How To Join The Enclave – Quest: Bunker Buster & One Of Us | Fallout 76 Episode 15

Welcome to mikegolden Games and
welcome back to Fallout 76 this episode I’m gonna show you how to join the
Enclave as you can see right behind me there is a vault door there this is
inside the White Springs Bunker and in order to get to this location you’ve
guys have probably seen there’s a door over there with a little key card and
then a bunch of laser grids so I will show you the first thing off the
location we need to head to first is the abandoned waste dump
once you first get to this location it is a pretty dark so let’s get our
pip-boy on here and let’s go in here you do want to watch out for these radiation
barrels because yep you do get read from them there’s 20 rads hop over there damn
we’re getting a lot of radiation and Oh what is that a yog why and a little
foreshadowing as you can see there’s a bunch of blood on the ground as well so
let’s walk inside got along these fallout glitches okay so let’s get
inside here going first person since it’ll be a little better to get down
these stairs here and yes there are some things you want to watch out for there
are some some creatures in here that you want to be prepared for
let me see do I have a grenade I have one frag grenade power armor that might
be a good idea it’s always a good idea plop that power armor right in there
climb inside now I need to get some new legs cuz I think they’re level 45 I’m
now level 52 close that up there and it’s power in your 55 yeah oh crap it’s
right behind me there it is it is it now fo dethklok oh it’s only a level 31
though oh it’s just looks friendly yeah
toss a grenade right there that was a team whip up here oh I see he’s coming
to you now what’s up yeah use that sword he got kind of swooned you using nice
Dethklok a-bomb Dethklok about yes death call me two black titanium and lys
screws okay where’s that loose gear sigh I got you you got another Dethklok just
try and eliminate these things as quick as possible take the least amount of
damage as possible so yeah it looks like you want to
probably be at least a level 31 in order to take these deathclaws on or you know
I have a good group with yet that way you guys take these out pretty quickly
guess he’s dead didn’t take too much damage also possible that they scale
with level as well that’s what I thought too but I didn’t think there’s a level
31 around us no but they were like 20-something when we came in here oh
okay well they could be any level then I guess let’s get our light on open
another Dethklok there’s three deathclaws in here that is
the total count so keep your eyes out for three
let’s take them out I really need to get an automatic weapon a high-speed mod for
the Gatling gun oh yeah Oh popped his head off oh that’s
disgusting it’s collect that Dethklok Oh short
napalm mercy Oh your friend who’s your friend lucid general loose your bestest
friend general lucid look at this weapon I just picked up oh you got me some dog
food oh no night vision refined lover oh you
know me so well you know me so I was right oh thank you oh oh oh that is a
beautiful rifle look at that lever action it’s got a night-vision scope on
it and a suppressor ah thank you so much man thank you so much general thank you
so much it’s just something I picked up oh oh thank you and so there would be a
little key card in here for you but since I already picked it up it’s not
there there is another Dukey nest if it’s not in that one it’s over here
alright so here there’s a third pile somewhere else okay so there are gonna
be three pounding desk laws in just generates four so there is another pile over here
silver bull and pickaxe Pilsner but we don’t need that okay walk in the
elevator as so open up this pit boy play the override tape and then press the
button you would have a system override key in here under your holotapes but
because I already used it I don’t have it anymore but you would activate that
then activate the penalty all right so let’s open the doors here and let’s head
on in you lead the way general right this way the residential bunker and left
is where it gets interesting alright so we want to go to the left down this way
up this stairs no smoking remember that’s no smoking it’s very important so then we go all
the way down to the end and oh look at that there’s a Laser grid down there
that’s what we’re trying to access this terminal right shell will allow you to
override it however it requires a level 3 skill 2 hack which I do not have not
in possession of said skill there luckily there is a system security
override tape yeah and since again I already picked it up I don’t have it on
here but it’ll be right there for you to use the tape you load it into this
computer and initiate it and then you will have three things you need to do
reset the circuit breaker which is right over here yeah I am right there so
you’re gonna activate that and jump down here you’ve got to open
the flu which will be right over here this the circuit breaker you gotta reset
the circuit breaker right here and yeah look the swing you would be just leave
yeah it should be up top right here here and you’ll turn that I think you have to
do those two before you hit the button so then after you do those two things
