How to Apply to Lineage Societies: Tips from NEHGS

How to Apply to Lineage Societies: Tips from NEHGS

hello and welcome to today’s webinar and
applying to lineage societies my name is Ginevra Morse online education coordinator at the New England historic Genealogical
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nearly all aspects a family history and are pleased to offer this webinar
today for our members and friends around the world. Giving today’s
presentation is Lindsay Fulton, genealogist at NEHGS. Lindsay assists our library visitors
with their family history research both on-site and online her areas of
expertise include New England and New York research and of course when your society
applications when she will first give a brief overview up some the most popular lineage societies chill
then provide a step-by-step process for organizing
and preparing your materials for submission and finally Lindsay will talk about
vinyl record alternatives and give the case study from our research services
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to Lindsay I think it’s never and welcomed today at everyone to this webinar before I go
into how to apply to lean lineage societies let’s do a quick poll
it anyone listening today already a member about
lineage society a survey will appear on your screen at go ahead and select Yes or No and
will share the results in a moment of course if you’re already a member
some of the tips I’m going to share today will be familiar with you I but if not I’m sure you’ll learn something new and if you’re not already a member for
many in society I hope today’s presentation will set you on the right path to
becoming one soon okay exxon look flake at 31 percent view are already members and 69 percent if
you are not so I guess it looks like we have several
prospective members today so Amy hereditary society our lineage
society is a member-based group that is often
organized around a common ancestor or group of historical importance for
example the general Society of Mayflower descendants is comprised of members who can trace
their lineage stir 1 or more have the passengers from the
Mayflower with proven descendants I generally speaking when each side is
often campaign to preserve the memory memory of their particular historical
figure our group and commonly participate in his/her
conservation and education members of the society actively
participate in their communities providing members as volunteers for
community projects or sponsoring academic scholarships for
high school and college students to name a few additionally when each
society of a champion their own Jenny a logical
and historic research providing researchers wished specialized
facility to connect their own chimney research well no lineage societies the
same each provides an environment for members
to share their common ancestry and to build a sense of community and
friendship with others so I will discuss at some the popular national and
regional lineage societies were some short descriptions I first the brawny order at the Magna
Carta which was founded in 1898 to promote and support those principles
set forth in the Magna Carta to society is for any person who can
prove defend from one or more of the 25 Surtees who
signed Magna Carta on 15 June 12:15 or from one of the five
cancers as King John this society is by invitation only and applications are approved by the GM
Jenny are just at the bar on the order of the Magna Carta now Colonial Dames this can be a little
confusing because there are several societies the use the words Colonial
Dames in their title there are three they’re
the most popular at the old stuff 23 was founded 1890 to promote historic preservation and
education it’s for women who defend from an
ancestor who held public OSA office or who served in the armed forces
from 13 Amy 1607 just the founding of Jamestown I to nineteen April 1775 the beginning at the Mac McLeish I found
in one year later was the National Society of the Colonial
Dames of America this is for women who descend from an
ancestor who resided in the American colonies before 1750 and served during the
colonial period membership for the society is I handled
at the state level I then there’s the National Society Colonial Dames seventeenth-century which
membership also mishandled state society at this is for women who descend from an ancestor who is I
didn’t American colonies before 1701 and served during the
colonial period each piece ladies are by invitation only now you may have noticed that I use the
term sir to probably describe each qualifying
ancestor I what do I mean by Sir you should check each of the Society web
sites to locate the specific altercations as they are
different for each tree each of these three societies the
general society of colonial wars was founded in 1893 for a man who were
18 years or older who could prove lineal descent from an
ancestor who held office our military service from the time and
the settlement at Jamestown in 1607 to the Battle of Lexington in 1775 applications for the society are
approved by the Registrar General and membership is to your constituents
state society the general Society of Mayflower
descendants was founded in 1897 to preserve the memory of the pilgrims
who came over on the Mayflower and the ideas established by the
Mayflower Compact they also are I’ll they also publish historic engineer
logical research relating to the telegrams membership in the society is for anyone
who can prove lineal descent from one of the 26 passengers funny mayflower the male passengers who have
proven descendants and this applique this society the
application is approved by the history in general in Plymouth and membership is through your
constituents d society now I want to peak I just wanna make a
note here that they’re the first three generations for the
society you must have proof wish 18 official vital record a birth
marriage or death record for the first three generations now back
to you your parents in your grandparents application at membership to the society is by
invitation only at a general society and the Sons of the
American Revolution was founded in 1889 from men were 18
years or older who could prove lineal descent from a
patriot at the American Revolution eligibility for the society is not
limited to military service men and women who championed the cause
an American independents are also considered I for example members at the Continental
Congress planners have oaths of allegiance
members of the Boston Tea Party an eccentric Center after the society
the applications are approved by the Registrar General and memberships through your local
chapter at this is also by invitation only the Jamestown Society was founded in
