How African Americans Fought For & Won Birthright Citizenship 150 Years Before Trump Tried to End It

How African Americans Fought For & Won Birthright Citizenship 150 Years Before Trump Tried to End It

This is Democracy Now!,, the War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. And I’m Juan Gonzalez. Welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world. We begin today’s show with President Trump’s
claims that he will end constitutionally protected birthright citizenship in the United States. In an interview released Tuesday, Trump told
the news outlet Axios that he planned to sign an executive order ending citizenship for
children of noncitizens born on U.S. soil. Civil rights groups, legal experts and politicians
on both sides of the aisle are blasting Trump for his comments, including the false claim
that the U.S. is the only country with birthright laws. In fact, at least 30 other countries have
similar laws, including Canada, Mexico and Cuba. This is Trump speaking with reporter Jonathan
Swan. How ridiculous. We’re the only country in the world where
a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States
for 85 years, with all of those benefits. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end. Have you talked about that with counsel? Yeah, I have. So, where in the process do— It’s in the process. It’ll happen. Trump’s executive order would violate the
14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states, “All persons born or naturalized
in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States
and of the State wherein they reside.” The 14th Amendment turned 150 years old in
July. The American Civil Liberties Union has lambasted
Trump’s plan, tweeting, “This is a blatantly unconstitutional attempt to fan the flames
of anti-immigrant hatred in the days ahead of the midterms.” On Tuesday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham
said he would introduce a bill to support Trump’s citizenship plan. But House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized Trump’s
comments while speaking to Kentucky radio station WVLK. You obviously cannot do that. You cannot end birthright citizenship with
an executive order. As a conservative, I’m a believer in following
the plain text of the Constitution. And I think, in this case, the 14th Amendment
is pretty clear. For more, we go to Baltimore, Maryland, where
we’re joined by Martha Jones, the author of the new book Birthright Citizens: A History
of Race and Rights in Antebellum America. She is the Society of Black Alumni presidential
professor and professor of history at Johns Hopkins University. She’s also co-president of the Berkshire
Conference of Women Historians. Professor Jones, welcome to Democracy Now! Thanks for joining us from Johns Hopkins. You know, whether or not this is a ploy, leading
into the midterms, to just galvanize more support for President Trump from his anti-immigrant
base, what’s very interesting is where birthright law comes from, where the 14th Amendment to
the Constitution—how it developed. And that’s what you document in your book
Birthright Citizens. Tell us its origins. Yes. You know, the U.S. Constitution, the 1787
Constitution, was largely silent on the question of citizenship. And so, the issue arises when we have the
emergence of communities of free African Americans. These are people, former slaves, who, by the
early 19th century, have created families, communities, have woven themselves into the
everyday fabric of the nation, but they occupy an ambiguous status before the Constitution. There were those who argue that race is a
bar, that blackness prohibits citizenship for African Americans. And there are others who begin to make this
argument that, no, citizenship is not rooted in race, citizenship is rooted in birth. And African Americans seize on this and wage
a campaign, over many decades, in the years preceding the Civil War, advocating for their
status as permanent members of the body politic, as full members of the body politic, by virtue
of birthright. And then, of course, the Dred Scott decision,
the infamous Dred Scott decision, during the battles over the future of slavery in America,
could you talk about the impact of that on this debate? Absolutely. Dred Scott is himself an enslaved man who
is suing for his freedom. He’s doing so in a federal court. And the question arises—does he have standing
or the capacity to sue in a federal court?—because only citizens can bring cases there. And the court concludes, certainly, that Dred
Scott himself is not a citizen—he is a slave—but then goes further to declare that no black
person, be they enslaved or free, can ever be a citizen of the United States. This is a devastating blow, as you can imagine,
to free African Americans, who have long promoted the view that they are birthright citizens. But what’s important to remember about Dred
Scott is that its impact on the ground in the daily lives of African Americans is very
limited. Very few courts are willing to enforce the
literal terms of Dred Scott in the cases that they hear. State legislatures are not prepared to defer
to the court’s reasoning. And African Americans, even in the face of
the devastating rhetoric in Dred Scott, continue to wage a campaign for citizenship into what
then becomes the era of the Civil War. I’m sure you have found, as a historian
teaching at a university, how little knowledge there is of history. And when you refer just to Dred Scott, explain
who he is and his crusading attempt to challenge this and how the amendment comes out of what? This perhaps most racist decision of the U.S.
Supreme Court. But it came out of activism. It came out of Dred Scott’s bravery. Who was he? Absolutely. Scott is an enslaved man in the city of St.
Louis, Missouri. His case arises because, in the company of
his owner, Scott travels to free territory—among those places, Minnesota. And the claim had long been that persons who
were held as slaves but resided in free soil became free themselves. Now, Scott lives in this Minnesota territory. He meets his wife Harriet. They begin to have a family. They marry. And then, finally, they return to St. Louis,
where they are still held as slaves. And by the early 1850s, I think they are concerned
