Gov’t Bully to Citizen Activists: Lie or Face Crippling Fines

Gov’t Bully to Citizen Activists:  Lie or Face Crippling Fines

Nobody likes a bully. In this country, we stand up to them, and that’s what makes Robin Farris’s
story so impressive. Robin not only stood up to an elected
official accused of abusing his public trust, she’s now standing up against an entire
government agency that tried to bully her into silence. Robin is a retired naval officer. She was
never interested in politics until accusations arose about an elected
officials actions. Actions that could cost taxpayers money and could bring
shame to the city. So Robin took her first steps into citizen
activism. She started a campaign to recall the official from office, as was
the right under state law. But in Washington, anyone looking to recall the
politician from office has to go to court first to prove their case. It’s a
complicated process you can’t win unless you have lawyers. But lawyers are expensive. So, unless you’re rich you’ll need
volunteer legal help which is just what two attorneys offered Robin. That’s when things went from bad to
worse. The state’s Public Disclosure Commission, an agency that imposes government and post
limits on political speech and participation, said no one could contribute more than
eight hundred dollars in money or services to campaigns like Robin’s, and the lawyers services were worth a
lot more than eight hundred dollars. To succeed in her fight to recall the
politician, she had to first change the law and fight this government agency
that wanted to show her down. To help Robin in her second fight, the Institute for Justice took her case
for free. They won an important first amendment
ruling in federal court, that the Public Disclosure Commission’s
eight hundred dollar limit was unconstitutional. But then the agency tried to bully Robin again. The
PDC is now forcing Robin into stating a lie, or else risk
hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. It wants her to say
the Institute for Justice’s free legal help was a campaign contribution, not
protection from her first amendment rights. The PDC demands this to prevent
future constitutional challenges. And now, Robin is forced to file yet another
lawsuit. Joined this time by the Institute for Justice, not only as her lawyers, but
also as plantiffs against Washington’s rogue Public Disclosure Commision. This lawsuit seeks to vindicate the
right of every individual to get free legal help when their right to speak is in jeopardy. Nobody likes a bully. In this country, we stand up to them and that’s what makes Robin Farris’s story so impressive.


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    Juanita Smith

    This government trash needs to be removed from office pernetly
    And all there messed up laws that are out to hurt us all only gods law will win out by making his son your savior jesus christ is his name

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    Thomas Moore

    Keep up the good work….you helping every American wether they know it or not. It's good to see the little person stand up to government tyranny. I and many other will be praying for you . Stand tall and stay tough. This country needs more citizen like you with the will to fight the good fight. God Bless You.😎

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    Dale Eastern brat

    The purpose of the public disclosure commission was perverted to support establishment politicians. Period. McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law (found un constitutional) was written for the same purpose. Silence the individual. Silence the gun lobby. (Which is a whole bunch of individuals. ) silence anyone in the name of "fairness" ? Nope. Un constitutional.

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    Brian McKinnon

    Sorry but you’re wrong!
    America glorifies and encourages bullying
    It starts with the kindergarten bully who is allowed to bully the smaller children
    And when the bullied child tells the teacher it’s “We don’t like tell tails”
    And the bully always get let off and the bullied child is moved or excluded
    Then in senior school you have the Jocks!
    No more needs to be said about them!
    The nerds are bullied throughout their schooling
    Then you wonder when one or two gets pushed over the line,
    gets a gun and comes into school looking revenge?
    Your movies and tv shows show bullies as lovable rogues
    and you very rarely see them get their comeuppance!
    Then you go into employment where the bosses have all the power
    And can bully to their hearts content, sexually, mentally and physically!
    Then you have the ultimate bullies! The Police!
    When a country have police shooting children and suffering little or no discipline
    for doing so, it is only a matter of time before you have another revolution!
    I think the majority of the USA are decent law abiding citizens
    But the bullying and abuse is alive and flourishing there!

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    These leftist thug's are Tyrants and need to be taken out by any means necessary! We the silent majority need to finally stand up and enough is enough.

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    Billy William

    This sounds like the unAmerican garbage that allows liberals to stall government and obstruct the President in making America great again!

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    Bruce Brodsko

    There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor objectively interpreted, and you create a nation of law- breakers, and then you cash in on the guilt. – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

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    I can already see this as an attempt to create a loop hole that will crush individuals in the future. Corporations will find a way to exploit this and use it all citizens and basically take all these wins away. Provisions need to be created to exclude corporations especially large ones.

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    George Drew

    I enjoy seeing how there’s these random laws that basically protect the Governments from any liability. Not.

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    Son of Liberty

    As I always say, it's the government you pay for working against you at every turn.
    That is why taxation is theft. I don't voluntarily choose to contribute to a government that works against me.

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    Liberal states seem to be the most anti-free speech and anti-property right states. Washington, Oregon, and California are hellholes of oppressive liberal governments.