1936 and it’s open to men and women who can
prove defend from a specific of an ancestor now this at the least at specifications are included on the
Jamestown website but I just beat them for you quickly here it’s for any person who was a
stockholder in the London Company ani or the Virginia Company our number
one at the Guild’s as someone who owned land on Jamestown
Island or who lived on the island prior to 1700
who is a resident in Virginia for the 1624 1625 muster someone who how the specific political
%ah specific political office prior to 1700 I someone who’s a Anglican Church
minister in Virginia prior to 1700 and the other
option is at someone who served as an Indian
interpreter in Virginia prior 1700 membership but this society is done at by invitation only and individuals who cough I would get at
life membership so the National Society of the Daughters of the American
Revolution was founded in 1819 for women who were
18 years or older who can prove lineal descent from a petri at the American
Revolution again eligibility is not limited to
military service I application be approved on the
national level and then membership would be through
your local chapter and then like the added Mayflower
society daughters the American Revolution
requires birth marriage and death certificates for the first three generations which
again is you your parent in your grandparents a
membership in the society is by invitation only and just as a side note the idar has a
fabulous Library in Washington DC I which in each yes has planned a visit
in to visit Washington DC as well as the DA
our library in February the order the crown of Charlemagne in the United States was founded in 1939 for any person who can prove lineal
descent from the Emperor Charlemagne the society was pres act designed to
preserve the lines in the sand from Charlemagne to recognize access
merit tracking magic it cheap mention honors and arts
scientists and letters and to cooperate with charitable
educational and patriotic organizations members for the
society must be invited by 2 current members are approved by the admissions committee
of the order ordered the founders and Patriots America was founded in 1896 after men who were
18 years or older who can prove dissent from an ancestor who settled in the colonies for for 13
May 1657 which the 50-year anniversary of
Jamestown and whose ancestor in that same line served in the
revolution at the candidate must prove his connection through a specific male
line which I’ll discuss in Teaneck slide
applications are approved by the Registrar General
and membership is through your constituents state society now the
specifications for those at who qualify i’m at the candidate must
prove the connection through the male line up his father
which is a1 QR Sri or through his mothers shopper which is four and five a specifically this can be accomplished
through his father’s maternal grandfather number three his maternal grandfather at his father’s father
number four or his maternal grandfather I love mother’s father which is number the Society of the Cincinnati was
founded in 1783 for males defender from Commission
officers who served in the Continental Army arnie and who served the end of the war or who
resigned with honor after a minimum of 3 years service as a commissioned officer this is
usually done by one member per officer however I want
to stress that it’s important that you top speak directly with your state
society as each have the societies have different
rules applications are approved on the state
level and members often submit their application but the state in which their ancestor resided not
their current residents that’s not typical for most societies
okay so before choosing membership for the particular
lineage citing you must first establish a paternal and
maternal lineages which is your father and your mother
your grandparents in grape pear great-grandparents and so
on since the majority of lineage societies require a direct let me a link between Apple can
at of bank lead ancestor establishing and ancestral chart just
sometimes called the pedigree chart or a multi-generational chart I will
help you to uncover any possible cause I ancestors I when you’re doing this you should be
on the lookout for ancestors who may have served in a war either directly or indirectly whether
they held the position in government on the local or federal level I whether they were credited with the
settlement of a county or town or state colony are who may have held specific
occupation such as a tavern keeper are constable
option is these ancestors who qualify for
membership with many inch societies I used also make no diff any second
marriages I for example here we’re using a free
five generational chart which you can download from our online learning am to look at the presidency inside the
industry a president John I’m we can identify
several individuals who qualify for membership with at least five different
lineage societies first because John Alden whose number 22 was a passenger on the
Mayflower I’m president John Adams and his direct
descendants would qualify for membership but the general Society of Mayflower
descendants also Joseph Adams whose number four I he served in King
Philip’s War it was a select into the town of
Braintree $16.99 1716 in 1770 there for his direct descendants would
qualify for membership but the general society a clonal wars and finally because president John Adams number one signed
the Declaration of Independence I his direct descendants would qualify
for membership with the society at the defendant’s the signers of the Declaration of
Independence female defendants would qualify for membership but the Daughters
of the American Revolution and the male descendants were qualified with the Sons of the American Revolution
and this is just to name a few now once you’ve established Germany and
and identified possible call finance esters you should choose a hereditary society
or lineage citing the best meet your needs what society does your lineage allow for membership
why do you want to join a particular society you wanna be active within your
community is a state or local chapter at the society near your home how often
do they meet after you’ve identified inappropriate
society you can then begin the process for
becoming a member can remember you can apply for membership with more
than one society and often a society will allow
membership under more than one eligible ancestor often using a
supplemental application so after you’ve identified inappropriate
society you can then begin the process and the coming a member I to do so you should
first contact the proper membership liaison you can do this either via email or
