Governing Paper People | Sovereign Citizens

Governing Paper People | Sovereign Citizens

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
their just powers from the consent of the governed. So if you don’t consent to being governed,
does the law not apply to you? I do not consent! I do not consent! Does this guy really think that by saying
these magic words, the cops will just say “oh sorry, our bad, you’re free to go?” I ask that jokingly, but I also know the answer. Yes, he does. This video is brought to you by Brilliant. These people go by multiple names around the
world, they’re known as Freemen on the Land in the UK and the various commonwealth realms. But here in the US they’re typically known
as Sovereign Citizens. But they also sometimes call themselves Free
Inhabitants. Uhm, but we told you that he’s an Article
4 Free Inhabitant, so he does not have to have a license. While this movement has more or less always
existed, it really took off in the 1970s. With people publishing books and giving seminars
on how they could get out of speeding tickets or paying taxes. Which is why Sovereign Citizens and Tax Protest
movements often go hand in hand. Over the decades they have become much more
violent, withlaw enforcement having to go through special training on how to deal with
them, they’ve even been labeled as a domestic terrorist movement. Terry Nichols, an accomplice to the Oklahoma
City bombing was a Sovereign Citizen. They also employ a number of “paper terrorism”
tactics involving putting false liens on your property. There are currently 300,000 Sovereign Citizens
in the United States, significantly larger than any other group I’ve talked about recently. A Sovereign Citizen is someone who believes
that they are not subject to the jurisdiction of a government, be it federal or state, or
that the government itself is illegitimate… so they are sovereign. Legal word – Sovereign – it’s a legal
word! There are three flavors of Sovereign Citizens. Firstly, there are the religious types, the
ones who believe only god can rule over them. You are not god, you have no jurisdiction
over me. The second group is a little more nuanced,
the diplomatic types, who believe that since they are not citizens of the United States,
they are given diplomatic immunity. That law only applies to US citizens. Well, where are you a citizen of? I am not a US citizen, I am a free inhabitant,
I am of the Earth, I do not belong to any corporation
I do not belong to any country. A free inhabitant is… they are free people,
they have all of the rights of a US citizen without following any of the laws. This is ridiculous for… several reasons. Even if you were not a US citizen, while you
are in the physical United States, you have to follow the laws of the United States. Even diplomats have to follow the law, it
doesn’t work in reality the way it works on TV. If I go to England and get pulled over for
driving on the correct side of the road, I don’t get to say “I’m not a British
citizen, your laws don’t apply to me.” The third group is a lot more complicated,
the constitutional types, who have multiple theories about why the US federal government
is not legitimate. And like all good things, they come in threes. The Constitution is the supreme law of the
land, we all agree with that. Well, most of us agree with that. The Preamble, the first paragraph which is
explains this document’s purpose, starts with… We the People of the United States, in Order
to form a more perfect Union. A more perfect union… more perfect than
what? If you took high school civics or… went
to elementary school, you should know that before the Constitution, we had the Articles
of Confederation. Which were very imperfect. The first sub group of constitutional Sovereign
Citizens believe that the Constitution was never successfully ratified and that we are
still living under the Articles of Confederation. Article 4 Free Inhabitant, pursuant to the
Articles of Confederation, you can look it up, it’s in the United States book of codes. The United States book of codes doesn’t
exist, I have no idea what she’s talking about… Unless she’s trying to cite US Code, which
several other Sovereign Citizens do in order to say they’re not citizens, but nationals,
which still makes you subject to the laws of the United States. So what is a free inhabitant? The better to secure and perpetuate mutual
friendship and intercourse among the people of the different states in this union, the
free inhabitants of each of these states… shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities
of free citizens in the several states. All this means is that if you live in one
state and you travel to another state, you are legally treated the same as a citizen
of that state. Free inhabitants and free citizens are not
mutually exclusive terms. Just because you freely inhabit one state
doesn’t mean you’re not also a citizen of that state. But none of this matters anyway because we
don’t live under the Articles of Confederation. At least, we don’t, the rest of society
has agreed to follow the Constitution now. It’s been like 230 years, it’s time to
get on board. Are you a US citizen? No. You’re not a US citizen? I was not born in Washington DC or any territory
under federal jurisdiction, so no I am not a US citizen. Were you born in the United States of America
or any of the states? I was born in America, yes I’m a state citizen
of one of the several states. This particular brand of Sovereigns agree
that they are a citizen of one of the several states, but do not agree that they are US
citizens. They at least agree that the Constitution
is law, so that’s progress. But they have an interesting interpretation
of the Fourteenth Amendment, which among other things, created birthright citizenship. And according to Sovereign Citizens, a second
tier of citizen. All persons born or naturalized in the United
States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the
state wherein they reside. They believe that this amendment created federal
US citizenship alongside state citizenship. According to them, when it said the word “and”
there, that is denoting a separation of the two rather than a conjunction. And that is somewhat true, along with being
an American you are also a Californian or Oklahoman. That’s why you pay state income tax and
we have in-state college tuition. But again, these aren’t mutually exclusive,
you are both rather than one or the other. Likewise, they believe that the only way to
become a US citizen is to either opt-in, which we’ll get to, or be subject to the jurisdiction
thereof. This line is very important to Sovereign Citizens. Only people born in Washington DC or a federal
territory are born under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Therefore, they are not US Citizens, they
