How Long Does It Take To Get Italian Citizenship?

How Long Does It Take To Get Italian Citizenship?

hey what’s up I’m Rafael Di Furia aka
Rafi Di is me and I am back at it again on another beautiful Friday night this week we are going to be talking about a subject that a lot of you are probably
already familiar with my speaking about here on this channel Italian citizenship
and processing, this stuff because of course this channel is about moving to
Italy Italian citizenship and living life abroad there’s a question that I
got a while back on my video how to get Italian dual citizenship faster jure
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already, going to need to break out the glasses as per usual… so from Brittany V on that video that I mentioned earlier “this is so helpful”
glad you found it helpful and of course if anybody ever has any questions feel
free to leave that down in the comment section below “this may be a silly question” generally there are no silly questions when it
comes to the subject because a lot of this subject is just really tough to
find information about “but nothing is so clearly written anywhere for this
process which is so annoying” I would agree when I was going through the
process there was even less information available so imagine things about 10
years ago… 14 years ago that was what I was going through “when someone goes to Italy to apply and
say it takes 90 days to do everything” “and submit everything how long is the
processing time to receive the passport…” “in hand is it at the end of this 90 days
or weeks or months years later thank you” well thanks Brittany for leaving this
great comment it’s one of these questions that it is very difficult to
give an answer to I have kind of spoken about this a little bit before in a
video that I think I recorded I was down in Sicily and if I remember
correctly the video was called something like why does Italian citizenship take
so long but how long does it take is going to vary if you get to Italy and
you have all of your documents in hand and you apply at the comune and you make
your petition at the comune and we’re talking about jure sanguins, later
on we’ll get a little bit into citizenship by naturalization including
both citizenship by marriage and citizenship through residency but if
you’re coming here for a citizenship by descent jure sanguinis if you get
all of your papers in right away which you absolutely should do… as soon as you
hit the ground in Italy you should hit it running like really don’t waste any
time a lot of people “oh I want to come.. “and I want to be in Italy and I just
want to just explore things and then at…” “the end of the 90 days I’ll get to it”
this is not something you want to just “get to” the reason being is that… *phone rings* all right sorry about that, still dealing with moving stuff but where was I? …
when you get here you really want to make sure that you get the papers in
right away because it is possible that the clerk at the comune… well firstly
it may be possible if you’re doing this all DIY that they may not even know that
this process exists they may not know that it’s legal they may not know it’s
possible to do any of this but if it is possible to go through the process and
if the comune, the Italian municipality that you’re dealing with and the clerk
there are familiar with this process it may still be possible that they say “oh
well you’re missing a document we need..” “…an extra document” there may even be
times when they request documents that don’t exist in America I have had these
requests personally and I’ve had to explain I’m sorry but that does not
exist in America or there are situations when a person may need to get a name
changed on one of their old documents depending on where you are in the States,
depending on the specific situation it may or may not include having to go to
court on one of my documents actually my birth certificate there was a mistake
made on there so what I did was I just called up the vital records office I
said “hey there’s this mistake on there…” “…it looks like it’s a clerical error from
your end…” but I was being very nice about it I wasn’t saying “you did this wrong you
need to fix it” I said “just there was a…” “…clerical error it looks like it was
something on your end..” “…what can we do to rectify the
situation?” they said “oh I’m so sorry…” “…about that, you know what, we’ll just send
you out another one free of charge” I was happy so I didn’t have to spend that
extra bit of money but for other things were example if you have a
great-grandfather who was born Giuseppe and he was from Catania whatever
wherever he was from it doesn’t matter but then he came to America and he
anglicized his name and changed it to Joseph or even changed his name
completely to I don’t know Kent just an example here if he changed it to
something like Kent then you’re probably gonna need to make a formal request for
those documents to be amended but if it’s a translation of Joseph/Giuseppe
based something like this or Joe Giuseppe then you may not need that but
it’s all going to depend unfortunately even though there is one set of rules
for this process sometimes when it comes down to the practical side things do
change a little bit but anyway assuming you get all of your documents in on time
and you don’t have to go back and forth and you don’t have to worry about
Schengen visa and you don’t have to apply for an extension for your visa but
you will actually have to apply for a permesso di soggiorno in attesa di…… I can never remember this one if I remember to put it I’ll try to put
on the screen but basically it’s a permission of stay in waiting for an
answer for citizenship basically something along these lines
it used to be where people could come in and kind of play the system a little bit…
it . wasn’t playing the system the thing it was they were operating within a grey
zone in the law there were people who were pumping out passports in like a few
weeks but now that is almost impossible and if someone is promising that to you
there’s probably some funny business going on they promise oh you just come
on a quick vacation and la-dee-da fluffy unicorns and fairy tale and then all of
a sudden you’re an Italian citizen there are ways of getting citizenship fast but
it’s kind of by luck and so I would say don’t expect an answer if you apply in
Italy before six months but they do legally have up to two years to give you
an answer so if you apply in Milan Rome Florence Palermo places like this
larger cities or cities where things tend to move a little bit slower or
quite a bit slower that’s then you should not expect a fast answer
I always say if you can apply in Italy you should apply in Italy but there’s
also the caveat you need to be able to financially support yourself because
during this process you won’t be able to work legally in Italy if you’re working
online and you’re not dealing with European clients this is a bit more of a
complicated subject for a different day maybe we’ll get into it one day but it’s
still it’s a another gray zone where people do get through but I personally
didn’t apply in Italy I would have loved to apply it in Italy but there’s also
the other side of the coin where it’s not necessarily a bad thing to get your
passport before and get everything set up before you arrive here because it
could take a while here it really can there are people I know of who’ve gotten
it within a month but this is not the case anymore like I mentioned a few
months would be very unlikely six months is pushing it eight months I think is
still pushing it a year maybe but that still also kind of depends
because are you going to be residing in the same comune municipality where
your family originated from because if you are in that same place then it’s
probably gonna be a little bit easier for you because you’re going to be
dealing directly with the people who are handling your paperwork whereas if you