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    Ken Brewsaugh

    The only thing the American people need to fear, is the Federal Government of these United States!!!

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    I don't understand how trying to have a politician "recalled" is campaigning, she isn't running for office. She's pointing out the politicians corruption. For a private citizen to raise awareness of the need to recall an elected official isn't a campaign, it's the peoples right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government on any grievances. Again, covered by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
    Thanks for looking out for the "little guy".

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    Michle Rabinowicz

    Finally someone called it spot on, the fed is THE bully and we must standup to it before it's too late.

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    They should all be put in jail throw away the key that is called strong arming we did not put a government into place to control us when will we as a people wake up and protest in the millions. Total disgrace

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    Nun Ya


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    Joe Clark

    Government bullying ?
    Call it what it is..
    Don't sugar coat what's happening in the country..

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    Govturd bullies should be dealt with the way our forefathers dealt with the govturd bullies from England kill the mother fuckers not bullshit court battles which are for pussies launch some hot lead throw hands or jam a blade in the fucker

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    Graystone Gardens

    So is this for children.!? Introducing children to politics is just as Abusive as introducing them to Religion. Despicable.

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    Thomas Peckoff

    Invisible chains and walls….
    That’s how we live today.
    Make no mistake we’re still slaves but now we have the right to own things which creates more tax which is turned into revenue for our masters!

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    Chris S

    Wide spread knowledge and use of Jury Nullification would be the most powerful tool against Tyrant's and Government corruption such as this. As a member of the Jury you have not only the ability to decide if someone's guilty but also if you believe a law is unjust. If you simply state not guilty there's absolutely nothing that they can do about it. Putting an absolute stop to this madness needs to happen.

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    Mighty Lonesome

    I hate to drag the comments section down to my level but 'Robin' as depicted in this video, looks like Mrs. Puff on Spongebob SquarePants.

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    Orion's Ghost

    Looks like a lot of this type of authoritarian corruption is popping up out west. Oregon and Washington, both. And, of course, we already have what goes on in California.

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    Come and chase the american dream inthe land of the brave and free, as long as you bow down and get on your knees for the american goverment. And do what they tell you to do. When they tell you. The US is slowly becoming a dictatorship.

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    bait clicker

    I see what's happened. Robyn(?), is under the misapprehension that, as a citizen of the United States, she is entitled not only to Freedom of Speech, but to use that Right to raise questions and to fight for justice against unjust and corrupt, authoritarian officials. Easy mistake to make. She probably thinks her vote counts too!

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    The Cheese

    Name ONE Democrat POTUS candidate that could take the oath of office in good faith with regard to the Bill of Rights
    Not that Team R is much better

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    A. Alzate

    Isn't the government supposed to serve the people? Not oppress them? I wonder what George Washington and Benjamin Franklin would think seeing the way the current government is treating the people?

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    Russ Crawford

    Washington State has a problem with California money coming in and greatly influencing state elections … but I agree with IJ here, free legal assistance in a court of law is NOT advocacy … shame on the Washington courts for allowing this injustice …

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    Timothy Parsons

    I was facing 7 years in prison Because government employees swore to false reports. They admitted to it, they received promotions. I was offered a plea deal and lost pretty much everything. That's the justice system at work.

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    None ya Biz

    Born and raised in Washington. It has become one of, if not, the biggest nazi state in the nation! Citizens rights mean nothing here anymore! And thanks to the insane influx of outsiders from California, who have fucked up their state so bad even they don't wanna live there. Now they're here fuckin up my home state, turning it into a Gestapo mentality state with a totalitarian attitude!

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    on the stage in the audience at the same time

    This is the police state this is an example of the death of America this is reality that the constitution no longer have teeth this is the proof that dictatorship police state is in action not something on its way

    Privileged ass white people done fucked up

    And threw away the United States of America

    And I'm aggravated because slaves built this shit my blood is in it I you dumbass hunkies threw it away and let it be known this is only the tip of the iceberg in restricted speech free speech there are horror stories all across America of people being fined for expressing themselves in a legitimate fashion

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    John Wally

    I stood up to Obama and his gay marine boyfriend when they were targeting me from situation room. I was successful in not getting enslaved but never received justice. Did it all while catching a corrupt student extortion production ring being ran by professors at college. While fighting off DARPA and Elon Musk up in Nevada from central nervous system hijacking. Pretty easy because they are all mentally weak but it did ruin and end life for me as I know it. Oh ya, and we also caught Trump and the 9/11 heist team running false dichotomy of choices on the American public when he was trying to Oceans 11 a secret exit for them. All while fighting off corrupt FBI pedophiles who apparently use underage girls as sex bait. God I pray you finally send justice to help me please.

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    Sara Smith

    No one likes a bully, we stand up to them in this country 😂🤣 we elected the biggest bully ever, and literally no one stands up to him.