phone for your state or national society the liaison will take your personal
contact information and also inform you have any
documentation that may be required to complete your application they may also require complete worksheet or an application before proceeding
further it is absolutely paramount that you
contact the society meson and it may help you to avoid over under researching in the future this is
an extremely important step it may also be the time when you can
establish an invitation remember earlier when I was when I said
that many of the popular than the upside is required invitation before Klein sometimes this can be as easy as
contacting the society to express in interest at the Society’s considered
active standing an application as an invitation however
I want to warn you that some societies are very much more strict with their by
definition of the word invitation so be careful when you’re looking on the
Society’s web sites as to the specifications and
the app process and inviting at the hereditary society community of
the united states of america maintains it up-to-date list lineage
societies complete with a short description each society and their contact
information this is a good place to begin if you’re having trouble locating
contact information on the Society’s website the list is arranged alphabetically
before you begin your membership application you must first locate and document and
then organized of your information I want to stress at this time this is
not where you would begin completing your membership application this step will help you organize all the
research that you’ve done and that you’re about to do it will also
help you to identify any missing missing documentation are a weak
connection that you may have overlooked this step may seem like extra work but I sure you did the organization is
the most important tool when applying to a lineage society I will cover some other suggestions but
I complained over the years to help you organize of your information
these tips will help you tremendously later on as membership applications require very
specific details for each generation also your children and grandchildren
will thank you for properly organizing our this documentation I
cannot tell you how many times members have come into the library to redo
research that their grandparents and their parents did sows I will go over specifically one how to create a qualification Aline
including the correct ideological formatting IQ I will go over how to gather and Mark and make photocopies these documents in
3d over how to provide citation to reach
these records okay so first to organize information we first recommending creating of cage
outline a qualification aline is an excellent
way to organize information for each generation in your lineup descent especially if you’re planning to apply
to more than one society so you should begin with your generation including vital information for your
spouse if Apple com and state your place and date of birth
and the place and date if your marriage apopka when documenting by the record
vital events used indicate the place in the event
using the name of the town or city county and state as well as the
complete date you should use the day month in year you should be consistent when recording
this place indeed information if so if you list the event placed first and need eight seconds or vice versa you
should keep that form into a for Mac throughout the app the outline
be consistent when you’re doing additionally for each
statement a vital information so that birth
marriage and death information you should also include a a scholarly
citation for example footnote 1 a.m. will include a citation
for your birth certificate footnote to will include a citation for
your marriage cert certificate and footnote 3 me will be your spouse’s
part certificate three generations you your parents in
your grandparents these vital statements should be proven
by Amber marriage and death certificate if you don’t do
not already have access to these records such as in a file cabinet home our
safety deposit box you can typically locate modern death at
modern vinyl records with the town are the City Clerk where the event
occurred or the appropriate state vital statistics office and many societies require birth
marriage and death certificates for those first three generations now because every society uses their own
specific citations and abbreviations I recommend using evidence citation
analysis for the family historian or the newly published guide to Jenny
article writing by Arun penny stratton when creating
your cough qichen on I would not waste time creating a
qualification outline that use the citations for specific side society am i reading being is that these two books provide detailed
citations that can be retrieved it again if necessary I since lanier
societies tend to use abbreviated citations other citations maybe a confusing later
on so this is especially true if you put a
plan to apply to one to more than one society are you may
also use more than one footnote to identify a factor location for example if you were unable to locate
an official birth record for an individual but you were able to locate them in the
1860 1870 ette 1900 census as well as their death certificate I
would include a footnote for each census record as well as the death certificate the
week these combined records may be enough to prove place in place and date of birth some
next on a separate sheet of paper you should
include proof for your parents generation that’s including information for their
per continue this process for each generation concluding with your coughing ancestor
evidence for each name place indeed is essential to your
membership application also you should continue to include citations for each
file statement for example footnote 4 should include a
citation for your father’s birth certificate footnote 5 will include a citation for your
father’s death certificate and so on and so forth remember to include citations issued go do not promise yourself you will go back
and complete the citation later you may forget are you mean misplaced
the record and if so lose counts of hours trying to recreate your
research also when you’re developing your hoskin well qualification outline remember to
include information for a second marriage even if the marriage is outside your
plug mine so here’s an example other generation with more than one
marriage note that the Outland includes the name with a spouse as well as the information for their
birth marriage & death when you compile your qualification
outline is it is essential for you to remember
