Ho Lien and Hoa Quan talk about their Citizenship Interviews

I heard you become a new US citizen! Thank you! Thank you! Can you tell me about your interview? We were scheduled at 8:30 am on Friday, June 30th. We go early, so we sit down in our car and wait. Because of the schedule, we go to the office 30 minutes early. Well, the traffic is very bad in San Jose . So it is very smart that you go to the interview early. But do they let you in the building 30 minutes early? NO! 15 minutes? Maybe. OK go ahead. When we go to the office, we are waiting for 10 minutes. Our family has 3 persons:
I, my husband, and my daughter. My daughter goes first. Second, my husband. And last, I. The official who interviewed me was (I think) a U.S.-Asian. Really? American-Asian, ok? Asian-American (I’m sorry). We have no problem because she is talking clearly. First I take a civics and history test. Oooohhh! So they asked you the civics questions first? Good! I have 6 questions, then I read and take 1 dictation sentence. Do you remember your reading sentence and dictation sentence? George Washington was the Father of Our Country. Two sentences: one dictation and one reading. Continue: She asked me about the N-400. She asked the same questions that our class teacher was teaching. So they asked you many questions from the N-400 (Application for Naturalization)? Did you understand all of the questions? Yes, I understand all the questions. The citizenship tester, she make sure that I understand English. Very good. Did she ask you any questions: “What does (it) mean?” Yes. She asked: What does “non-combatant” mean? Divorce. (What does “divorce” mean?) Non-combatant…divorce….and one more. Three “mean(ing)” questions. It was easy because we studied in class. You came to the class for two years? How many years did you come to class? Class? Over one year. She asked me: “What school do you study (at)?” I say: “ESL Milpitas.” (Milpitas Adult School) What did she say? She asked me: “Have I studied English? Where (is your) school?” Wow! That’s very nice!
Thank you for saying good things about our school. Do you have any advice for people who are studying for citizenship? I think we study to learn something in our class. And we try learning (from) the video on my own. I study the videos. I have a I have another question. Can I ask you: How did you feel before you went to your interview? How did you feel before you go to your interview? Are you nervous? I am confident and sure. Why are you confident and sure? I studied very much. Yes, your preparation was very, very good. Do you have any advice in Vietnamese or
in English about how to study for the test? Vietnamese? (Hoa Quan is speaking in Vietnamese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ) (He advises people to study Form N-400). You have no more class. What will you do now? No more class? Stay home and relax. I know you both work. Thank you so much! I want to take a picture of your food. Special Sticky Rice Noodles, vegetables, shrimp Corn and shrimp Vietnamese Jello Cake Steamed pork Xin chúc mừng! Congratulations on passing your
Citizenship Class! Congratulations! I know you will be great American citizens!
Thank you so much! Bye-bye!

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