are state citizens. Just for the record, most laws that Sovereign
Citizens get in trouble for, like speeding or DUIs, are state laws. Even murder, for the most part, is a state
crime. So I’m not entirely sure why they give cops
and courts such a hard time… unless they think these laws only apply to some abstract
concept of a person rather than actual flesh and blood people. So let’s talk about the Sovereign Citizens
who think laws only apply to some abstract concept of a person rather than actual flesh
and blood people. You’ll need to meet your Strawman. He was born the same day you were, he looks
like you, has the same name, and lives in your house. From every birth certificate, a legal personality
or legal fiction is created with the same name to confuse little old you into thinking
it’s you. So, there is a human you and a paper you. Or as it’s commonly known, a Strawman. In 1933, the United States abandoned the gold
standard and allowed the dollar to become a free-floating fiat currency. Sovereign Citizens believe that at this point,
the government lost its legitimacy. It created a legal, paper identity for every
person in order to back up this fiat currency, known as a strawman or corporate shell. They even believe that this corporate shell
identity holds money in a secret government account. They will only accept payment in silver or
gold but will happily make payments in “bills of exchange” which pay out of that government
account. The only way to access this account is by
reclaiming your sovereignty and separating your corporate personhood from your flesh
and blood individual. I’m an individual not a person. You’re not a person? David Hall is a person, I’m a private individual. David Hall is a person under the color of
law sir. Okay where is David Hall then, the person
David Hall? He exists on paper sir, David Hall is a corporation. I’m not a person. See you deal here with admiralty/maritime
jurisdictions, which deals with persons, which I am not. He’s not in some weird maritime Merchant
Marine court. This is the American flag, this is how it
appears on soldier’s uniforms, on police uniforms, and even in court rooms. You see that little gold fringe around the
edge there? To a Sovereign Citizen, that makes it an admiralty
flag, which means it only has jurisdiction over maritime and certain commercial laws. Of course that’s not what it means to the
rest of us or even the flag code. The gold fringe around the flag is literally
the only accessory to the flag that is neither required nor prohibited. It also has no legal meaning. There is no law saying that gold fringe makes
it a naval ensign. And this is where we can really get down to
the heart of what Sovereign Citizens believe, that through some loophole or turn of phrase,
they can make it so that the law doesn’t apply to them. That’s not the right flag, this court doesn’t
have jurisdiction on this matter. I wasn’t driving, I was traveling. I’m traveling in my car, I’m not like,
driving, I’m not using it for like… You’re not driving right now? I’m traveling in my vehicle. You used the term driving, and I was traveling
sir. Traveling. I’m not a person, I’m a flesh and blood
individual. As long as they don’t consent to the fact
that that paper strawman is them, they are exempt from our laws. Can I see your Idaho state license? No, I don’t have one. You don’t have one? My person does, but I don’t, and I don’t
wish to create joinder with you. Joinder is the connection between your corporate
shell and you the individual. Joinder is created when you accept any government
document with that name on it, whether it’s a birth certificate, social security card,
or driver’s license. There’s also a heavy significance placed
on capital letters, if the name is in all caps, it’s referring to your corporate shell,
not you. Sometimes you’ll see your surname in capitals,
just like on a gravestone! That’s because your strawman is dead and
just a silly piece of paper. This is why they refuse to carry any documentation,
or pay taxes, or even accept mail with a ZIP code on it, because they don’t want to join
their identities. When you go to court, you represent your strawman. So you, the human, take on any costs, fees,
taxes, and fines involved for the strawman. The human you doesn’t even need to pay them. But you made a contract with the court by
appearing on behalf of your legal personality or strawman. They really do believe that by refusing these
things and using the right combination of words in court, they will be exempt from the
law. Perhaps that’s because they took a course
from Brilliant is a problem-solving website where
you can learn about Science and Math, including Out of the Box Geometry. That’s right, your constitutional law need
not be the only thing you have an unorthodox interpretation of. Brilliant breaks these concepts down into
smaller maritime jurisdictions so that you understand them before moving on. Perhaps you’d like to try your luck at getting
a cop you let you out of a speeding ticket by asserting your Articles of Confederation
status? Make sure to take this course on Games of
Chance. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll work out
a lot better for you than it does for everyone else. Alright, you’re under arrest – No I’m
not! So head on over to
to get 20% off, you’ll also be supporting the channel when you do. I’ve used the word “believe” a lot in
this video, which might be slightly unfair to other beliefs that I’ve discussed in
the past. Sovereign Citizens are just plain wrong. They don’t have faith in some untestable
supernatural thing, they just have a woefully inaccurate misinterpretation of the law. Even if they believe the government has no
power or that the laws don’t apply to them, the rest of us do. I do not consent, I do not consent! Help! Help! I do not consent! The reason no one is helping is because as
a society, we consent. And we have empowered certain individuals
to ensure our safety and make sure everyone else is following the law and paying their
taxes. Whether they be literal insane people or misinformed
Sovereign Citizens. It doesn’t matter if you respect the authority
of the government of the land you are currently in, because we do, and even as a visitor,
you have to respect that, because now, you know better. I’m was at ThinkerCon this weekend so if
you have access to a time machine make sure to stop by and say hello yesterday. I’d also like to give a shout out to my
newest legendary patron Jim, if you’d also like your name to be accidentally misspelled
on this screen, head on over to In the meantime don’t forget to joinder
that subscribe button, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and join us on the subreddit.