that the society genealogist based their assessment your ancestral line using the
documentation documentation that you provide therefore
we first suggest locating all the possible vital records so those
birth marriage and death records for each generation since I the records
often provide specific information about an individual such as the place and date of birth as
well as information about their parents these records can be used to connect
several generations keep in mind that each state has very specific procedures when
ordering vital records for example some states require a copy
of an applicant’s photo identification or self its self-addressed stamped
envelope or signed application others only accept
vinyl record request in writing additionally some
states take credit card payments while others only accept personal checks and
money orders whatever the condition P short to
satisfy all these requirements before submitting
an application you don’t want to lose money during this process and some states do
not allow certified copy the vital records to
privacy restrictions however informational are genealogical copies of a vinyl
record can be available for a lesser charge and also don’t fall
under those strict pop privacy guidelines these non
certified copies sometimes provide an alternative when
records are available due to privacy restrictions most societies will take copies these
information are Jenny logical copies unfortunately there is no one stop shop
for vital records as the location availability and accessibility a vital records can vary from state to
state I had to look at. available records in New England I would
suggest looking at the NHS handbook for New England research in for
those who are looking for vinyl records
outside as New England you stuck at add the source or the redbook 1 keep looking at the potential
vital record collection gather all possible records for each
generation be sure to search for birth marriage and death records for the mail and female each generation remember that this also include second
marriages you should use variant spellings and
searching for your ancestors because filling in the 19th and the
eighteenth and nineteenth century was not as uniform as it is today the vinyl record for your ancestors may
have been transcribed correctly are spelled differently once you’ve
located about a record include a clear legible
photocopy each document do not include vinyl
record do not include original records our records the kind of information these records will be submitted with
your final application and are sometimes not return to you so
if you send your original documentation with your membership application you mate Lewis that and that wouldn’t be
good to secure original birth records I you should also
underline are drawn arrow in red pen potential to identify your ancestor as I
did here with the Adams family I do not use high later are sticky notes and also do not use
staples if a vital record includes more than one
page if there are any discrepancies on the documentation such as a spelling
variant or incorrect maiden name you should include
an explanation this is especially true if an ancestor
in your direct Lapine remarried even though the new spouse is not
partitioned your club I’m documentation and birth
marriage and death for the second spouse will help to clear up any confusion so
for example since many modern death records provide
the name the deceased spouse the second spouse’s name may have been recorded on the death
certificate and that would be confusing to the society genealogist they may not be convinced that the death
record refers to your ancestor so you should include supporting
documentation that will help to quell any of this possible confusion if the discrepancy on the records is
more involved than a simple spelling variant as such as multiple data burner there
are multiple birth locations you can addressed this
on a separate sheet of paper you should see the problem and then
include original source evidence to prove that
one of those statements as more a more valid than the other 1 seed
gathered all the problem intake documentation you can then fill out your
application be sure to read all love the
instructions included on the application as well as the Society’s website before
you submit your final application follow those specifications for
scholarly citations formatting an organization remember to
sign your application include prop pain okay so here’s a mock
application for the general Society of Mayflower descendants for our second
president United States at for our second United
States President John Adams while you’re I’m if our application may
look similar I want to stress that this is
not an apple an actual application okay so notice that the first two
generations at day John John Alden Andrews altman there’s no citations for those this is because the general Society of
Mayflower descendants has developed a series of books known as
the Mayflower families through five generations which is lovingly known as the server
bucks or the Mayflower families in progress
which is public lovingly known as the pink box I these
books can be used as proof for the first five generations for the
fire society and while these books are accepted by
Mayflower other societies may not accept the box is proof are you should include the full name of
your ancestor which is the first middle and last name
the name should be spelled as it originally appeared on the record if you find a name spelled using variant
spellings you can include both the spelling also if an ancestor use the nickname are an
alternative name you may also include this information
you should not use profession rank title when filling out
the application for example you should write John Adams for generation fact not United States
President John its I you should provide specific
information for each final Int including the date which is the day a
month can year in that order and the location town county and state if the name of the
town our county changed you should use the
town our county name from that time at the
event for example the town of Braintree was part of
Suffolk County before Norfolk County was established in 1793 therefore when completing the birth information
for John Adams in generation for you should identify the places Braintree suffolk County Massachusetts also do not write unknown RN AD for a violent if a specific date is
unknown you should include a date range or an
estimated date for example use the term before or after to identify the first or last known
record for your ancestor this is commonly used
when a probate records substitutes for a death record the dative the will is the after day and the date the will is proved is the
