How to get UAE citizenship.

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today I’m gonna tell you if you can get UAE citizenship UAE is a great place to live it’s a very safe country, it’s growing really fast there are so many opportunities, more and more people come here to work and live it’s really a multicultural environment especially if you have the UAE citizenship which gives you free housing, free education, free health care and many other benefits and the UAE passport is considered as number one travel document in the world it allows you to travel visa-free to around 165 countries But currently UAE doesn’t offer any
permanent residency to the expats. You can get only a temporary resident
visa If you have a job or if you open your own company, or if you invest in real estate . But you can’t stay long term if you don’t have your own job, or if you
don’t have your own company, or if you are not a real estate investor for
example But there are some options when you can get UAE citizenship So the option number one If you’re a woman and you marry a local
guy and you apply for the citizenship you can get it after seven years if you
live together and you have at least one child or you have to live together for
ten years if you don’t have children If you are a man and you marry
Emirati woman, you will never be able to get the UAE citizenship even if you have kids, the kids will not become Emiratis and you still have to pay for their schools, for their health care and other benefits that have the Emiratis. But when your kids are 18 years old they can apply for the UAE citizenship. If your father is Emirati you automatically become Emirati
citizen, regardless you were born in the country or abroad And one more option when the government might decide to grant you the UAE citizenship if you do something really special for the country if you have a special talent, some
special achievements. For example, if you win the Olympic Games on behalf of the country so guys as you see unfortunately there are not really many options that allows you to get the UAE citizenship but the government has started implementing some really attractive programs for the expats For example, they implemented long term visas for investors for five and ten years And I hope that after 10, maybe 20 years there will be more options to get the UAE citizenship for the expats. Thank you for watching and see you soon bye-bye. you

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