Governor Peter Shumlin: The issue with explaining to citizens, a tax-based health care system.

PETER SHUMLIN: When we had
the conversation about what we spend and how we
moved to a finance base– a tax-based system, two things. Number one, you can’t leave
out that there will be no more health care premiums. Number two, you’ve
got a huge problem, because most people who
have their employer pay don’t know what they’re paying. And all of a sudden if you say
to them instead of that system you have with your
employer, you’re going to get a tax
bill in the mail. Like, wait a minute. I’m all for single payer,
but wait, no, no, no. I thought that meant free. You’re telling me my
taxes are going to go up, and my employer is not going
to have this burden anymore. You pretty much got to say,
yeah, that’s what we’re saying. So that’s a huge problem. SPEAKER: Yeah.

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