before date also if an event was recording using
double dating you should include both be now what do I
mean by double dating I in September I’m 1752 the British Empire switch from the
Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar which dropped eleven days from the
calendar year I so for example can a bath in generation 3 I she was
married in Braintree Suffolk County Massachusetts on 8
February 16 87 flash eat you should include both
those dates how long is it gonna take so depending
on the society the application process will vary some
applications are submitted directly to the Jan to Registrar General well others are
proved first by the state society and then forward on for national approval so this process depending on the society
can take anywhere from two weeks to year now specifically for the Mayflower society they have a multi-step
process first to society send the potential member a preliminary
application now this worksheet is very basic own I only names are required on this
application upon completion of the preliminary
application the membership secretary have your state
society will forward the preliminary application
to the state historian next the state historian Paul check your
ancestral line against previously approved applications so if other members of your family
including distant relatives have been members I love me our society
then it may be unnecessary if you’d approve each
generation once the state historian has determined
but documentation is still necessary you were given a worksheet application
you must then fill out the application complete with citations and
documentation and return the worksheet to the st. story next the state historian well then reviewed
your application and this process could take several months once the state historian has approved
your application you must Sign the application and for it
to be general historian which is implement if
the application is rejected you would then have two years to to
properly document airline finally the general historian in Plymouth I will
pray will approve or reject your application now it’s uncommon for an applicant to
document their line using only vital records therefore researchers must use
alternative records or secondary sources to prove the
connection between generations I will discuss a few love the common
alternative vital records however I must stress that these are not these are not the only possible
alternative records you should use your creativity to locate other possible
primary source documents if you cannot find them in the records
an attack dis crack so first our family Bible records which
can be rare but extremely helpful to locate these records you should at think I’ve eighty Historical Society archive are Genealogical Society that’s
associated with the family such as any chess they may have these
out these rare Bible records included in their manuscripts collection now to locate them you could wanna but
one of the places that you could check is the free database archive great and
dissident search that I did for the John Adams Bible in you may notice Anne society that
you’re familiar with that has a holding for the Adams family
so this actually came up with eighty different
entries so you could search to duster to find a
bible record that may be particular to your family now census records can provide
information about an entire family often individually listing the names are
each member of the household however before 1850 the US Federal
Census did not enumerate each member the head of the household was named in
the other members of the household per designated by tally marks according to their age in general gender
as a results the pre 1850 US federal census
records can be less helpful and they’re often not acceptable you can
find these records and American ancestors .org at FamilySearch .org full 3d an ancestry to calm and they have
searchable collections for US federal censuses from 1790 to 1940 as well as some state acetate census
records well I generally lineage studies will
accept photographs have tombstones as proof of death and sometimes have marriage which you
can see on the site here this one this action stone for Amy ballou she’s
the wife John W Adams and then she died November 7th 1826 so this would be something that you
could potentially use not only is her death record but also as her marriage
records chimes if you’re using a tombstone is proof use including clear photo of the stone as well as a broader landscape photo
showing surrounding stones this will provide the society this
context and demonstrate the Egypt the tombstone
some societies also require a photograph the cemetery
sign societies will not accept modern cemetery stones that were
made a memorial to an ancestor I some places to find these there’s some net acts National Cemetery
databases find A Grave it’s a good one billion
graves dot com interment dotnet and low key to grave at
work now Lake vital records church records are usually record vital events but for different reasons so their
record baptisms marriages confirmations and burials and those are not always registered on
the local or state level so to locate a church record you must
first identify your ancestors religion and/or their congregation once a
denomination is determined you can then work to locate available
records some records are still maintained by the original church or in a church archives while others
have been microfilmed are published here at the NHS library we maintain a large collection of
compiled church records that have been published from across the
United States in the Family History Library brought library also has several church
records on microfilm if you’re going to include any by the
record from the published source you must include the title page for
those published records this is true and in typescript and then also for any record that you
may find on microfilm they’d like to see the title page from
that microfilm reel I’ll land records can sometimes identify
specific real relationships between the grant or was
the seller and the green tea was the purchaser of the property this
can be especially common for married men who sold property: as the record often
identifies the first name up the Grand Tours life i most def records the United
States and search for the New England states
are available on microfilm and the NHS library well other US land
records are available digitally at FamilySearch to Cork or they’re on
microfilm at the Family History Library well local histories and genealogies are
often unacceptable as singular proof well-documented are properly cited sources can provide
supplemental proof for lineage now what do I mean by
