How To Find The “Paradise Cove” Drug Lab on Lyria – Star Citizen 3.5

How To Find The “Paradise Cove” Drug Lab on Lyria – Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna show you how to find Paradise
Cove the new drug lab on Lyria and we’re starting right now what’s up citizens I have some breaking
news for you I think I’ve stumbled across a new drug lab on our corpse moon
Lyria this facility can be found by accepting the mission big dump while
being around art corp special thanks to ethereal over at harpoon do for showing
me how to access the game files to confirm this existence the straight-up
way to get there is to head towards Leiria and then quantum travel to om3
next aim towards Shubin processing facility SP a l3 near here you will
notice a few landmarks the easiest to spot is the horseshoe just above SP a l3 we are interested in the triangle
southeast of that here you want to aim toward the top of the
triangle here head straight down once you are close look for the rock
outcroppings here Paradise Cove is located in between them
here heading inside you’ll notice it is exactly the same as the yelling drug lab will walk up to the console and you’ll
notice that you are unable to select your shit if 3.5 goes live and this drug
lab starts to sell vais commodities I will make a video on how to get there as
fast as possible so what you guys think about Paradise Cove is this a new jump
town what will happen to the old JT will there be different vice drugs sold here
let me know down in the comments like if you liked it if you’re new here please
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other videos here and until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


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    Ghaz Man

    Thanks for the info. Someone in my org says he was told by a CIG employee that every moon will have a drug lab, and it is up to us find them. Apparently that is true for Lyria. With more places to go, the griefer's and those with Wyatt Earp mental issues, will have less people to victimize!

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    🚀🚀THE TERMINAL IS LIVE🚀🚀 More updates coming if I can get out of ArcCorp Alive!!!
    What do you guys think about this guide?
    Do you think this will be the New Jumptown?
    Will they sell new drugs here?

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    JT is hot business and a war zone. This might be a place to sell and buy with less heat on the tail. But danger will always loom nearby. Especially for those who are greedy 🙂

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    The MetaBaron

    Very well done video, great work! Not too long, but not too short, detailed, and well labeled. Honestly best "find the druglab" video I've seen so far… you likely have a new subscriber from me!

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    Ted Wendelboe

    Thank you. I expect it will still be blockaded and worthless to anyone without a big crew to safeguard it

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    Dylan Garrett

    Thanks for the intel. o7
    The Advocacy is on their way to handle those pesky smugglers.

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    Only one per system i think, otherwise there will be too many and we can all use them safelyish then and all get rich

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    Something i've always wondered, the OM markers rotate WITH the planet, right? So if servers stop crashing a lot, eventually we'll have planets rotated differently when we try approaching the druglabs, right? Will they still be under the same OM markers, or drift under new OM markers?

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    Letting you know in the comments. I think HHN will extort now money from drug dealers both in jumptown and paradise cove. See you around the ass guys!

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    Thor Oden

    Using datamining to find things in Star Citizen, is stupid. It removes all the beauty of finding something.
    You shouldn't encourage people to do that it's shameful

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    KiLLkInGLiOn ei

    One of the best content I have ever looked for. Detailed without empty water. Answer precisely to the topic with clear and cute narration.
    OMG pls pregnant me.

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    Koromantle probably

    The detailed and straight to the point aspects of this video, as well as the unique and non-intrusive editing are amazing

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    Tristan Van Bogart

    Yo brother awesome video, this music is like a mix of CoD MW2 and Halo. I love it. Very well done on your exploration abilities!

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    Citizen Kane

    You know whar you ruined my game now ! If u found it exploring that would be fine but this kind of shit makes me mad…i hope you enjoy you ruined exploring planet for thousands of players!

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    if you dont mind i want to make a video with your explanation but in spanish, i will put your channel on the description box

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    Great video, have you tested how profitable it is on pu? SC is not working for me quite well so i cannot really check it out for myself.

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    These videos are great. No fluff and no clickbait. They are a real community resource. Thank you for making them. Subbed

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    Thomas Beck

    There is also a stash house named "Wheeler" Somewhere on Lyria. You get its location by accepting the seize and destroy mission around ArcCorp. This update from Shannigans Org. Who made a killing off loading narcotics from this location! See Ya in the Verse Sub!

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    Boomer Kingzley

    I wonder how much Cargo space you need for this to be more profitable than running bounties. I make 60-70k aUEC/hr with bounties.

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    Stelard Actek

    Great video, very helpful! I'm wondering though, at 35-40 seconds into this video you have all the POIs up on screen without having your QT drive spooled, unless I'm very much mistaken. How did you do this? It'd be super helpful, but I've not found a key binding for it.

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