“Hostages” Fan Star Citizen movie

[English] Sir, we will be in orbit in twenty minutes. Do your job ! Why are you so stressed ? It’s a big deal. That can change everything for my family and can benefit all humanity. I don’t like to do these important things on a secret meeting. That is too risky. No one knows about this meeting. What are you afraid of ? If a problem occurred, my reputation, yours, and all my livelihood are depending on this deal. It’s gonna be alright. I hope so Guys, don’t move ! As you can see, this is a hold-up ! Cooperate and everything will be alright. We are just traders I dont care what you are or what you’re doing. I just want a ransom. I know who you are. Ron and Bret Meyer Brothers CEO of Meyer Interstellar Transport. You have big fleet, don’t you? Keep quiet and stay calm. Deploy action plan ! Copy that ! I’m doing everything to solve the situation with you Jordan. But i cant agree to your demand now. I need more time. I gave you 1 hour, no more. Shit ! Who’s is charge ? Me, I’m the negotiator. Commander Harry, special ops. What’s the situation? We have a 10-31 Armed suspects with hostages. Communication is stalled. What do they want? Credits, lots of credits. No kidding ! Okay, now I lead this operation. We’re gonna enter ! Maybe i can get more time… The Empire has no tolerance for these facts. Time is already wasted. To All, start progression I gonna kill everybody if you try to enter. We are special ops. They failed their objective and all the team is dead. But the transaction cannot be finished. Perfect. leave me now

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