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    L Anne

    This comment section is so full of white "What about us?" bullshit. let others share their plight its not all about you. fuck.

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    The aussie patriot

    I view the problem with this in easy steps
    step 1. throughout the 60s poor blacks move into suburban and high built up city areas.
    step 2. high percentage of youths form and join gangs and crime goes up
    step 3. the price of housing goes down, more poorer blacks move in.
    step 4. middle class and upper middle class whites move out.
    step 5. tax and other forms of income begins to reduce
    step 6. funding's and support for schools and police stations/ infrastructure goes down
    step 7. this continues the vicious cycle of crime and the rise of gangs across the city
    step 8. with lack of funding and support for police and schools go down, police become more corrupt/ violent due to every day dealings of a poor population that's out of control, causing an increase in resentment of police
    step 9. these poor blacks that can leave the city migrate to a slightly better urban area
    step 10. repeat

    Note- even higher educated blacks even move out of these ghettos as soon as they can causing taxation and other low income money to support the city drops also.

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    Flywing guy

    There's a difference between Martin Luther King and this new movement. King had peaceful protest and logic, this BLM movement is full of thugs and riots

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    The difference between the civil rights movement and black lives matter is that the civil rights movement actually mattered and was justifiable.

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    mike bengyak

    old man mike – i understood since the early 1960's – later in the 70's i had a biracial son – before we came back
    stateside, i told him every racial slur many times, years later in his thirties that it even so, it had hurt his feelings,
    my white privilege & past history allows me to speak truth to the police & not be beaten or worse, yet. i look
    like a bald heavily tattooed (fat) old Santa lookin guy, with not a whole lot of teeth – i guess i am kinda a bernie
    guy – i walk the walk – don't let these Plutocracy guys continue to keep your country from you – you will find
    allies in unexpected places – Peace & Love ( but kick ass when needed ) – old man mike

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    While this video did not highlight the effectiveness of the BLM movement, I think it did a great job connecting civil rights protects to technology.

    So for you all haters out there, remember this video is not about the BLM movement. It's about the use of technology to instigate social change.

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    Jane Madison

    As a black women I can tell you that white people have never stood outside my door and stopped me or my other black friends from achieving great things. White guilt needs to stop. We don't need your white liberal pity. Blacks are not charity cases. Every races has it bad. Blacks are being used by the liberal media to make you think it's the 60s again. It's not.

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    What the internet tought me was that black people represenst 13% of the population and commit more then 50% of all crimes out of witch most violence are black on black

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    People keep making references to Martin Luther King Jr when tlaking about the BLM movement. However they resemble Malcom X more so. Especially with the more destructive riots. However the thing is that peaceful riots don't do anything these days. There are far too many people compared to the 60's. Not to mention that the police weren't yet as militarized back in the 60's.
    A LOT less black americans die today due to police violence back then. Most of them are incarcerated instead due to dumb anti-drug laws and mandatory minimums, neither of which existed back then, but due to a bias court system, they didn't need them.
    So I guess the point is this: Both sides are barking up the wrong tree. The problem isn't the cops, not unless the issue is that cops now have automatic rifles at their disposal. No, the problem is the city planners segregated neighborhoods into low, medium, and high income neighborhoods. Black americans were already victims of racist businesses exploiting them for pennies, so obviously the grandparents of today's youth moved into lower income neighborhoods. That's why you have communities that are made up of predominantly black americans. Now the youth have a change to move out, but they don't because they're so developed in their community that leaving would isolate them from their family and friends.
    It's deeper than people think, and it's all logically sound. It was just a gradual triggering of events that lead to racial tensions today. The sum of modern human misery can be traced to the almighty dollar.

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    Miloš Golubović

    If they're the new "civil rights" movement, why do they do more harm than good?
    i.e. blocking roads, vandalism, robberies etc? They even dress like hooligans, and appear as such. Did MLK dress like a crook, block traffic, attack people or vandalize his home town?

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    Jody Claggett

    What the internet has taught me is that there is way too much misinformation being fed to the American people about who people are and are not and what their beliefs are.

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    Eduardo Castro

    Thank you very much for this channel and, please, keep working on it! I really loved what you build here and taught me a lot! 🙂

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    Joshua Jordan

    Hard to say MLK would be appreciative when he consistently spoke against violence as a means of protest. "Violence is impractical because it's a never ending spiral of destruction for all. It seeks to humiliate rather than win understanding. It seeks to annihilate rather than convert."

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    Its not a new civil rights movement, its people complaining about a problem that does not exist.

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    liv4JESUS Godsluv

    Black president(2 terms),secretary of state(black woman),Dr.s,lawyers,well payed musicians, athletes,movie stars,big business owners,teachers. All black collages, all black cable channels. What more does the black community want ? Success doesn't come from gangs, street thugs,drop outs,drugs,thieves or looters from riots. Today, african american people have just the same or more opportunities than white people of color in this nation. The succcessful ones stayed in school and off the streets. What You Sow Is What You Reap ! (Hard Work) It starts with the truth. Stop being blind to the community and behaviors(respect and cooperate with law enforcement )no matter what the reason.Even if you are innocent(don't resist) We usually know the outcome , not good". Young blacks are more likely to be shot and killed by an african american officer. Stop killing each other in the community. Our police put their lives on the line daily.Not saying there isn't any bad cops out there because there is some bad ones. May God keep blessing our black communities 🙏. AMEN !

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    Much of what you point out is true. The problem I have is it's not enough to just praise people for organizing a march. If you all focused on one specific issue at a time, look at it from every angle then formulate a clear strategy to attack it. Create clear specific policies you want put in place. Find allies with the power you'll need to get them implemented. Also don't just not feed the numerous trolls commenting. Counter him then attack!

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    Benjamin Yates

    The civil rights movement is over in this country, it ended when Obama legalized gay marriage. Now all the so called activists r either trying to reinvent society to suit their vision of utopia through violence or straight up making up shit to complain about, ie transgender issues and 16 sexual orientations, and all because they don’t wanna get real jobs.

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