Hillary’s Fight Against Citizens United | Hillary Clinton

HRC: They took aim at me, but they ended up damaging our entire democracy, and we can’t let them pull that same trick again. Kristina Schake: Hillary’s passionate about
overturning Citizens United, because she knows first-hand what it’s done to our democracy.
One of the things that people don’t really realize is Citizens United is actually started
from a conservative organization that wanted to bring down Hillary Clinton’s candidacy,
because they didn’t like who she is. They don’t like what she stands for. Narrator 1: It started with Hillary The Movie, a negative political documentary about then presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Narrator 2: The government blocked it from TV last year, because it was made with corporate money. KS: And they took that fight all the way to
the Supreme Court. Narrator 3: The Supreme Court today struck
down restrictions on political spending. KS: Citizens United changed our democracy
at its core. The most powerful and most connected American corporations and special interests
had the right to spend as much money as they wanted to, to get elected candidates that
they thought best represented their agenda. Reporter 1: The Court’s four dissenters predicted that corporate money will drown out the voice of the little guy. Pundit 1: Corporations can use their vast
treasuries. Pundit 2: Do we still have a government that
of the people, by the people, for the people, or do we have a government that’s for big
corporations and super wealthy people? Pundit 2: It’s a story of the conservative majority of the Court asserting itself in a way that enhances their view of the Constitution and, perhaps coincidentally, also advances the interests of the Republican party. KS: This unleashed a storm of dark, unaccountable
money into American elections, and it really drowned out the voices of ordinary Americans.
Hillary is passionate about changing that. She is gonna take on this fight. HRC: We all know that we’re going up against some pretty powerful forces that will say, do, and spend whatever it takes to stop me and stop you. We have to end the flood of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political process, drowning out the voices and votes of people. HRC: We need Justices on the Supreme Court who will protect every citizen’s right to vote, not every corporations right to buy elections— and if necessary, we will pass a Constitutional Amendment to undo the Supreme Court’s decision and Citizens United! KS: Hillary Clinton is a fighter. She’s
dead set on fixing this, and she’s got a plan to do it.

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