How Soon After I Marry a US Citizen Can I Become a Citizen?

How Soon After I Marry a US Citizen Can I Become a Citizen?

Larissa asked how soon after you marry
US citizen can you get says you okay well surprisingly might be surprising to
you to know that your marriage date is completely irrelevant has nothing to do
with it what does determine when you can get a
US citizenship is when you receive your green card and if you receive that green
card through marriage to US citizen and that’s different than the marriage date
remember it doesn’t matter if you’ve been married 20 years all that matters
is you need to if you get your green card based on marriage you have to wait
three years and that’s shorter than the normal time other methods of getting a
green card that are not marriage based it’s five years so you do get a little
break there’s three years but that means you need to hold a green card for three
years it doesn’t matter how long you been married you can you can get married
as most people do you can get married immediately get your green card it’s
three years so your marriage day just happens to be three years and your green
cards three years now you’re eligible to naturalize and become a citizen or you
could be married twenty years doesn’t matter now you still have to wait three
years after you get that green card so marriage dates are relevant what matters
is how long you’ve had a green card need to have your green card or three years
if you obtained a green card through marriage and you can then apply to
naturalize which you know again timelines all over the map are generally
four or five months to naturalize so if you want to be technically a little more
correct you can add that time that it’s going to take so three years with a
green card then you can apply four or five let’s say it takes six months so
maybe three and a half years before you become a citizen but that’s how it all
breaks down okay now just to add to that real quick you know to let any of you
folks out there now if you’re going through this process there there’s also
a couple steps in between that you can’t just get married then go and file for
naturalization in some cases if you came on a k1 fiance visa and you get married
then you have to file for adjustment of status to get a lawful permanent
resident card that’s getting the green card and then the clock starts ticking
from there and then that’s a conditional resident
card meaning that’s only valid for two years so then you’re gonna have to
remove conditions also if you come on a CR one spousal visa and and you’re only
married you know you just got married get your visa
that’s a conditional resident card that’s only valid for two years so then
you’ll have to remove conditions and then you’ll have to wait another year to
be eligible for naturalization so I just want to throw that in there because I
received quite a few phone calls where folks tell me hey we’re married I just
want to get my naturalization whoa whoa whoa I wish it were that
simple but unfortunately the government has put a few extra steps in there that
you have to comply with first then again if you have any questions on that you
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    County Coroner

    Is it true that a resident of Ukraine will not be allowed a K-1 (Fiance') VISA? I read this on the State Department's website some time ago.

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    Stacy Williams

    Does the 2 years on your conditional counts when applying for citizenship or you have to wait until you get your permanent green card then apply within 2years and 9months for citizenship? ( if a person is Married to a USA citizen )

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    Alberto Bruny

    i have a visa B1/B2 i used to come in the states more 30 times in less than 5 years. i marry my gf who is a us citizen how soon it will take me to get my green card ?

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    anthony cucitrone

    Hey my name is Anthony and I will be traveling w my wife to Guatemala City to apply for her green card. I put my application in on her behalf already. If you have to hold a green card for 3 years does that mean she won't be let back in to the us for 3 years?

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    Rez White

    What about an individual that came to the United States illegal and was approved and enrolled in the DACA program? If the individual marries a US citizen can they file for a Green Card under US citizen marriage then follow the normal process for citizenship. If you have any helpful information (readable or video) please forward them to me. Iโ€™m trying to educate myself more on these immigrants process for DACA recipients. Thank-You.

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    I'm an American contractor on a US Military installation in the middle east. My question is if the INA 319(b) is applicable towards my wife's citizenship requirements, thus removing the 3yr. Green Card and physical presence requirements prior to application?

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    How long it takes for immigration after marrying a guy from USA?(wife is from other country)
    Some people says you can move after 3 months later for stay together!!

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    Truth Bringer

    Question; my woman was BORN in Thailand.. Came to California when she was 4years old we've been together going on 6years and plan to marry next year- she has her Residential Alien Card.. What next?

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    ุนู€ู…ู€ูˆุฑูŠ ุงู„ู€ูู€ู‚ู€ูŠู€ุฑ

    I wish to become an American citizen, but he doesn't have enough money.
    And marry an American citizen.

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