How Microsoft Azure is helping the American Cancer Society

>>We touch millions
of lives every year.>>Everyone that volunteers for us has been impacted by cancer.>>Our volunteers did
not like our older apps, we needed to change everything. We had to transition to
a DevOps methodology. We moved from
Team Foundation Server to Visual Studio Team Services for the ease of collaboration.>>We used Visual Studio tools
for Xamarin to make our release process
easier and more seamless.>>It allows us to bring together the user interface aspects including that of
the native platforms. Essentially all layers
of the mobile site solution together into
one single tool set. The open source technologies of the core of everything we do. .NET Core is fully
compatible with all the open source
technology we use.>>Microsoft Azure allows us to move forward
our DevOps strategy. It’s a way for us to manage, maintain, and build out
our infrastructure.>>Cosmos DB is one
of the top levels of technology implementation
we do on Azure. Cosmos DB changed our entire way of thinking about databases. It immediately
transitioned us from relational schema into
totally consumption-based way of using the data. We used to have fixed costs for database deployment
that were very high, and now we have scaled costs for data storage
deployment that are really low. App services reduced our data
storage deployment costs like no less than 1,000 percent.>>We know that the suite
of products that Microsoft delivers will connect seamlessly
and integrate quickly. Results of the app have
been simply phenomenal. The first year we did 86 percent more revenue year-over-year. Last year we did
over 55 percent more revenue.>>It will be a way
to connect people, it will enable communities.>>We will end the pain and
suffering caused by cancer, in different ways, the app
being one of them.

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