that they might be sold, that their family might be separated. They are always at risk as enslaved people. And they begin what is, as you explain, a
series of freedom suits, a tireless effort to secure the freedom for themselves and for
their two daughters. These cases make their way through the Missouri
state courts and, when they fail there, wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court. There, Chief Justice Roger Taney, now notoriously,
pens an opinion that deprives the Scott family of pursuing their freedom claims in the federal
court, but, as importantly, makes sure that no African American, enslaved or free, can
bring claims before these same high court venues. So, could you take us then through what happens
subsequent to the Civil War, when the 14th Amendment is adopted, and the intention of
Congress and with the passage of the 14th Amendment? Yeah, absolutely. So, African Americans are going to be among
the first to attempt to volunteer in the Civil War era to serve and to support the Union
Army. Their view is that this is an extension of
their long quest for citizenship, that military service, service to the nation in this capacity,
might further open the door or make their case for their status as citizens. The 13th Amendment, as we know, in 1865 will
abolish slavery, but the 13th amendment does not comment on the status of African Americans
before the law, before the Constitution. This is still an unresolved question. And the campaign to the 14th Amendment is
precisely designed to respond to that long campaign that African Americans have waged. It is to resolve the kinds of ambiguities,
the kinds of dangers, the kinds of precarity that former slaves face without resort to
the status, their status as citizens. And so, in 1868, after Congress has promulgated
a 14th Amendment, the states will ratify it, and for the first time the U.S. Constitution
will provide that all persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States. It is a remedy, a radical remedy, to bring
millions of former slaves into the body politic, but it is written in a way that gives it a
lasting and enduring effect, which is to make every person, regardless of race, and, I might
say, regardless of religion, regardless of descent, regardless of political affiliations,
make every person born in the United States a citizen of the United States. But now, during that debate over the 14th
Amendment, because there are some—a relatively small number of scholars who support this
viewpoint of Trump’s that birthright citizenship has been incorrectly interpreted, but that
even then, in the debate—wasn’t there a debate as to whether this amendment would
extend to people who were the children born here of immigrants? Immigrants are not what troubles Congress
during the 14th Amendment debates. What Congress is concerned about, when it
carves out an exception to the 14th Amendment for people not subject to the jurisdiction
of the United States—what Congress is concerned about are three things. One, the children of foreign diplomats, who
might incidentally be born in the United States, the 14th Amendment does not make them birthright
citizens. Congress anticipates the possibility that
the U.S. would be occupied by a foreign army. And in that case, the children of soldiers
of a foreign army would not be birthright citizens, even if they were born in the United
States. The third category of persons who Congress
is mindful of are Native Americans. And here, we are in an era where Native communities,
Native nations continue to exert and to enjoy independent sovereignty, and Congress does
not interfere or impose on that sovereignty by wholesale deeming Native people U.S. citizens. That will happen later in the 20th century. But it’s to say that, no, Congress is not
thinking about what today we might term unauthorized or illegal immigrants, but it does carve out
an exception for persons who are said to be not subject to the jurisdiction of the United
States. And this is the language that President Trump
and others have seized upon as they have looked to constrain or curtail the effect of the
14th Amendment. Well, you know, when we were covering the
protests around the killing of Michael Brown a few years ago on Florissant Avenue in Ferguson,
Missouri, just a few miles down that same road is the Calvary Cemetery, where Dred Scott
was buried. But I wanted to go beyond Dred Scott and talk
about other cases you look at in Birthright Citizens. I wanted to ask you about Wong Kim Ark, the
Chinese-American cook who was born in San Francisco in 1873, at the center of a major,
but often overlooked, Supreme Court decision regarding birthright citizenship, United States
v. Wong Kim Ark. Tell us what this court case is about, who
Wong Kim Ark was, and why it matters today. So, Wong Kim Ark is essential for understanding
where we are today, because he is a son of Chinese immigrants, born in the city of San
Francisco. He appears to be a birthright citizen, I think
regards himself as such, even as his parents are not eligible to naturalize, by what become
the terms of the Chinese Exclusion Act. So, Wong Kim Ark does business in San Francisco,
business between San Francisco and China. He leaves the country in the early 1890s. And when he attempts to return at the port
of San Francisco, he, like many other people of Chinese descent, is detained at the port
and is charged with being a noncitizen of the United States. Why? Because of this curious language in the 14th
Amendment about being subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. The argument on behalf of customs officials
goes that a Chinese American born in the U.S. to noncitizen parents is, like his parents,
still holding an allegiance to the emperor of China, still foreign, even as he’s born
on U.S. soil, and Wong Kim Ark must take his claim to U.S. citizenship all the way to the
U.S. Supreme Court. There, in 1898, the court will examine the
facts, will return to the 14th Amendment and conclude, unequivocally, that Wong Kim Ark,
despite the fact that his parents are not eligible for U.S. citizenship, he himself,
by virtue of his birth in San Francisco, is a citizen and has the right, among other things,
to come and to go at will.


