Helping kids learn about the Civil War! Watch our Civil War video for elementary students video

Helping kids learn about the Civil War! Watch our Civil War video for elementary students video

Hello Bird what brings you by?
Mo I need your help with some history. Girl you know I got you. History is what I
do. What part of history are you looking at? Right now we are working on the Civil War.
What is a Civil War? A civil war is a war between citizens of the
same country or nation. What Civil War were you looking at into?
Right now we are learning about the United States Civil War.
Ok I got you Bird. The Civil War that took place in the United States happened from 1860
to 1865 between the Northern and the Northern states.
In class my teacher said that the North and the South didn’t get along. Why didn’t they
get along? Bird it would be like you telling your brother
to do something. Sometimes Frankie does not want to do it because he wants to do his own
thing. Yeah I have to watch that because Frankie
gets upset when I tell him what to do all the time.
It was like that for the southern states. They did not want to stop having slaves and
they wanted what was called a confederacy to run the south.
Slavery is not cool. You are right Bird. A lot of this started
when President Abraham Lincoln got elected. There were also other raids trying to free
slaves and more. Because they were all a part of talking together when they had one government
they knew Lincoln’s ideas were different from theirs. This was a part of what made the southern
states secede from the union. What does secede mean?
Before the Civil War all of the states were in a union. But one thing that made them secede
meaning to leave the Union was all of their disagreements so the southern part of the
Union any more. So states one after another decided to secede.
So that is where the fight began. That is correct. When I came to the States
on December 20th 1860, South Carolina became the first state to secede.
So which states fought against each other? The Union included, New York, New Hampshire,
Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio,
Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, California, Nevada, and Oregon.
Abraham Lincoln was their President. What about the Confederacy?
The Confederacy included the states like Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi,
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Jefferson Davis
was their President. Were there any other states?
Yes there were other states at that time but, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky
and Missouri were called Border States. This is really in teresting mo. How did the
Civil War end. The civil war ended with the surrender of
General Lee on April 4, 1865. General Lee lead the Confederate Army who surrendered
to General Ulysses S. Grant at The Appomattox Court House in Virginia.
Thank you for all of your help Moe. You make learning history cool!


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    Jay Martinez

    Well the animation is a little better then before. I like the addition of new characters that's always nice. Good video!

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    Jonathan_407 (Minecade)

    i honestly don't think the American Civil War is really suitable for kids. The Civil War had some racism involved in both sides. Also, this was considered the bloodiest war in American history. How are kids supposed to go through Battle Of Shiloh, Antietam, or Gettysburg?

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