How To Find Jumptown At Night As Fast As Possible Star Citizen 3.4

I have a hard enough time trying to find JT
at during the day, how am I going to find it at night? What’s up YouTube? This is SubliminaL here with another Star
Citizen guide. How to find Jumptown in 3:49. Lets get started. Power on your ship and take of. Retract landing gear and head toward Yela. Jump to jumpoint Yela. Quantum Travel to OM-6. Ensure that your gamma is set to 100%. Jumptown is at the tip of the mountain range
above the third island located here. Start a jump to Aston Ridge Aid Shelter. If you are using advanced controls click 4
to turn off you engines. Click 4 again to turn your engines back on. Look for the three Islands now below Florida. JT is located at the mountain range below
the third island here. It is the only isolated mountain range. This is where I leave you. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. For more videos like this please subscribe
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