Hajj 2017 information for U.S. Citizens

Hajj 2017 information for U.S. Citizens

assalamo alaikom hi I’m Virginia
ramadhan the US Consul General in Saudi Arabia I’d like to congratulate you on
your Hajj journey and welcome you to the kingdom I was blessed with the chance to
visit Mecca and Medina myself last year based on what I observed I’d like to
share a few tips to make your Hajj experience both safe and blessed as you
prepare for this exciting journey we would like you to remember three simple
actions Browse registers and plan if you do
nothing else browse our traveler’s checklist to prepare you to travel
outside the United States and review our Hajj fact sheet for important tips for
pilgrims consider this webpage your one-stop shop for state department
recommendations as you prepare for your Hajj experience next register for the
smart traveler enrollment program at this website this program helps the
State Department contact you by email or text message to send you important
updates in case of an emergency and finally plan to take care of important
tasks before you arrive for instance be sure to book to a Saudi government
approved travel agent also make sure you get any vaccinations before you travel
they are required for your Hajj permit since you will be sharing space with
millions of people from other countries over the next few days my team will be
sharing more tips to ensure that you have a safe and bless hajj if you simply
browse register and plan from everyone at the US mission to Saudi
Arabia Hajj Mabror


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