singular proof some records such as vital records can be fat at can be used as the only
evidence but I love aunt a birth certificate for example would
constitute would constitute a singular truth
because published genealogies were created by a third party and not at the time the actual event
they cannot be used as the only evidence therefore you should use published
genealogies and histories as supplemental proof
again if you use a an a published research you
should also include photocopy up the title page now you can
find several these resources here be in each shot any chance library but if you kak get here there also sometimes available on archive doc acord
or on Google Books and the Family History Library is also
started to digitize many upsets II books as well up probably file such as wills and guardianship records
can provide researchers with information about the deceased: as well as the names of their heirs
which is usually their spouse their children and
sometimes depending on how late they lived their grandchildren any yes maintains a large collection of New
England and Atlantic Canada probate on microfilm and then you
could also find several US town in County Probate collections at
FamilySearch .org or at the Family History Library on
microfilm if your gonna be including a probate
record with your application you should include
the entire record and not just the relevant pages are expert for hire staff at the research at the research serviced
Department at any age yes handles an array of lineage related
cases from locating documentation that connects two generations to completing an anti higher than each application which would
include qualification outline and copies of any supporting
documentation at the staff can provide assistance to any chance any HTS members as well as non-members with
their money and paperwork which is including those nasty brick
walls I for example research services was hired to complete
an entire me for application for any chance member who defended from George soul up but and I consider this to be the most
important detail the majority of the early generations were born married and dying in New York
State since New York State did not keep vital
records until 1880 the researcher had to locate all
turned a vital records to prove the connection between these
early generations to help demonstrate how to use
alternative I’ll records to prove lineage I extracted three of the earlier
generations thats generation 6 David Dooley and Mary Kom generation 7 Rebecca dewey counts and Jeremiah green and generation 8 Collins Benjamin green and Mary Jane the great okay so here’s a
qualification Alan for generations 7 Rebecca dewey and talents and Jeremiah
green Rebecca do it was the daughter of David Julien Mary colleges that sold fine noticed the length and the
specificity of the footnotes for each final event also see how the researcher use more
than one source to prove each mile statement for example to proof that Rebecca dewey
green was born in Washington County New York
the researcher used her 1898 death record 1875 New York State census and a published genealogy entitled
descendants of Joseph green if you will remember from our discussion
earlier I explained that published genealogies
can be used cooperate vital record information but not on
their own here’s a good example of that tactic
working successfully in addition to the vital events so those that birth marriage and death
location in dade the researcher also had to make a connection between
Rebecca dewey and her parents who were David do we in may recall as
well as to her son which Collins Benjamin green and his
wife marry Jane the grapes know this can
sometimes be the most difficult part documentation is important to remember that well birth
marriage and death information is important to your
application it is the connection between the generations that’s the most important after all this
is a lineage society so to prove the connection between Rebecca dewey green and her parents the
research you relied on the information from the 1898 death record as you can see the record indicates that she was the
daughter gave it to me and Polly call since polly was a popular
nickname for Mary in the nineteenth century the death record can be used to show the
connection between generation 6 and seven how though was the researcher able to make the
connection between Rebecca dewey green and her son Collins Benjamin P here you can see me generation 8 which is Collins Benjamin green and
his wife married changed the grapes notice that
the researcher provides several citations for each final event including the 1892 death record maybe as we saw with the previous generation
the death record will provide the names are common benjamin screens parents okay so as you
can see here the Deaf record properly indicates that Collins be green died on 1 January at 1894 at the age of 52 a however the record only indicates the
name of his father as Alan Chan cheney green his mother’s
name and birthplace are not indicate as a result the researcher needed to
locate alternative documentation that would connect these two generations
so to do so the researcher located the will love Rebecca Greene which was dated 1897 in Jefferson County
New York here’s a copy of one of the relevant
pages but as used as you may remember if you’re including a probate record in
your application you should include the entire record as well as a copy of the title page not
just that relevant page okay so according to her well Rebecca Greene the Queen some of her
personal estate to her heirs including her
daughter-in-law Mary green who received one patent
Crocker which is a mechanized rocking chair she
also gay property to her granddaughter car brash who inherited once-over butter
dish and one basket bed quilt her son Collin Benjamin green was not named in
the well because he died in 18 ninety 4 three years prior however because Rebecca Greene
identified her granddaughter escora brash and we have other documentation that’s
not shown here that core green daughter of Commons
Benjamin green generation 8 married a man named Peter
brash the will proves wonderful wonderful
evidence and the connection between all three of these generations yet Rebecca Greene 1897 will was not the
only alternative rock vital record that the
researcher used to provide the connection between generation 7 89 as you may be able to see from the link
the footnotes the researcher was also able to locate
photographs have tombstones census records probate records family letters and a civil war draft registration card I love evidence the connection between
generations 789 but not only not only did these documents provide
