Holographic ID Card Overlays

Holographic ID Card Overlays

Dave here with The Big IDea from InstantCard. Today we’re talking holographic ID card overlays. More specifically, “what is
an ID card overlay,” “do holographic overlays really make ID cards more
secure,” and, finally, some my suggestions concerning holographic ID card overlays.
An overlay, just like the name suggests, is actually a physical layer over top a
printed ID card. Professional holographic overlays come on rolls that look like
like like this; that go into a special holographic overlay machines. As you turn
the card, images appear and disappear, colors change, and sometimes they even
look 3d. That’s because they sort of are, but more on that later. But, because
holographic overlays are a physical layer on top of a printed card, not only
do they boast increase security but they actually make a card way more scratch
resistant—resistant to wear in general. Thus, increasing time between card
replacement and possibly saving money in the long run. But the question really is
“are they more secure?” The short answer is “yes, holographic ID card overlays are
much more secure.” I mean, why would most of our driver’s licenses use holographic
overlays if they weren’t more secure? In fact, holographs are almost impossible to
forge. Recording holographs requires a lot of expensive equipment and even
lasers. Who doesn’t love lasers? Say, for instance, I wanted to record me telling a
certain Jedi that he was my only hope. It would it would look something like
this… Anyway, it’s complicated because
basically you’re encoding a 3d image on a 2d plane.
Additionally, holographic overlays make it nearly impossible for a would-be
forger to copy your card based on a photo from the internet. And, if you don’t
know why that’s a problem you should search “badge bragging.” But, all of this
assumes that everyone checking ID badges is well aware of what your ID card
overlays look like; and just is aware of all your security features on your
badges in general. A security measure isn’t that secure if people don’t know
to look for it. Apart from making sure that your staff knows exactly what to
look for on your security badges, specifically regarding overlays, I have a
few suggestions: While holographs are nearly impossible to
forge, they’re not very effective if anyone has accessed them. Remember, if you
could buy an overlay online so could any would-be forger. This is why I suggest
instead of buying adhesive-backed overlays online that you should actually
outsource this to a company who verifies identity before granting ID card
overlays—especially if you’re a medical company, or a fire department, or
a police department. You want to make sure that you’re getting an overlay that
is only given to verified Police Departments, verified fire departments,
verified medical personnel. Finally, if your ID cards are also need for access
control, instead of overlays I actually suggest smart cards. They’re even more
secure and they have added functionality. In fact, now I think about it, I
should probably do a smart card video… This has been Dave with The Big IDea from InstantCard.


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    Government Official

    Why does the fire departman ID badge look so prettty 🙂 the other ID badges look plain I love my ID badges I have 11 😀 all holagramed :)))

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