

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