birth marriage and death information but they also prove that connection
which is that most important detail now most importantly because at the time
tireless efforts at the Research Services staff we are proud to save the NHS member was
accepted into the Mayflower descendants as a defendant George cell so if you
would like help documenting your ancestral line are completing the
application process you can always hire Research Services
team you can learn more by going to the web page American ancestors dot org flash
research gas services or by contacting research any chest %ah cork any chick in each yes members will receive a
discounted hourly and if you missed anything that we went
over today I just completed a portable genealogist
about applying to any age societies which will be available in October it
provides a unique organized approach to the subject as
well as some tips and reminders for the application process all right
thank you Lindsay for your presentation so now let’s tackle your questions if you have anything you’d like to ask
Lindsay please type it in the questions panel and Lindsay will try to answer as
many she can in the time provided alright so we have a number of questions
Lindsay and the first one that comes from
Catherine who asks and artdigital images found us through online databases such is
skiing American ancestors .org her ancestry or FamilySearch are those enough or does she need to
actually order a certificate from the holder I’ll
that record I’m will if if it’s an actual like the
original image %uh the certificate then that would be
fine that thats most other societies will be fine with
that as proof on the problem will be as if you’ve if you
locate something either on our website FamilySearch or
ancestry that’s like an index so it gives you all
the information that’s on the record but it’s not the physical record usually
they wanna have the original records in that case so you would need to or not but if it’s
if it’s in in town in typescript there it was with
hand-written then add they’ll accept those is as but they consider original
documentation okay and we have a question from baths she
says my revolutionary were ancestors are on
my mother’s side a DA our member told me that I need to
provide documentation on my father’s side for the first three
generations is that correct yes had on for for all of those generations going
back to be at to the Patriot ancestor you’re going
to need to include well for the first three generations
you’re gonna need birth marriage and death information and certificates for you
your parenting you grant herbert margin to everything after that they like to have documentation for all three of those vital events and they
like to have information for all three of those at all events %uh but if you only have one or two re a average in all sources
for that I believe that I’ll daar is fine with that on but
you’re gonna need to provide sure need to fill out that application to you
gonna have to provide as much information as possible so it’s always
good I always say that it’s it’s better to
provide them with more information than last and so it would be better if you got you know birth marriage and death
information for everybody in that line both the male and the female line okay and this is a question that and you
know we we heard a lot about when we were
preparing for this webinar we got a few emails about this and there are a few questions
about it in the questions panel as well but and is the process any different when
the person applying is adopted well because 8 lineage society you’re going
to need to apply through your biological parents
so you wouldn’t be able to apply under your adopted parents at lineage now that being said if you if your
biological parents were defendants from you know a
passenger on the Mayflower or you know whatever coffee ancestor you just need to provide information
that that that those were your original biological parents at so that would be I your adoption paperwork if that’s
available and then any information about at your
biological parents their birth marriage and death records as well but I would include and and
depending on I mean I would definitely make it known in your application that
you were adopted in case there’s any I describe you know confusion looking at
the documentation you know what line there following at so
I would try to include information on that as well thanks and we have a few questions about
and newspapers so newspaper the two areas marriage
announcements birth announcements found in the newspaper on are those also kinda file record
alternatives that you can use in is there anything that they should
know when preparing those documents I yes those are also those are considered
alternative a vital records as well if you find an obituary or add marriage
announcement birth announcement in the paper you should include I like to include two
to settle am two sets the ft original like I’m first a close above the actual a clipping that is very magical aka sometimes those
older newspapers are a little bit harder to read so a close-up cooking up what have what
the what you want that at society
genealogist be looking at and then I take a photocopy of the
entire newspaper page that way they can tell
what page it came from usually the DD is because when you’re
taking taking a clipping your cutting out the
the date that it’s occurring so the date will be included on their
the name of the newspaper I like to include that full sheet and then and then that to close a copy okay and a question from hope who asks when documenting lives you only include
their maiden name or they’re married name as well arm I think I understand at mom it eat you
should always include the maiden name up so whatever that
person’s name was at birth is the name Shipra be providing on me
Kosky Chowk and sold for example if if Mary Smith was born Mary Smith that would be the
initial main now it’s Mary Smith got me into a gentleman named Jones and then die now you would include all three of those
names even though she would initially be known
as married smash a and then you would include documentation
for those other marriages as well hope that answers your question okay n we have a number of questions
regarding an you know already a process
applications you know either you know sure the Thar
or Mayflower society or what have you on is there a way to will look at it previously submitted applications and P maybe just say a few words about using the successful applications whether
that’s I’m if if that’s allowed or I’ll what the
access levels are I’m and that sort of thing well I feel like as have anything I’ve said
today it depends on the society I am sold mayflower as eighty they have a database have