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    Mark Barker

    Even IF they weren’t considered citizens of a state doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to the laws of the land they’re occupying. Government isn’t ratified by a piece of paper but by the will of the people. We, the people of the United States, have given the police the power to arrest you if you break the laws we have established.

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    Ben Cofield

    To be fair smashing the window at the beginning was over the top and not needed, even if the guy was an idiot

  7. Post

    I bet these "sovereign citizens" that feel themselves entitled to not abide by any law are totally fine with Mexicans crossing the border as well then. No?

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    Boberz123 The Third

    Does anyone know why the judge didn't charge David Hall (the person or corporation or whatever he was) with contempt of court?

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    explosive animator

    These people confuse me, so basically what she said is she can kill someone because she doesn't follow the same laws

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    i think we should actually allow people to be able to not be a citizen of any country. they would still have to follow laws of countries they are in such as not speeding or murdering, they wouldn't get any benefits of being a citizen but certain things such as borders they don't have to follow

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    jaren r

    I cast "I do not consent" it deal 500 damage 100 percent chance of critical hit to all law enforcement 100 percent chance of missing 100 precent chance of backfiring

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    Aaron Hoover

    Sovereign citizens are one of my favorite train wrecks to watch. Them and flat earthers. It’s fun to watch them get their windows broken and tasered.

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    Tech Theorist

    1:42 "significantly larger than any other group I've talked about recently".
    Flat earthers: Hold my beer.

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    Mortachai Epstein

    I honestly found it hard to watch this because their "logic" is so bad, when they were explaining to the cops why they should be able to not have to follow the law I was cringing so hard I thought it would be terminal.

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    Jimmy M

    I have more respect for law enforcement after this. How they avoid slapping the shit out of these smart asses is beyond me.

