Granting of Polish citizenship. How does a foreigner get citizenship? Application and documents 18+

Granting of Polish citizenship. How does a foreigner get citizenship? Application and documents 18+

Hi there,
Granting of Poland’s citizenship is the topic we are going to discuss in today’s
video. As you may know there are several ways to
obtain a Polish citizenship Polish citizenship can be obtained: By virtue of law
By granting Polish citizenship By recognition of a Polish citizen
By restoration of Polish citizenship And we are going to discuss only one point
of the ways mentioned above – by granting Polish citizenship. Polish citizenship is granted by the President
of the Republic of Poland. The President shall not be restricted by any
conditions that must be met by a foreigner to grant him Polish citizenship. This means that the President can grant Polish
citizenship to any foreigner, regardless of how long he has stayed in Poland. Granting Polish citizenship takes place at
the request of the foreigner. The application for granting Polish citizenship
to a person residing legally in Poland shall be submitted to the President via the Voivode
competent for the place of residence of the applicant. Documents issued in a foreign language shall
be submitted with their translation into the Polish language drawn up by a sworn translator
or by a Polish consul. There is no legal timeline for the President
to issue a decision. This is not the decision you can appeal from. This means that even if the case could be
resolved on the basis of evidence presented by the applicant, it does not have to be resolved
immediately, as is the case for the procedure of recognition as a Polish citizen. Approximate time is 1-3 years. An applicant for citizenship is obliged to
justify his application and to present an important reason for granting him Polish citizenship. Refusal to grant Polish citizenship does not
require justification which means it is valid immediately and is not contestable which means
you cannot appeal on this decision. There is no requirement of obtaining a permanent
residence permit before filing your case nor language exam requirement. That’s all for today. If you want to know more about immigration
to Poland, contact our team of immigration experts from down below and plan the right
way of immigration for you. See you soon.


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