already approved applications and many inches you cannot feed acts that’s something
that the check I’m on their own am so something you can there’s yeah you wouldn’t really be able
to see that say now daar has a database that you can search for a
petri ancestor to see if that’s already been proven now if you are able to find someone on
their it gives the that next generation so whoever that patriot and investors
children are would be included on their anything
after that I would not be a human being able to look at it it you’d have to
purchase what they call a record copy up which would give you more information
about everyone else and that line on now that being said they don’t always accept does older applications and it needs to be
more modern applications that they that you can use
it means you can just kind of keep backup you know on on
something newer applications but the older stuff enough matured from the 20s
30s 40s 50s I’m they don’t accept that and spread
only as something that was you know add that
was approved ten years ago I so I’d be careful with that as well I
know clonal dames has a database you can check usually these
databases are for the qualifying ancestor not
necessarily that line going back an so you can usually check to see if
someone has has applied under that and faster
but not necessarily the entire lineage okay and we are almost out of time I
will just ask a few more questions before ending for the day on so here’s a question how do you deal with a
name change an for example this is this is a
questions from Bath asks you know a name change from say David
alcock to David alcott on how do you a marks at a record that in your application process well for NEMA changes back slightly I would just include that as as a it’s
almost like at the variant spelling on that mean on you know so Smith with with an IA ora y would you know that
would have just been a variance going so I would just include both teams so the include the way that you’re
seeing it first select at first I am spelling that you
find and then just eighty act slash and then next when you’re seeing it are
written that would be acceptable if if the
surname is you know close enough you know if would
be found under the same sound Xcode then I wouldn’t really worry about it on if someone dramatically changed any so save it say that someone in your line
married into at married i can. immigrant ancestor
from the 20th century and they had E an they had their name the they change their name once months
you know the Americanized their name once they came on vac in that case you may have to
provide proof a that mean change now tacky either be
done using court document or a naturalization
record a at but I wouldn’t because again because you’re providing birth marriage
and death information for this person if they’re being born under one name and
dying under another key to provide some sort of explanation for that INFN name changes that reason then then
I would provide that information at school okay in just a few more questions before
E and so you mentioned of course documenting
second marriages and we have a few questions but this but
on the assumption is that third force fifth
marriages should also be documented is that correct yeah a yeah I know that’s a lot of work but it the reason being is that you don’t it you don’t know what kind of
documentation you’re going to be providing that that at society genealogist so stay for
example some get married for five times and you’re providing II you know a a couple land records for example and
this person is married and that wife’s name keeps changing you gonna have to have an explanation
that I if the death record has on you know like that their shift wife’s name on it
you’re gonna have to again provide an explanation about so I know that it sounds like a lot of
work but I’m but most societies what be they want all that information
included great so on so I’m gonna have have to wrap up but
and it once again if you’d like hands-on
help with your lineage society application or have marty detailed questions about
the specific severe research you may want to consider scalped
scheduling a consultation with Lindsay or whatever other experts and you can
actually schedule a consultation for over the phone or in person so you don’t
necessarily have to live in Boston for that consultation on you can also hire our research
services team and so if you’re interested in learning
more about those services you can write the email addresses on the current slide
and I’ll also include this information in my follow-up email to you tomorrow thank you again for joining us
today as you leave the event you have the opportunity to fill out a survey and
give us your feedback as we continue to expand our webinars an
online offerings any and all feedback is extremely
helpful and appreciated so be sure to explore our website
American ancestors .org which offers access to millions of records covering
New England’s New York and beyond and if you’re ever in the Boston area
feel free to stop by our research library and archives for open to the
public and while the vast collection of
published genealogies biographies local histories microfilms manuscripts and more if you’d like to
access more how to resources are lambeau upcoming online educational programs
please visit our online learning center American ancestors .org slash learning
hyphen Center I hope to see you at our online programs
in the future goodbye for now


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    Robert Gerrity

    1.) ArchiveGrid shown as Lindsay's research starting point but is NOT explained. I've never heard of it before.
    2.) Re statement in questions regarding "previously approved lineage documentation" of Mayflower Society. The GSMD may not make them available, but I was able to research such a file at the Massachusetts State Mayflower Society (when it was on the 5th floor). The write up on the family documents submitted may have been by the Cushman applicants or Bowman, but the note did say the family Bible & etc had been sent back to the.  Whether the MSMD still allows this, I don't know, but it was invaluable to me. Thus, if applications are through the state historians, a researcher should always ask, if the its not mentioned in the how-to-apply instructions.
    3.) I look forward to ordering the The Portable Genealogist card on this subject.


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    Simply Impish

    What an excellent presentation.
    I’m gathering my documentation for several lineage societies and this has been most helpful.
    Thank you!

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