How to Create an ID Card using MS WORD

How to Create an ID Card using MS WORD

what’s up guys today I’ll show you how
you can create an ID card using your Microsoft Word it is pretty simple just
follow like couple of step and then you can like create your amazing ID card you
don’t have to go anywhere to make an ID card you can do it by yourself so let’s
see how you can do it go to your word document first what you have to do click
on insert and click on shape and choose rectangular shape draw a circle when you
draw a circle we’re gonna give the actual size of an ID card right click on
it click more layout option choose size the height is two point one two and
weight is three point three seven it okay so it’s actual shape came in for ID
card now see it’s like filled with a color but I don’t want any like color so
make it simple right click on it format shape Phil no Phil or there is another
option you can go at the top it says like shape field if you click on it just
click no field so there is – well like you can do it even like if you want to
do if you want to cancel like no line in there’s just click the line and no line
but I want I will keep the line for now now I’m gonna create another shape into
it so I can put my identification card button like text in different shape so
what I have to do click on insert again click on shape again again choose the
rectangular shape and make a shake like this now you can choose the shape color
from here whatever color you like suppose if you want to choose this one
or if you’re gonna choose this one you can just click on it and just kind of it
will be created suppose I want this one I created it ok now we want to write
like identification card here so how are you gonna do it we’re gonna do it by two
two ways or one way is like you can create a text box and write it here and
bring it here the other way is like using water I’m gonna use the water so
choose like any water design from there so I’m gonna choose this one so this
pop-up box will show up now you can type your own word whatever you wanna type
suppose I want to type like identification card the identification card and I will set
it in there I’ll cross it out so now it’s look big I’m gonna resize the world
so click on home you can resize from here Johnny to
or if you just press control and the bracket sign it’s gonna it’s gonna be
more bigger or smaller you can make it two ways so I’d like to I didn’t I like
identification card now you can import your picture here so how you gonna do it
click on insert if you have picture in your computer then go to picture and
choose like from your computer where is your picture is located suppose I just
bring any picture suppose I want the whole picture click insert so did my
picture came in and now if I want to move the picture I have to wrap text it
and click right click on it and click go to wraps text and choose any of this
option to move it suppose I click on in front of the text now I can like resize
this picture and put it into my ID card box I put your picture there the next thing what you need to do you
have to type something here for like identification information suppose your
name where you work when that the card is issued that kind of thing so indeed
that case I’m gonna use like text box click on text box and click simple text
box now you type your name your age if you want to most of the ID
card required like age and date of birth and when the day the card is issued doesn’t any now if you look at this like
there is a text box here and there’s a like feel like if you eat this the white
feel in there so I don’t want any text box and I don’t want any any fields so
right click on it go to feel or outline so I’m gonna go format shape so see over
here field option click on no field and go to line and click on no line now see
there is no line in here just the plain text I got okay now you can set and put
any information if you want and that’s it like you can choose any ID card just
like a simple ID card like this but for more option if you want a picture in
your background like over here you can do it and you can do that you can
decrease the opacity of the picture and it’s gonna look a little bit beautiful
see how you can do it click on insert I’m gonna bring the online picture this
time suppose I want like a gallery picture suppose click on this I want
these pictures like click on it insert the same thing you have to click grab
text in front of the text actually this time should be behind the text all right when I delete doll on later okay
live it up so if I do like that it’s gonna cover my picture and what I write
so I’m gonna do it again and send behind the text see now if you make it a little
bit bigger adjust it to your card okay now you suggested but this picture
is like really like colorful so if you choose if you want to change it select
picture click picture preset click on preset you can choose from here some
it’s gonna look different songs now it’s like a little bit gloomy then picture
color click on preset suppose if you and choose this one see the one is like more
now it’s up to you if you want to do this or don’t do this and like you can
decrease the brightness or increase the brightness now if you look at your text
like it’s like invisible so to make it visible like to select the whole word
and change the color and you can fill it in different feel like suppose if you want say it’s different
different color you can choose see
there is how you can reset your text or if you don’t want to do the picture like
background picture that’s fine like simple ID card but like this picture you
can put your company picture any logo you can would give the watermark in
there and you can design it like really professionally so that’s all for today I
hope you guys enjoyed if you really enjoyed this video please subscribe my
channel and leave a comment if you have any problem to make an ID card thank you
very much


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