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    Norman Edwards

    ((BIRTH RIGHT CITIZENSHIP//14TH AMENDMENT) has been around for 150 years and is in the law of the constitution
    So let the tangerine skinned clown trump try to nullify it and congress will just turn it down and laugh at his clueless ass
    In less than one week the democrats are gonna kick the republicans asses in the midterm elections
    And we'll control the house and get a few senate seats in the process

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    h.d hamilton

    Black people aint going no where this is a black land im not worry about what a pink pale dude say yall stop acting hella scary n shit

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    Cindy Atkinson

    Africans did fight for it because Dems would not let their children be Americans so Republicans help pass it so it was for that purpose not illegals no your history people

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    Mike Skinner

    I live in a country where they think that having a baby in the US is like winning the lottery. My neighbor returned here after his job was done. One girl comes here for vacations to see her family and apparently I speak more Spanish than her. An American runs an Institute for English and is full all the time.

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    Thomas Schmidt

    trump took an Oath to defend the Constitution when he became president. and since he is a Christian it would be a Mortal sin for him to violate his oath of office…..the Constitution very clearly states in the14th amendment that "All persons born OR naturalized in the United States …..are citizens of USA.

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    Kaptain Kmann

    and the law is flawed , it is being misused and has nothing to do with African American slaves it's 2018 we need laws that apply to our own times. illegal's having children here who are considered anything other than of their parents country of origin is insane. the country has allowed a certain number of people in every year by legal means. it was this way centuries ago. part of my own family went to Canada in 1929 due to this very thing. its not new. there is a industry in this country bringing in women to have children here and return home. this makes a vacation baby a us citizen. where the hell are the slaves in our country now unless your talking about all of us to the corp. masters that one we can talk about. why are you focusing on crap that happened in the 1800's its 2018 ,the mentality behind this is as ignorant as anything I've ever seen. trump is an idiot and has to go but so does this law at the very least a total rewrite is in order. this channel was sticking to the facts now they are spinning stories to support the party. support the people support the truth support the people who are not being represented by either party. they kneel before corp. masters and lobbyist pass out the cash.

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    Elijah Ben Israel

    Would someone please send someone to the White House and explain to the people of the White House what the Term Fascism means. This is the definition I come up with: fas·cism
    an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.(in general use) extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices. But all I hear is this rhetoric over and over about how the country is being divided by these far left views. This is utter nonsense. What is going on in the news about the immigrants as they call them. I don't. I call them people that are more indigenous to this land than the whites that are occupying this land now. And what is even more distressing is that those that are doing this call themselves Christians. They have no idea what the Bible is saying. They really don't believe in the Bible and are using the book as a smokescreen for those you are seeing in the news promoting this belief that the country is being taken away by these non believing heathens. I really am confounded by this ignorance of these people that are behind this man. The only conclusion that I came up with is these people are truly blind and ignorant. Or they have been in this racist ideology for a long time and now feel empowered. This is a terrible ideology. they should realize the after effects of Germany after the war and the reparations and recompenses they had to endure later. If they truly understood the Bible they would realize this what happened to the Egyptians. They had to pay the spoils when the Israelites came out of Egypt. But this time the recompense will be greater. If this country keeps up with this behavior. People remember when they are being unfairly treated. and above all else. God sees and knows not to forget.

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    Amy's one of their most deceitful and skillful agents.. "Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.” – “Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are.”

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    Paul Tremblay

    Another idea of Steve Bannon. We are heading to dangerous times, beyond that nothing else will be off-limits, including concentration camps, slavery, working camps, genocides.

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    Arius BLK 1st

    The 14th Amendment in its constitutional context only applies to BLK Americans … it can only be used by BLK Americans.

