High Society Party | Raina Bassnet | Short FIlm 2019 | Hindi Movies

Swapping. It means swapping your
wife with another man’s wife. There is only enjoyment. After dying you go to hell or heaven. But who wants to die? This is western culture. What? – Western. Western. The British say to
keep your mind clean. Everything else is fine. Today I am drinking.
Otherwise I have green tea everyday. Do you know? I have lost 10 kilos. You guys aren’t having anything.
Have something. It’s their first day. He is feeling shy
in front of his wife. I know him. He is quite shameless. Oh really? Welcome, Mr. Gupta. Please come. This time you will
really enjoy the party. It’s rocking. Manager, your arrangement
is always good. – Thank you, sir. What do you say? – That’s right. Very nice. – Please. Hello, everyone. How are you? Mr. Gupta has also come. – Hi. The party has begun.
And my brand isn’t here. Rich people’s dogs
are better off than us. They live in AC rooms.
They travel in luxurious cars. And they sleep with these aunts. And we make their bed. Hold this. It fell down. It’s all about luck. Here. Friends, change is very important. You will get bored if
you eat chicken everyday. There is no problem in eating chicken. If the chicken is new everyday. Right. You have started. Sir, I have cleaned all the rooms. Is that so? Very good.
Wait here. I will just come. Go and have a peg.
– No, sir. Not me. Go. – No, sir. I feel embarrassed. They don’t feel embarrassed
to swap their wives. You feel embarrassed to have a peg. Go. – No, sir. Go. – No. Well, friends. Shall we start? Hurry up. Or else I might doze off. Keep it. Let’s do something new this time. This time instead of your
car keys we have your room’s number. It’s Mr. Gupta’s idea. Wow! Great! Incredible! Well, friends. Every woman will get
a chance to pick her chit. Whichever chit you pick,
you will go to that room. But nobody will know
whose wife is in which room. Great, Mr. Gupta! Amazing! Well, manager. Please. If you want, you can tell
your partner who was with you. Or if you want, don’t tell them. So..you please come. Now it’s your turn. Friends.. – What happened? Friends.. – What happened? Sit down. Sit down. – What? Sit down. Have patience. Please sit down. Patience? Friends, let’s have two more pegs. As it is,
women keep us waiting everyday. Why not let them wait today? Sir, wine. Wine. Wine. Come on. The madam in
room number 208 wants vodka. ‘Make more than 500
recipes every month.’ Keep it there.
And please close the door. What are you looking at?
Lower your gaze. And leave. Come on. Idiot! Ma’am, if you don’t mind,
shall I ask you something? What? I stared at you for a
moment and you felt so bad. You will spend the
night with another man. Isn’t that bad? No. Because that’s my choice. As it is,
I don’t know why I am explaining him. Now you go. Go. Ma’am, what if he is ugly?
– Who cares? So why do you do this? Adventure. – What if nobody comes? Hello. What if it’s me? It can’t be you. Why? Why can’t it be me? Because you are not of our class. But still,
ma’am, what’s wrong is wrong. Make a drink for me. Thanks. What do you think? This doesn’t happen in your society? It happens. The only difference is that.. ..we don’t cheat our husband. Whatever we do,
we do it in front of them. Now leave.
Otherwise I will call your manager. Sir, if you need anything,
let me know. Listen. Do you have matchstick? Sir, I have a lighter. Great! The genie of Aladdin’s lamp. Sir, what’s the big deal? A waiter should always
have a lighter and an opener. Thank you. Thank you very much. No, sir. Thank you. One shouldn’t force someone
to do the wrong thing. Listen. Listen. Listen. Come. Come. Take it. Take it. Good boy. Sir, shall I ask you something? Ask away. Sir, I am not in the
position to say this. Sir, don’t mind. But.. Ask away. Come on. Ask away. Sir, you have come out of one room. Your wife is in another room. Tomorrow both of you
will go home together. Won’t it be awkward, sir? There is a saying in high society. If you want to keep your wife young.. ..let her have an affair with someone. We also understand what’s
right and what’s wrong. But we are a little liberal. When a man.. ..can sleep with any woman.. ..why should this
restriction be on wives? Only the man who loves
his wife dearly can do this. Sex.. ..is a taboo in the society. A taboo. Nothing else. You won’t understand. Go. You won’t understand. You are right, sir. I can never understand. Because sir, when I was a kid.. ..somebody raped my mother. It wasn’t my mother’s fault, sir. But my father couldn’t bear it. One day my father murdered my mother. How can I understand, sir? I can never understand. Goodnight, sir. “The one who doesn’t understand
the power of truth.” “God doesn’t give him courage.” “The one who doesn’t understand
the power of truth.” “God doesn’t give him courage.” “We are drowning in our own selves.” “We are drowning in our own selves.” “The boat and the flowing
water do not matter.” “Stop this seeking, my friend.” “Stop it, my friend.” “Stop this seeking, my friend.” “Stop it, my friend.”

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