How is digital technology reshaping society?

How is digital technology reshaping society?

Young people are looking at screens more and they’re not looking at each other. They’re not learning to
read people in the same way. They’re not learning to
show their own emotions in the same way. They’re coming into the workforce with a deficit of soft skills. They don’t wanna make a
phone call, for example, they’re used to texting. So there may be skills training that workplaces need to provide that generations ago they
wouldn’t have even thought of. My new book is coming out. It’s called Left To Their Own Devices. How Digital Natives are
Reshaping the American Dream. And I look at various vectors
to see what’s happening as we come unhooked from
stabilizing social structures that would have been routine
for other generations. Things like getting
married, buying a home, buying a car, going to church,
joining a political party, and at the same time being hyperattached to digital technologies, to social media, and to our devices.


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