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    In Germany we have a similar bunch, who call themselves "Reichsbürger". They believe that the German Reich (either in the form of the Empire, the Weimar Republic or the Third Reich) legally still exists due to peace treaty hijinks and that the laws of the German Federal Republic don't apply, that the modern German state is a buissness that only "manages" us and do things like printing their own passports, their own driver's licenses, their own license plates and they even hold their own elections (we have several people claiming to be the legitimate Reichspresident of the Weimar Republic who do things like filiming hilarious New Year's Adresses to "the people").

    Some of them are also armed and kill cops.

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    Veli Karppinen

    Society should follow equal non-consent towards them. Crudely saying if SC is caught driving recklessly drunk arresting officer should have legal right to just blow his head open with his/her gun as SC is not bound OR protected by law. Thus police officer is not guilty of murder when he/she blows out SC's brains with a gun. Maybe police could be charged from littering or public disturbance for that.

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    The only thing I've ever heard of stupider than this is those people who claim getting a c-section means you're not a 'real parent' because you didn't 'give birth'.

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    Jack Mara

    In Germany we call them Reichsbürger (citizen of the empire). They think that the BRD (Federal German Republic) has no legitimation, because the German Empire was never abolish.

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    Roy Whit

    I;m not a "sovereign citizen", but I also didn't write nor sign the constitution. You keep speaking in the broadest of terms by saying :everyone else. Sorry, you don't speak for me.

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    Conand Skyfire

    Can someone explain me where the fuck do these people come from? I can't compute their formation.

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    Rhett Shanley

    Diplomatic sovereign citizen: Yes your honor i did kill him but I’m a sovereign citizen so I’m not a USA citizen so I’m not going to jail

    Judge: But e caught you in the act I’m mean you FUCKING KILLED A MAN.

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    "I don't wish to commit joinder with you"
    sounds like something an alien masking as a human would say to someone flirting with them.

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    Daniel Cooper

    My approach would be: do you have a passport or anything that proves you are in the country legally? No? Then you're going to jail for being an illegal immigrant. Done and dusted.

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  43. Post

    This movement was one of the first that gained traction because of Youtube correct? Much like the anti-vax and flat earth nonsense, people went down this rabbit hole, but unlike those two, the real world hits them like a ton of bricks.

  44. Post
    John Daly

    Well non human animals have all the right according to the law without being subject to the law. So these people are like, cats and dogs then. So people can own them as pets?

  45. Post
    Dan J

    "I get all the rights of a US citizen without following the laws."
    Say that again, really slowly.
    How is that even supposed to make sense? Why would any government consent to random people running around on its soil but not respecting its laws?
    I want to see a Venn diagram between sovereign citizens and people that think that illegal immigrants have no human rights whatsoever. I'm guessing it would be two concentric circles.

  46. Post
    Josh W.

    Somehow these officers have the magical ability to break your windows, taze you, cuff you, arrest you and assert their authority over you, even in Imagination land..ykes.

  47. Post
    Kc Flick

    Basicaly, if somebody with a means to murder you tells you what to do. You either do it or die. That's the basis of human civilization.
    Its fucked up. But it's TRUE, sad to say.
    Also, this sovereign citezen does work for a few people. Notably people with firepower behind them. Examples. Large mob bosses, gangs, some police, some polititions, some corporate CEOs, some billionaires.
    It's really a luck thing. And it never lasts, unless your Kim Jung

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    Dual Morality

    Semi-related: I've yet to meet him in my 20 years of life since he's paranoid, but my dad will occasionally talk about a semi-friend of his who goes by 'Captain Video'; He's a burnout from the 70's who's distrustful of the government and has a rickety trailer in the woods [The related bit- He's a sovereign citizen]. He has homemade boobytraps around his property and hides/doesn't answer to people if they come out there for some reason… He took me out to meet him once when I was 13 or so and, after checking that the grounds were safe, walked up to the door- He knocked a few times and explained that he wanted to catch up and introduce me [since i'm the introverted, alternative child]; No response whatsoever. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed since he sounded so intriguing… We hung around a bit just in case, especially since the place was lived-in based on the outside property, but he never answered

    Yeah… Sorry for the unnecessary memory. It kinda gives a fun example of another interesting Floridian though

  49. Post
    Jeff Engel

    So, we've got constitutions rejected by some inhabitants in the U.S., assorted Commonwealth countries, and Germany. Anywhere else? France has been through a lot – anyone not recognize the current republic, for instance? Or Japanese who don't recognize the government following the end of the empire?