    No one else.
    All these non-BLK groups have ridden on BLK coattails for far too long.
    Now a custom has been ended in favor of the actual interpretation of the Law.

    Good bye all illegal entry non-USA foreign national non-BLK anchor babies…
    Chinese, Koreans, Mexicans, & Arabs (all of which are anti-BLK btw) see ya !!

    Don’t let the door hit you in the crack of your ass on the way out.
    Karma is a bitch … and Mein Trump gave you a “wake up bitch” !!!

    It’s rude !!
    I have zero sympathy
    I’m definitely voting for this Nazi-kkkavedweller now.

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    If he wants to repeal something how about repealing the 13th amendment. That would be of great benefit to society at large and communities/families all over.

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    I’m African-American and you’d be surprised how many African-Americans are actually for this. I’m sorry, but illegals have been abusing the 14th amendment. It wasn’t for immigrants, it wasn’t for illegals. It was for African-Americans. Stop using the amendments that were specifically for us for illegals. We are not the same. Y’all supposedly for us, but year after year we’re told we can’t have reparations because reparations is unfair to immigrants. Y’all care more about immigrants than for American-American. We are 25% of the Democratic party, we’re the most loyal. But we aren’t rewarded for it. Maybe this will redirect Dems attention to more important things. And hint, it isn’t DACA. Disgusting how y’all hide behind our history under the guise for concern when y’all are really trying to save illegals. Y’all not slick.

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    Jimbo Bojim

    1 difference, they didn't enter the country illegally. And that's going to be the key basis this case is built on.

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    rod Colt

    Stop using black ppl to help illegal immigration… We fought for our rights, immigrants won't say a damn thing for us. Fuck this channel

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    Lets all be serious here our law is being used against us now .This law was never intended to be used so mexicans could come here and repopulate our nation and make it Mexico .The left seems to be doing the same shit they did with gay marriage .You are using the law in a way it was never intended

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    Current immigration policies are extremely problematic, not all African Americans are against the concept of ending this type of citizenship, as it is widely misused and isn't the only time that a reprieve for African Americans has been hijacked to benefit everyone else except them.

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    Rod McDonald

    This man is a complete idiot. So this fool violates the 14th amendment but he will let children die while upholding the 2nd amendment.

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    N Seaboy Aguilar

    African Americans… European Americans… Blah blah blah.. The ORIGINAL "AMERICANS" are stiil BROWN!!! AND THAT'S A FACT DON THE CON CANT TAKE AWAY!! 😉

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    If only by some freakish cosmic accident, if Trump gets the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court with more Kavanaghs, more right-wing nuts don't you think he very well could abolish the 14th amendment and put millions of Americans at risk? People continue to behave as if so much is impossible but LOOK, so many said the facist Trump could never win and yet the monster sits in the WH. If RBG dies and Sotomayor is rendered useless Trump very well could do this- the Nazis did much of the same things when they stole power from the old German guard. I shudder to think death camps may be on his mind next. I'm an atheist but God help us all 🙄🙄🙄

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    Nazz Boner

    That’s right, the Fourteenth Amendment is about the children of slaves, it was NEVER about giving citizenship to the children of two foreign illegals!

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    Colon Richardson

    That is the best presentation i have seen yet of this program, History is being corrected and i am witness to this event. Thank you Amy Goodman

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    Louis Anthes

    Her analysis of the 14th Amendment could also be applied to the 13th Amendment — that is, the 13th Amendment was a broad declaration of abolishing slavery or involuntary servitude without regard to race.

  31. Post
  32. Post
  33. Post

    I'm Black and I hope Trump limits this and all Civil Rights to Blacks since these other groups don't seem to appreciate the hard work my ancestors have done for all peoples of this nation. they come here and act worse towards us than most White Supremacist. I support all of trumps Immigration stances. You know why? Because these so called POC groups have not given a incentive to do otherwise.

  34. Post
    Blazed Buddha

    Amy, Juan… Beautiful Guest, Great Interview.. Incredible Breakdown Of The 14th Amendment.


  35. Post
    roy hunt

    I wish people stop using the rights that "African Americans" fought for as a shield. When Black males are gunned down in the streets unarmed by police officers. These immigrant groups say nothing, also I'm tired of these White authors using our struggle as a hustle. None of these books help make Whites stop practicing systematic racism, which is White Supremacy.