for example if your family is from Ventimiglia but you want to live in
Florence then you’re going to be dealing with this kind of similar situation as
you would be dealing with when it comes to actually dealing with a consulate
you’re going to be going to an office that’s really busy that’s taking care of
a lot of different things Plus that office has to send it off to the other
office but if you are dealing directly with the comune where your family is
from then it could be going a little faster because there’s no middleman
you’re just dealing directly with them but then there’s the question of if they
know how to process these files it’s all a toss-up so the short answer is when it
comes to Jure Sanguinis they have up to two years to give you an answer but
let’s talk about citizenship by naturalization and when we’re talking
about citizenship by naturalization we’re talking about Jure Matrimonii and also just becoming an Italian citizen Jure Matrimonii being
citizenship by marriage because of the update to the law in December of 2018
the length of time for processing has actually been lengthened if I’m not
mistaken for citizenship by naturalization it was a minimum of 24
months processing time but now it is a minimum of 48 months processing time so
for example if you were married to an Italian citizen and you’ve been living
abroad then you would have to be married to that citizen for at least three years
if you have children that’s reduced to one and a half years but if you live in
Italy you only have to be married for two years but then if you have children
together it’s only one year in total that you have to have been married to
that person there have been consulates in America
that have misunderstood this point and have said this is the amount of time you
have to be married since you became an Italian citizen but you’re not becoming
an Italian citizen if you’re going through Jure Sanguinis so that
is a point that there are mistakes that are made with that but things seems to
be better about that now but if you are doing citizenship through naturalization
this is again a minimum if I’m not mistaken of 48 months for an answer so
if you are of Italian descent and your parents or grandparents came from Italy
but for whatever reason you’re not eligible for Jure Sanguinis or to
make a 1948 judicial case then you have a special expedited process just for you
that if you reside in Italy for a minimum of three years then you are
eligible to make an application for citizenship by naturalization so again
48 months this is the amount of time we’re dealing with here basically but if
you are from a European Union country and you are interested in Italian
citizenship through naturalization then that goes to four years but if you’re
not of Italian descent or you can’t prove that you’re of Italian descent and
you’re not already the citizen of another EU country then the minimum
residency requirement is 10 years so 10 years plus four years when it
fortunately when it comes to this process with even the simplest of
questions of how long is citizenship going to take there is no simple quick
answer if you apply in Los Angeles the waiting time for just your first
appointment that’s gone down from ten years to five years now that’s still
before the processing time if you apply in Italy then you can just
go directly into the comune a usually there are some places where they will
prefer that you do call ahead and that you make arrangements with them and
sometimes an appointment but very often you can just go straight in and just go
and apply but they do have special times when you can do that very often when
people do things DIY like I did mistakes can very easily be made especially when
you’re dealing with the Italian citizenship process through naturalization
or recognition by descent there’s also the intricacies of the Italian system
just as it is on its own because the Italian government in our offices is
function very differently than you might find in the US for example, things
work here a little bit slower at times sometimes they work really well but you
can never really know and the clerks who process the citizenship files they
process a bunch of other different things too and it can come down to your
file just sitting on someone’s desk for a few months while they’re taking care
of other documents or there have been cases where someone’s documents just end
up sitting on someone’s desk because the clerk lost track of it even though it’s
sitting right there in front of them or another situation that I’ve heard of
there are clerks who don’t even want to touch Jure Sanguini s especially
when a person has multiple name changes or there are discrepancies between names
or other various factors because it is a bit outside of the norm of what they
need to do and the processes that they take care of on a daily basis and they
can be a bit more involved so sometimes it could be as simple as the the clerk
just doesn’t want a table if it humans are human eventually you do have to
receive an answer especially if you’re going through Jure Sanguinis you do have to
receive an answer by two years if you don’t get that answer then there are
actions that you can take whether you want to take them or not it may or may
not be the best idea I’ve heard that you can sue the Italian government or even
if you have to wait for an appointment for more than two years
again that’s another case where you can sue the Italian government or the 1948
rule that is a case where you have to sue the Italian government to get
Italian citizenship but 1948 cases that’s a little bit of a different thing
the processing on that it’s a little bit of a different time frame it could be
that you get your court date six months in advance it could be that it’s a year
or a little bit more than a year in advance it seems though that as time
goes on that the waiting time is becoming longer and longer from what
I’ve heard so of course is always with all of these processes I always say if
you can get started now get started now because we know the door is open today
but we don’t know how much longer the door is going to open or how wide open
that door will be anyway of course as always if you are someone of Italian
descent or if you are married to an Italian and looking for help through the
Italian citizenship process always feel free to send me an email my contact
information is below and I’m more than happy to make a recommendation of who
can help you through your process based on your needs also for me personally why
I wish I had had the option to go with a good service provider was because
looking back on everything now I spent significantly more than I should have
and that was because of mistakes that I made and that is also because of some
legal advice that I got from Italian lawyers who just had no clue and
technically any Italian lawyer can help you with this technically anybody can
help you with this if they know it but unless someone is familiar with the
intricacies of this process you could potentially go through hell which is
something that I did I did things mostly DIY then I got to the point where I
needed a little bit of help so I sought out a lawyer and that lawyer said “oh of
course yes I’m able to help you this is…” “…not a problem at all” if you hear that
kind of thing if they’re a little too confident then be worried but if they’re
if they’re just the right amount of confident that’s okay but this guy was
like “yeah of course no any…!” no so yeah it would have not only saved thousands and
thousands of euros it would have saved years of my life and I would have been
able to come here to Italy much sooner especially the monthly patrons thank you
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of course thank you for joining me on a nut
beautiful Friday night I hope you all have a fantastic weekend I look forward
to seeing you all next Friday have a great weekend later