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  52. Post

    These 'sovereign citizens' are hilarious.
    It is beyond my understanding as to why these people who were born in the US, educated in the US (apparently), live in the US and work in the US, think the laws of the US do not apply to them! It's like, seriously, are they for real, I really can't believe they are this deluded ?!

    Do they honestly think a cop, or a judge, is going to say "Oh my mistake, I didn't realise you were a sovereign citizen. Ok, I'll just ignore this US law you broke, whilst in the US, and let you be on your way. You're free to go! Goodbye."

    Has anyone ever used this as a defence and been successful?

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    BMW Programming & Encoding

    You the people have the power to kill the cops before they violate you and after they charge you. Politics of men is caused by spiritual curses. The people have the right to tell political enforcers to avoid them and dont violate them. The Policy of men create enmities among the people but if the politicians, cops and Judges and district attorneys break their own man made laws, who charge them? The Policy of men are why cops treat people badly. After the cops beat you up and he think he get away with it, just surprise him and his family with assassins.

  55. Post

    officer: “stop resisting you’re under arrest”
    captain sovereign citizen: “no, i don’t think i will”

  56. Post

    I remember about eight years ago when I first heard those "arguments" and I thought I would give them my attention throughout several days. Then I decided I like my brain cells.

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    mary harrer

    Wow. A lot of your info is dead on….like really. I think you left out the whole part about not being governed under the United Corporation of America. I know that’s a big part of it.

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    name surname

    Sovereign citizens don’t recognize the government so that they can have benefits such as legal immunity. However, not recognizing the government means they don’t have any rights. Which means a cop can literally arrest them for complaining about the government.

  63. Post
    name surname

    If I ever become the boss of a sovereign citizen, I will pay them less than minimum wage. Since they don’t recognize the government, that’s theorically legal.

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    Adam Gardiner

    I absolutely agree with their right to opt out of the country but this by definition means they cannot use any of its amenities or infrastructure – roads, footpaths , power, water, visit any business or public property (because – insurance/liability) so as long as they practice outside of America they should be sweet. Althoooo I guess wherever they are may have some 'rules'…

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    A wild Tanner was found

    It’s just people who broke the laws and are like, ah crap what do I do?! Oh yeah act like an idiot and waste time. lol

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    Cristopher Fistunenko

    I secede from the union not due to loophole,not because I'm anarchist.
    I refuse to bow down to an evil master,
    Call the government what you want,but they are your master,and the us government is rampid with evil

  72. Post
    Troy Evitt

    Sovereign Citizens: Official Sponsor of the Auto Glass Industry.

    Moral > Legal. My state hasn't legalized recreational marijuana….which means precisely BUPKIS to me. I don't kill, rape or steal because I have a MORAL obligation not to.The threat of jail is NOT what keeps me from stealing from, raping or murdering anybody. The threat of jail is why I don't smoke M/J in public, but I could care less what I'm "not supposed to do" if it has no negative effects on my fellow man. It's just a waste of lawmakers' time. Moral > Legal. The Underground Railroad was illegal. The Trail of Tears was legal.

  73. Post
    Troy Evitt

    Moral > Legal. My state hasn't legalized recreational marijuana….which means precisely BUPKIS to me. I don't kill, rape or steal because I have a MORAL obligation not to.The threat of jail is NOT what keeps me from stealing from, raping or murdering anybody. The threat of jail is why I don't smoke M/J in public, but I could care less what I'm "not supposed to do" if it has no negative effects on my fellow man. It's just a waste of lawmakers' time. Moral > Legal. The Underground Railroad was illegal. The Trail of Tears was legal.

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    TheWinged Hussar

    lol this sovereign citizen just sounds like cheapskates and want to be anarchists.
    Or just punks that just don't want to be punished for crimes they committed.