  36. Post

    What makes the difference is the word "Americans". This people were born and brought up /here, in the USA. They were not invaders; their ancestors were brought here to work and lived here for generation, so, it was right to give birthright to those who wanted to stay here.
    Birthright DOES NOT apply to INVADERS and their descendants; who came here for financial benefits, do not bring anything good To the "table" keep breeding non productive people living from handouts. They do not deserve birthright or citizenship. They must be deported ASAP.
    They do not belong here.

  37. Post
  38. Post
    OwlNation Legal

    Amy, don't forget each guest needs to reveal the church they pray in and the local market they visit regularly, and the school their children attend, so Trump supporters know where the innocent people are they'll want to shoot. Is there a reason church goers everywhere haven't united to slap the NRA and existing gun laws to the mat?

  39. Post

    Dread Scott was never overturned. After the civil war and the 14th amendment was "constructed "it has been "implied" the puesdo judicial opinion known as Dred Scott has been overturned.

  40. Post
    motor head1

    Afrikan Americans were brought here against their will. They worked to build America.
    They deserved citizens ship and rights under 14th amendment.

    People that break laws and sneak into America should not be equated to Afrikan Americans .

    Very offensive to Black Americans and Chinese and others who were forced to labor here and other people's who seek citizenship legally can't do so. Not nice!

    Not nice and idiotic to compare them.

  41. Post
    The Panther

    This guest said that the Scott decision had little affect on the lives of the formerly enslaved. That is the most idiotic statement i have ever heard…listen closely to these so called experts people.B1

  42. Post

    "America, where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? Don't you know we need you now, we can't fight alone against the Monster."

  43. Post
  44. Post
    Julie Gurley

    I think we should ship everyone back to their home country who does not have at least 10 generations of ancestors born in this country. Trump is a second generation immigrant so he should be shipped back to Germany. Of course Germany would not want another Nazi sympathizer in their country so he would be denied repatriation. So why not head to all the existing American Indian Native American spaces and reservations and start building crematoriums to have those without 10 generations of ancestry in this country sent for extermination? Who needs to think about ethics when we have a criminal, immoral and unethical racist president now leading this nation. Ethics be damned. Full hate ahead. God speed our jihadist religiosity politicians. Of course we could build much better death chambers than they had in Germany. After all, we are the First Nation to invent murder by Nuclear War. We have the capability of murder by the millions rather than slow torture. Our robots will do all the work in the future anyway. Why needs human beings or ethics anymore.

  45. Post
    marty mart

    this fuck up white ass culture! did anyone hear that African Americans won Birthright citizenship?? this is because they did not.. and amy goodman knows this! during Katrina she was the third reporter to call those AFrican Americans "refugees' i taught a university course educational psychology that teaches black people are refugees! fucking staged interviews.. dred scott decision was never appealed

  46. Post
    Mr. White

    These media outlets are fighting for immigrants, Not Black Men!They are Fighting for Homo-Sexuality, Not Family Values. They don't care about AFRICAN AMERICANS. They are just using our struggle to prove their agenda💯 #ScratchALie #FindAThief

  47. Post
    Ken and Brandi

    What this show leaves out is that the 14th amendment was FOR freed slaves. That was long ago. And it does not specifically state citizenship for trespassers. Illegals (including primarily Asian and Russian travelers) abuse this vague amendment for themselves to anchor themselves in the US. What about all the African and other applicants that have applied for citizenship and are waiting? Just F them huh??? Libtards are ASSHOLES

  48. Post
    Bishop Bishop

    Ya'll keep saying more than 3 countries. That's a lie. Only 3 countries, Mexico, Canada and Cuba. Donald Trump is right. We aren't worrried about those 3 countries, they can't do anything for us, especially Mexico and Cuba and he's right about the 14th amendment. Ya'll only reading the stuff that they show you but it says underneath it says the 14th amendment is not for aliens, diplomats that have kids and a few other things I can't remember at the time and aliens mean illegal aliens. They keep saying the same old bullcrap they're saying for years. Get yourself an original copy of the 14th amendment. Not some of the short stuff that broadcasts the 1st line, they never show the full thing to you.

  49. Post

    Too bad this old commie cow DIDN'T read the full text of the 14th. Amendment. just section 1.
    Also when these liberal traitors force this to the Supreme Court it will be open and shut.
    Congressional Globe 39th. U.S. Congress (1866) pg. 2890 .
    I AM NOT going to spell it out for you, you're going to have to look it up yourself, but I DOUBT ANYONE who agrees with this "Domocrazzy Now" site is 1) Too lazy to look it up, 2) Don't want to find the truth, 3) Can't read.