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    I would hope at some point they would change the 1948 cases so you don't have to go through a lawyer. That sure is a unicorn and fluffy fairy wish, especially now. It is nice to dream though.

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    Corrina Owens

    Permesso di soggiornio in attesta di citadinanza
    I filed for that on February 19th and I'm only just getting the physical permesso card from the questura this Tuesday. The citizenship still has yet to be granted. I've been in Italy since December 31.
    Be ready to stay for a while folks.

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    Lisa Parys

    It is very possible that someone at the comune won't know about jus sanguinis. I had this experience a few years ago when I went to see my comune for the first time after becoming a citizen. Someone on one of the message boards I had gone to for advice had said that you could get a copy of your "Italian birth certificate" from the comune once you become a citizen. I decided to see if that was true. When I first asked someone who worked there she told me that she doubted I would be in their records since I wasn't born in Italy, even after I explained the process I went through to her. She was visibly surprised when she found my record and then gave me a copy of my "Italian birth certificate" which I still have somewhere.

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    Hey rafel my grandfather was from Calabria and grandmother from merano which is better to apply and someday will Italian citizenship be gone for American

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    Hi Rafael, do you know how long does it take for the police to go verify your address when you apply in Italy ?And how does it work? My commune has everything already I will be applying for Jure sanguine …thanks!

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    Can you make a video about driving in Italy? It would be interesting to know the differences in the rules. Perhaps how to get a license/Patente by either examination or trading a license from your home country (I heard USA doesn’t qualify). Also perhaps how to buy a car and get insurance.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your videos.