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    J - MEDIA UK

    You should watch Russle Jay Gould post master bank banker general. The gold fringe flag is maritime jurisdiction and that's a fact

  80. Post
  81. Post

    I'm not sure if it's the ideas presented or the fact that you read this the same way you did the Scientology script, but this does sound like a genuine cult.

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    Augusto Hofmann

    In a couple of decades "I'm traveling and not driving" maybe be technically correct due to self-driving vehicles. But there are already farm tractors, trains, and even cars that can do that but they still require someone to operate them should the need arise.
    I secretly thought it would be funny if the laws didn't apply to me because I'm not a citizen. I would try to rob a bank in the US or something like that and the news would be like: The People of Augusto were massacred by US security forces and the entire population was killed. Several members of the UN are accusing the USA of genocide."

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    C J

    What they believe is make believe. Another cult that wants all the entitlements with none of the responsibilities. Just lovely.

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    David barnes stuff 2

    I found out the hard way that you have to obey the speed limit even if you are visiting here from another planet.

  87. Post
    David barnes stuff 2

    As a warning, I remember an old man and his wife who both died in a federal prison after claiming they did not have to pay income tax. The United States government does not have a sense of humor.

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    steve darragh

    The weird thing is this freeman stuff here in the UK is actually working if you are intelligent enough to know how to use it. I wish I was. I’m only intelligent enough to know we are being duped and so kind linger around on the edge watching all the sheep bah bah looking for a gap in the fence!

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    Reverend Rusty

    Some local radio station a number of years ago had an hour-long interview with one of these people, and the interviewer was totally credulous – never challenged the claims made by the "person and acted fascinated, like he was learning something new. I remember thinking, "Oh fictional deity, I hope no one actually follows this person's advice." I didn't know they had an actual name like "SOvereign Citizen."

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    Loyd Holman

    Can't stand sites like this!! Some narrator who keeps babbling to hear himself talk, like we have no clue as to what is going on! By now, most of us have seen dozens, if not hundreds of SC videos, and listening to you boring, and unnecessary. Good luck, don't need explanations, we are not idiots! BYE!!!!!!!

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    Biv Lab

    Why am i getting a flashback to then the shitty jail I breify worked for made me sit down and explain to a woman that being 62nd in line for the british throne didnt excempt her from an arrest warrant. Also Edward abdicated so ….doesnt that cut off the line?

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  95. Post

    Good to see theres idiots like that around the world. In Germany we have people calling themselves "Reichsbürger" (Citizens of the Reich). They claim they don't fall under geman juristiction because the land is still under the constitution of 1945 or at least an occupied country, because the allied and the german never signed a contract that explicitly states "Peace Contract". So they claim that the federal republic of germany is just a corporation and the citizens are its personell.
    Usually that view goes hand in hand with nationalist and racist views and they even make up their own Reichs-passports. And they come together to vote for the Reichskanzler, there's about 7 or 8 Reichskanzlers as we speak, everyone of the the legitimate one if you ask each of them seperately.

  96. Post
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  98. Post
    Evan Friend

    These people are just idiots who selectively read a couple of legal documents, take a few quotes from them entirely out of context, and then use these out of context quotes to mean things that no reasonable person could ever think that they mean.

    They aren't terrorists, they're just idiots.

  99. Post
  100. Post

    Ahh more half-truths and BS. Pretty much everyone pays some sort of tax whether it sales or otherwise.
    Nobody asked me for my consent to hire a group of anti-social steroid infused power trippers to keep me safe and if that's truly their "job" and what we hired them for then why did the supreme court rule that law enforcement is under no obligation to risk their own life to protect yours? Seems to me with great power comes great responsibility yet officially now there is no responsibility. So then why do we give them this power over us for nothing? They are code enforcers with ego trips.
    Seems to me that we did have roads and infrastructure before 1913 and income tax so instead of planning a budget, adhering to it and living within their means they choose to take from us what we earned and the rate at which they tax overtime hours worked is worse. They're literally punishing you more for working more than full time as though it was some get rich quick scheme.
    These sovereigns are retarded if they think theyre going to fight the system and prevail. Never went down like that once. The entire system is set up to bleed you slow and living paycheck to paycheck while never getting ahead. Needs to be torn down and rebuilt different.

    You keep spouting that govt propaganda BS tho bro, sell outs gotta eat too, right?

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