  50. Post
  51. Post
    Jaime Ray

    A simple-minded power play by GOP rogues. Spending a large amount of time attempting to sort this out is only playing into the GOP's hand. We already have in place the policy and manpower to deal with the Honduras Caravan. Trump and others are working overtime, wasting huge amounts of resources and hoping to scare the crap out of the American people – shameful. The GOP demand control of our conversations telling us (you and I) who to vote for. They don't have anything to offer America, only their own selfish 'billionaire agenda.' They make this stuff up for timely influence ahead of an election.

  52. Post
    David Primeau

    About 30 countries out of 200+ countries have birth right laws.
    Debate is still out there about someone stepping over the border of any country, having a baby then the baby is a citizen of that country. The debate in the USA has been going on over 100 years. Time to set the record straight, either way.
    This no longer has anything to do with racism or bigotry, to imply it does is propaganda and any law passed or not passed would not include provisions for different races.
    There are exceptions to birthright in the USA and I commend Democracy Now for pointing these exceptions. Trump wants to add another exception, children born by a person stepping over the border are not USA citizens.

  53. Post
    jerry henrie

    Birth right citizenship should only be for blacks, not Hispanics who come here illegally. If all these illegals were Russians, and some are getting birthright citizenship, the left would be the first to demand it stop, but as long as it is people of color illegals they love it, hypocrites all.

  54. Post
    jerry henrie

    It is so sad you can find Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Clintons, even Shemeur and on and on, liberals saying illegals flooding into America are hurting working class Americans and that is 100% true, but now? The minimum wage has barely gone up in the last 60 years, yet the price of everything hass gone up 5 to 6 times of more. 55% of all people in poverty are white race, yet liberals don't care, they hate the white race, they hate veterans and patriots and the homeless, and love the illegals. 28% of all people in prison for murder, rape and violent assault are illegals, that cost us billions, and the 500,000 babies illegals have also costs us billions, but liberals only care about the illegals, and of course porn, abortion, Satanism, baby part sales, LGBT sexual deviancy and anything freaky.

  55. Post
    Terry Edmond

    Ambassador's children, tourist's children, and especially illegal invader's children have NEVER been under American jurisdiction. The interpretation by Justice Brennen was never valid.

  56. Post
    Terry Edmond

    Citizenship of a baby is related to the parent's citizenship, else foreign parent's working under a visa would no be able to take their child back home. CPS must take custody of their baby so the parents can't smuggle it out of it's country.

  57. Post
    Terry Edmond

    Republicans voted to free the slaves, the Democrats opposed it. Republicans granted them citizenship status after Democrats denied it and voted against it. Republicans gave them the right to bear arms, vote, and receive a public education, while the Democrats fought against these. If you're no longer a slave, but stuck in limbo, why didn't a court decision interpret them now as included in "All men are created equal"?

  58. Post
    Arius BLK 1st

    Trump’s executive order WOULD NOT VIOLATE the 14th Amendment.

    It will ENFORCE & END ABUSE of the 14th Amendment

  59. Post
    John Kelsey

    Trump's attack on the issue of birthright citizenship should alarm everyone in this country. It is an unprecedented attack on established law and the constitution ! VOTE THEM OUT VOTE BLUE VOTE TRUE

  60. Post

    Yea, minorities and white people have done many things to get to, and remain in western countries like the US. Even today, all the immigrants and refugees in the world are moving from black/brown/Asian countries, to get to western countries. Thousands of Africans are in blow up boats on the seas, risking their lives trying to reach Europe. Thousands of Hispanics are walking from central America and millions more are already here. They are coming because we have the best countries in the world with the best human rights protections. They might pretend they are oppressed in the west, like feminists pretend they are oppressed in the west, but its a huge scam. They know damn well its the best country in the world. Western countries are the only countries with human rights protections, and equality protected by law. In most of the non-western world they still execute gays, and sell 12 year old girls into marriage. Criticizing the government will get you killed in most of the non-western world. Criticizing Islam, Islamic laws, or calling yourself atheist is enough to get you killed in the Islamic world.
    Yes, people have done many things to get to and remain in western countries like the US., because they know they are treated better here than in their own countries.

  61. Post

    You have a totally wrong understanding of it. If you're born to parents of citizens, you're a citizen. If you come here illegally as a citizen of another country, your baby is not because you are citizens of the country you came from. Period. It's that simple. It applied to the slaves which had just been made citizens after the civil war. It was never meant to apply to foreigners. Ever. The 14th Amendment was about the newly freed slaves which were made citizens. End of story. Read Howard's authorial intent.

