How to Deal with People You Don’t Like at Work

It’s TLC Thursday and I’m Christal
Fuentes, your Host and Coach. We love to give you videos every Thursday that will
hopefully expand your heart and expand your mind, while making your life a
little easier. Now do you find it hard to get along
with some people in your workplace, that no matter what you do some people just
always seem to get underneath your skin? That it often makes you dread going to
work? Well today we are going to talk about that, because the truth is
sometimes we’re going to have to be around people we don’t like and whining
and complaining about it will only make it worse. So I’m going to
help you get over the resisting part, and get you to become a master of your work
relationships, because if you don’t know true success and fulfillment in life is
about mastering the relationships around you, even if they are the ones that are
most difficult. So let’s get straight into it.
Here are four types of people you’ll have to deal with within your workplace.
Number one: “The Woe is Me” This person loves to complain about everything. He or
she truly believes life is out to get them. They will be the ones severely
complaining about why the grocery store didn’t use their dollar off coupon, or
you know just complaining at work because they got a work load that they
shouldn’t have gotten. How you deal with the woe is me, is you just deal with them
by not feeling their disdain for life. When you cater to that behavior, they
will always come to you to vent because you then become their audience. The “Woe is Me” is all about the drama, and drama needs an audience, so don’t be their
audience. Instead lead by example. Direct the conversation to one that is more
neutral, or by setting clear boundaries with them. For example: “Suzy I’m so sorry
your day isn’t going well, but for the time being I’d rather talk about things
that will make our time worthwhile.” Number two: “The Clique Keeper” This person
is the opposite of a team player, instead he or she (mostly she)
she creates their own clique, and you are either in it or not. This person has
stuck with the high-school model of how relationships should be, and makes it
very hard for you to feel good about yourself if you aren’t in their group.
“You’re wearing sweatpants it’s Monday.” “So?” “So that’s against the rules, and you
sit with us.” “Whatever, those rules aren’t real.” “They were real the day I
wore a vest.” “Because that vest was disgusting.” “You can’t sit with us!” This group will be more than likely to be the gossipers on the team, as gossip needs
company and their group is perfect company. How do you deal with a “clique
keeper?” Play Switzerland, and be a neutral party. You don’t have to be a part of
anyone’s group. You doing you in the most friendly and caring way possible will
send a message that you are not one to be pulled into a clique or gossip. People
no matter what personality will respect that and should they try to
pull you in it, nonchalantly and politely change the subject to direct them to
something the team can work on together instead. Number three: “The Grumpy Cat” This
person is very unapproachable, and often an energy sucker. If you have to work
closely with them you probably find it to be a drag, because you may feel
there’s nothing you can do to get them out of their mood. But guess what?
It’s not your responsibility to change anyone’s mood. Your responsibility is to
manage your own mood. So with that said, don’t take their behavior personally. You
can always set boundaries when you need to if they cross lines but like I said
before when you focus on you and what you can give to the team,
it makes it hard for anyone to disrespect that Number four: “The
Opportunist” This person will show up as a friend, but will take full advantage of
opportunities even if it means throwing you under the bus. Just when you thought
you could confide in this person, he or she is telling the boss everything you
thought was a secret. This person may also be the star of the team, and in
doing so may dim others lights being buddies with the boss. Now I don’t want
you to be guarded and feel like you can’t trust anyone because of this, but
how you deal with an opportunist is like this. First, don’t say anything that could
compromise your job. Definitely don’t let them dim your light,
but also don’t try to compete with them because the most of the time an
opportunist gets themselves into compromising situations, and that’s just
not something you want to be dragged into. Ok my lovelies, there you have it.
Those are the four types of people that you may be working with, and kinda how
to deal with them. Remember the only person you can ever control is yourself,
so be sure to set clear boundaries but don’t take the behaviors of others
personally. It takes a long time for people to develop behavior, so don’t
worry it’s not about you. But we do have to deal with people we don’t necessarily
like often, and the best way to do this is just to manage our own behaviors and
our emotions first. Does that sound good? Cool now I want to hear
from you. What situation did you have with the personality type I listed above,
and how did you handle that? We all learn from each other, and I want to know. So
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