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    Samuel Cantley

    we want these cops and government workers to take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports on the job s

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    Samuel Cantley

    Were do these satin workers live and burn there house feed the bugs kill these sons of satin all of them

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    A.LaVerne Filan

    Walla Walla County, State of Washington has been bulling me since 2008 and now they are really getting serious. $250.00 per month fine's which will soon go to $250.00 every two week's and from there to $250.00 per week to $250.00 per day until I cut all tall grass and weed's down below 1 foot in height, excluding tree's and crop's on a 200+ acre farm with over 2,000 foot of highway 12 frontage and over 2,000 foot of Coppei Creek bank's up to 30 feet deep and over a mile and a half of fence row and around oll building's and a 2,000 foot long mowed lane where farm machinery, farm tractor's, irrigation pipe, fencing material's, fertilizer and water tank's, truck's, trailer's, combine, tractor and irrigation centerpivot tire's, etc. are stored. Not only do I have to get all weed's and tall grass below the 1 foot tall mark and keep it there but but I have been forced to get rid of about half my vehicle's, trailer's, pipe, tractor's, tank's, combine's, fencing material's, farm equipment, etc. and they are demanding I get rid of more or the fine's will continue and escalated and if I am unable to pay I will lose my driver's license permanently. I have been trying to keep it mowed and have been cutting down and spraying weed's but nothing I do ever seem's to be enough. I have three neighbor's with more tall grass and weed's then I have and two of them are being paid by the federal government to let it grow that way under a signed contract for animal habitat and CRP. They are being paid for letting it grow and I am being fined. The State of Washington also purchased ground along Highway 12 closer to Waitsburg from me on both sides of the Highway that they have allowed to grow up into tall grass and weed's plus Walla Walla County itself has a conciderable amount of ground growing tall grass and weed's and the code enforcement officer claim's she will go after all of them if someone file's an anonymous complaint. I have asked for complaint form's to file on the county and the state, she keep's claiming she will bring them to me on her every two week inspection but so far she hasn't. HELP!!! I am going back to court August 14, 2019 at 9:00 Walla Walla District Court, Court Room 1. HELP!!!

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    Topgun God

    What do you do when the bully is wearing a uniform and is armed by the State, and pointing that at you to make you comply with their illegal order?

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    Im gangstalked by the system..its hell on earth daughter got raped by a white guy n to save him they tryd to force her to abort the kid at 7months..when she said no they option they took him n put him up for adoption.when i complained they took to the doctors for medication for being mixedrace..this shit goes on and on..she was they are trying to silence my whole family…

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    Larry VanBarriger

    Lucky they didn't come across me, I believe in mob mentality with pitchfork s, and torches! The government works for us,when they fail time to remove them!

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    Henry Revers

    This sounds an awful lot like California against trump a California governor says that you have to have your taxes out there which is not required by law and all it is is a way to try to kick President Trump off the ballot can we say something illegal is going on if this is not a requirement for the federal government then it should not be a good anything to do with the state this is why Gavin Newsom I will say it should be recalledBut now that is just my opinion and since I do not live there I can’t do anything about that but I do believe it’s wrong because this is my president if you don’t believe he’s yours that’s fine you vote him out you do not do it this way

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    kick azz

    Can I get the full story? Like, what politician, what did they do, why did they do it, what did Robin do? Ect. Ect.

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    Fleece Johnson

    You guys don't get enough attention… not enough exposure from YouTube….. and you don't make enough money…. Where can i donate

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    Give them two choices: tar and feathering and run out of town on a rail, or get your neck stretched by a rope. This shit is getting out of hand and it's time to cripple or kill them.

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    William King

    Wait wait wait. If no one could donate more than $800 how many ppl did she have on her side? Just one. By changing the law it sounds like what you really did was just make it easier for rich ppl to start recall campaigns against politicians/elected officials they dont like and they can do it with just one rich person backing them. As an example if the lawyers cost 8000 that's only 10 ppl contributing the max amount or 100 ppl contributing 80 bucks. Idk this whole thing seems fishy. Also who cares if you were campaign contribution. You did it for free, so you contributed $0. You can't say how much a lawyer has to charge or should have charged. Again this all seems very fishy. Almost like an add for Citizens United, which is the reason only rich ppl and corporations get the laws they want passed while what the ppl want doesn't matter.

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    Lynn Kelley

    Sounds to me like she was getting a campaign contribution, and got something of value for nothing. Call a spade a spade. Why doesn't she go out and start some free enterprise and pay her own way.

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    Eat Shit

    Dear FBI and DOJ. Please subscribe to this channel and then you will fully understand and comprehend exactly why it is that we will soon be killing every government employee in America. Have a nice day , while you're still alive.

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    Omnipotent Dwarf

    It seems freedom is something we only export to other countries. Inside the US government plays by different rules.

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