  62. Post
    First Last

    Brithright citizenship was needed 150 years ago because of slavery. It is not needed now, it is a stupid law and Trump is right it needed to be changed. Trump is wrong that he can change it.

  63. Post
  64. Post
  65. Post

    Wouldnt that revoke the citizenship of DJTs 3 oldest kids? Or Barron? Or DJT HIMSELF (Mom was scottish) in countries w/o birthright citizenship the child is same status as the mother, not the father.

  66. Post
    Islam is Israel's broom Rabbi Rav David Touitou

    The 14th amendment violates the constitution. The founders never would have supported such a disgraceful attempt to curve our revolution!!!

  67. Post
    Islam is Israel's broom Rabbi Rav David Touitou

    Besides that creates the whole anchor baby problem you now see from Chinese women.

  68. Post
  69. Post
    Swissffun Nani

    Trump's dumb idea would make his own fucking kids, except Tiffany, ILLEGALS!! All born to foreigners. Melania's parents who Trump used chin migration to make citizens would be booted out! OR: just make EVERYONE pass a few years of tests and education to understand the Constitution and US History AND a few years of public service in military, etc. !!!! Most Trump supporters wouldn't pass the first tests, ignorant racists!

  70. Post
    King B

    Please dont drag African Americans into this bs (unless we,re getting reparations) instead make title how Europeans illegally fought for and stole birthright citizenship by killing natives.

  71. Post
    chon s

    This is indigenous land for the blacks period. This is their natural birthright . This is the aboriginals land immigrants are on stolen land/ soil. And they are not to be called African Americans they are indigenous aboriginals here in America. This is their land, not immigrants.

  72. Post
  73. Post
    B Sinita

    This mother f*** doesn't realize that black people, central/south americans and asians have been in America for hundreds of years traded with the Native Americans nations here long before I quote the "white man". But now f**** drunk dumbass trump has went so far down the rabbit hole he thinks that s*** that he can just select who is a citizen and who isn't regardless if they were born in this country are you f**** kidding me!!!!!😠😬😬😬😬. If this doesn't make people go outside and step in front of the White House with🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pitchforks I don't know what will do it. You cannot tell me as a born citizen I have no rights to citizenship because of my race even though my ancestors were here well before yours well before the formation of America.
    😡F*** You Donald Trump piece of s***😠😠😠😠😠

  74. Post
    Perennial Beachcomber.

    Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857), was a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court. It ruled that
    "a negro, whose ancestors were imported into [the U.S.], and sold as slaves," whether enslaved or free, could not be an American citizen,

  75. Post
    Rah El

    I am appauled by these dis-ingenious historical collusion of distracted fiction made facts… The very union state company you call u.s. "foreign pilgrams new arrivals" to the northwest shores. Native and indigenious people were here before the "Doctrine of Discovery ". We are still here disrespecfully (labeled) mislabeled whatever y'all decide to classified on a givin day. Just to not have a conversation about The "Naturalization Act" of the same circa.. they includes Any and All modern "Slavic" European's and others colonial anglo- saxon imperialist. The u.s. who set up these pseudo laws Were and Are Foriegners themsevles.. Stealing people there lands and resources… FOR FREE…

  76. Post
  77. Post
  78. Post
    A J F

    The extremist Left has been relying on votes cultivated from ever increasing numbers illegal aliens and anchor babies for decades.

    This subversion is now being systematically exposed and halted, to the approval and with the support of an ever increasing clear and convincing majority of legitimate Citizens of all races, but primarily a new-found unity of Blacks and Whites.

    The hardcore Left is terrified of this. Observe their squirms and facial expressions in this very video. They never thought they could ever lose, and now they are in a state of utter panic.

  79. Post
    brian walrod

    The author of the 14th amendment at the time it was passed claimed that it was written for slave families and not foreigners !

  80. Post
    Tee Mack

    Jackass this is not a ploy Birthright citizenship is for African Americans only you miss read the Constitution try to make it means what you said means but it doesn't the ones who wrote it left manuscripts same does it does not apply to illegal aliens it is for African Americans only!!!!!!!!! The truth will come to light

  81. Post
    Tee Mack

    That's stupid b** is twisting up the Constitution she's the reason why we have this type of problem right now those people who wrote that Constitution left footnotes of what it's supposed to be so she's a lying bitch!!!

  82. Post
    John King

    African Americans are still subject to extreme oppression. One country locks up more citizens than any other country in the world. Most of the prison population are African Americans and Hispanic Americans. They are there because they are subjected to repression STILL.