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    God job sir pls when someone have 5 years asilo politico soggiorno how long does he need to apply for a citizenship

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    Brian F

    Good job on a very complicated topic, amico! I'll add that when applying in Italy, Jure Sanguinis or naturalization, mere presence is not residency. Before you can apply, you must be a formal resident, which means a standard lease (usually these are 6 months or more) or property deed. A hotel or B&B is NOT sufficient. Then, you have to go through the ropes to have your residency validated (registration, police check, etc.). Establishing residency, alone, can take weeks, which is why it is critical to get going as soon as you hit the ground.

    For Jure Sanguinis, until you have successfully submitted your application, you cannot get a permesso to outstay your 90-day tourist visa. If you overstay the visa, you may be subject to a fine and extradited.

    For naturalization, you cannot submit an application until you meet the minimum residency period. (10 years standard, or 3 years if you had an Italian parent or grandparent.) Because of this, you must first have a visa that will afford you the ability to stay–you cannot get a permesso in attesa di cittadinanza for naturalization.

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    very interesting , as personal experience the passport is useful if you going to travel out of europe( I mean schengen zone ) otherwise I use the Id card I think is green card in the US the equivalent of carta d'identità, that is enough and is far less expensive and takes less time

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    David Carmosino

    I’ll refresh my 2 cents! I was listening to this as I was driving here to work in Rome. Thus a benefit of my labor of Jus Sanguinis 11 years ago! Anyway, I was lucky as in my case we were all males and my great-grandfather was never American. All males, same last name, done. I’ll never know what it’s like to apply in Italy as indeed, I didn’t want to come here until I had my Italian passport and that’s what I did.

    I definitely agree, do not waste any time getting this done. It took me 3 years to get it done Stateside via the NY consulate and you know what? Half that time was just me putting it off! What I didn’t like about the NY office was that I had 3 different appointments to have my documents examined and every time I was told I needed something that had not been told me previously. Incoherent.

    The only explanation I have for clerks not touching a Jus Sanguinis case is when perhaps they have the choice between that and a local who perhaps needs something done. In that case they prob give precedence to someone who actually lives in Italy vs someone who in theory might live there someday. But we’ll never know!

    Yes, beware of sharks who might take your money! I was a DIY and I was lucky to have an easy case as I mentioned above. But before, I visited an old teacher of mine who also “helps” people get their Italian citizenship. She wanted 600$ just for the consultation! Fortunately we hadn’t signed anything that bound us to pay it.

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    I have watched this video but I didn't know how long time it will take after I complete my master degree in Italy 🤔

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    Matt Fredericks

    Hey Rafael, You are a great resource out there these days that nobody had when my wife went through the JS process back in 2007. I helped her through every step and all we had was the consulate website to get our information. There were some companies out there that offered services to potential applicants, but we did it ourselves when we were students without any outside "professional" help. Anyway, after a number of years later I am currently going through JM and I do not believe that 48 months is a minimum. I've been in touch with the consulate and the JM community in the States and the consensus appears to be that it CAN take up to 48 months. However, prior to the recent changes there was a specific provision in the law that would require a response to an applicant within 24 months ( such is the case with JS ). But whether the Ministero dell' interno in Rome is required to respond within 48 months (as a hard limit) is unclear; at least to me. It seems that for individuals who were already in queue prior to the changes in law, the process averages about three years for applicants living outside of Italy and those individuals do not have a B1 language requirement to satisfy.

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    It took me one year using an attorney in Italy to help me. I just got my Italian passport last week.

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    Mr. D's Product Review Channel

    I Will be using a Full Service Provider that You are Very Familiar with that's in California.
    I have been finding out a Lot so I could discuss the whole process with some of My Family Members so We can All do this together for a 1948 Case.
    Unfortunately since We are in New York and as of January 2020, 2 Family Members will then be allowed to Obtain their Original Birth Certificates that they had to wait until the Governor had signed the Adoptees Rights Bill and for it to be put into effect.
    Some Family Members might want to Move to Italy within a few years afterwards and one of them wants to live there for a year or 2.
    The Information that I have gotten from the Full Service Company and from Your Videos have Helped a Lot.
    I would Like to say Thank You to You and the Full Service Company for All of the Information and making it easier to make the decision a Lot easier to make to go through with the whole process that could take a few years from start to finish.

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