  83. Post
  84. Post
  85. Post
  86. Post
    Tammy Washington

    She should hve come across that these people were not slaves….but prisoners
    of war…and their wealth, freedom and liberty and land have been usurped by
    USA. 13th and 14th amendment are and should be for their citizen they brought
    here. Not anyone here when they arrived. NULL & VOID

  87. Post

    I think the POTUS Trump should point to all those STUPID and IDIOT critics the 14th Amendment was crafted and approved by the U.S. Government to give Free and formerly enslaved black people and their descendants U.S. citizenship! The 14th Amendment was NOT written to grant illegal aliens (aka immigrants), foreigners, Anchor babies, etc.

    Unfortunately, the 14th Amendment was hijacked by all these people who are just trying to game the system at the expense Black American citizens and the taxpayers! POTUS Trump has the power and right write an Executive Order to correct this injustice of the hijacking of the 14th Amendment, which illegals and Anchor babies are using to fleece and rip-off the U.S. Government.

    Frankly speaking, all illegal aliens, Anchor babies, DACA and anyone who has used the 14th Amendment to gain U.S. citizenship be deported from the U.S., AND the EXECUTIVE ORDER should be made retroactive back to 60 to 100 years when the initial hijacking took place by illegals and foreigners!

  88. Post
    Remus Revoll

    african americans were brought here against their wills and made slaves, tortured, rapd, beaten, killed. and even worse. they will not have their citizenships revoked. they are not being used to support the deepstate effots to destroy america. Latin americans are being coerced into supporting a clear agenda by the deepcrats. the democrat party has been infiltrated by globalists. case closed. our nations non deep state black folk are 100% american. these latino invaders, are economic leverage of the demoncrats who hold majority stock in thr deepstate. true.

  89. Post
    king harp

    And I'm a black man and it hurts me so bad to see African Americans and black people take up for these other groups when we fought for this constitutional right in the Republican got it passed

  90. Post
    Pamela Rice

    Democracy Now is so disingenuous. Of the 30 countries, Canada is the only rich Western country among them. It's a factor in Cuba and Mexico and other such countries, where no one wants to go.The intent of the 14th Amendment never had birthright citizenship in mind. Of course, Democracy Now is ignoring the clause: "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof," which excludes a person who is a citizens of another country, that is, an illegal immigrant scamming the system with their anchor baby.

  91. Post
    Myree Williams

    The 14th Amend. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, is speaking about the children of  the Freed Slaves and their descendants born here in the USA. This has nothing to with legal or illegal immigrants.
    African Americans  fought for freedom to be freed from enslavement etc…, 1866
    Post-Civil War reforms focused on injustices to African Americans. The 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 to protect the rights of native-born Black Americans, whose rights were being denied as recently-freed slaves. It was written in a manner so as to prevent state governments from ever denying citizenship to blacks born in the United States. But in 1868, the United States had no formal immigration policy, and the authors therefore saw no need to address immigration explicitly in the amendment.

  92. Post
  93. Post
    Ernest Brown

    The problem is if Hispanics in 2050 hold power they won't be kind to blacks and English will be a second language also just look a every Latino's a failure.

  94. Post
    dolores alston

    I myself do not agree with you at all I do not except this at all my ancestors did not ask to come here my ancestors stolen africa brought to america to labor for white people you full of garbage

  95. Post

    trump was never attempting to abolish black americans from their citizenship, it's the misinterpretation of the constitution used when granting citizenship to children of foreign citizens holding no allegiance to this nation. so they skip out on civil duties we are obligated to yet entitled to the benefits meant for citizens .

  96. Post
    Name Again

    African Americans, more specificalyy American Descendants of Slavery fought for birthright citizenship since we are the only other non immigrant descendant populatiion in the country that we built, and then The country just gave it to everybody else. Smh

  97. Post
    David Lingner

    Did not need to go farther than your first statement to see the way you were going to spin it. The original intent of the 14th amendment was good. But it was not addressing issue we have at hand. We were also a much smaller Nation in regards to population. We also did not have the welfare state that we have today,. So that citizens are not just an asset that they also can be liabilities

  98. Post
    Destroyer Venom


  99. Post

    All that came here to this land would be effected. Trump included. Give America back to the Indians or Native Americans. Many almost all African American has that white demon DNA, this is home for them. I'm Hebrew, deport me to ISRAEL!

  100. Post
    billy watkins

    Birthright citizenship was never supposed to be used for illegal aliens. This is a fake argument. People fought for the freedom of others who had been brought here against their will. Regardless of any argument you have.

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