then we’ll go back to the circuit breaker yeah and then you crawl on the
event and press the button security protocols and then you’ll be able to
walk in come scan your handprint into the bunker on the hand scanner like so
there we go look advance access there we guilt and we are inside the bunker here
nothing else can get us now start this phase of it you will need to access your
terminal which you will need to get out of your power armor to do getting out of
my time I do love the power under animation it is really awesome looking
so sans terminal there’s journal entries you turn all the terminal entries but
the one you’re looking for is about the death of Judy Blackwell so basically if
you want just keep going through all these just scripts through them all I’m
not gonna read them all because it’s gonna take a long time so we just go
through them go and eventually it’ll give you the quest update and there we
go and then there is also a photo tape right here once you have the date for
her death walk over this keypad right show it’s gonna activate this holotape there’s four items in here that you need
to discover it’ll be somewhere in these cabinets once you get those you can
go to this keypad here and at this time that number will show up in your quest
log for what you actually need to enter and they’ll show you all four choices
you can try all four it doesn’t hurt anything
then Rheingold here make a noise over here and you open this picture by
walking up and hitting e to activate and you will gain the congressional access
key card which will complete the bunker buster’ quest there’s also a safe right
over here with level two safecracking and now we should be able to head back
into the bunker and the bunker is right here the white spring bunker another 22
K dang it I’m over in coverage alright general are you ready to get
inside the bunker absolutely soldier let’s head on inside again the location
is right here if you don’t know how to get to it you can just go to the white
spring resort which is right south above uncanny caverns it’s right you can see
this location on the map you just have to get to it first before you can pass
Trevor but so the bunker is right there so let’s head inside
we’re finally inside here is that infamous door if you’ve been here before
and you’ve been wanting to get inside well here’s the key card reader there we
go for some reason it did not play the key card sliding animation will ignore
that I’ll just add this closer to I saw out there oh you saw for me all right I
didn’t see the key card slide either way now we can actually get through these
laser grids and this is what it looks like if you’re wondering this is the
other side of that huge bunker bulkhead door you can now get inside down here
sprint down here and this is the inside there’s a big vault door there as you
saw all the lights turned on whoa whoa lag what is going on we’re good okay
let’s get up over here and activate the vault door okay guys so it is the next
day and the vault door has finally opened for me I tried like for an hour
last to get it to open up and the quest was
just glitched and the door would not open up as a general lucid here he was
able to walk straight in where I was trying to get in and the vault door
would not open so it finally opened up the next day so let’s walk inside and
see what this bunker looks like Thank You modus okay so let’s check out this
place beautiful American flag right there
well fall out American flag what do we got over here we got our protectron Oh refreshments are available downstairs
with thank you begin at the main desk here getting an assault Ron see if we
can speak with it please note you are being watched
oh I’m being watched as be no warning okay no problem
I’m here to help you guys I’m not here to cause any trouble let’s just see what
we got here nothing anything beyond the desk nope apparently I’m not allowed to
oh I thought I died for a second there so I’m not allowed to go down the
elevators so let’s head over this way looks like the quest marker is over here
so yeah elevators in take orientation admissions Oh looks like the protector
on the repair location robotics yeah okay intake what are get in these
lockers anything for me doesn’t look like it okay let’s keep up
in value let’s keep heading through whoa what the heck of Thanks
there’s a protector Anjali for an assault Tron just crawling around on the
ground well thank you get rid of all my radiation did something happen to this
yes okay cool you know play that photo okay I have to get my photo taken okay
there we go interesting oh it’s it done I probably
called me dumb okay step over to the dispenser here we go
custom tailored for stop under okay modus make it my new Under Armour on
forced operative armor let’s check it out
I knew that is pretty cool they’ve meet herb in when I came through oh really
okay that’s cool so I guess you can get different ones
now can you buy all the different ones later um I have seen them for sale okay
this is yeah mine’s like blue crazy kind of greeny like camo yeah huh okay let’s
head on downstairs then to orientation and admissions okay what do we get going on down here
oh yes hello welcome Otis okay nice to meet you Melissa no member of an
assembly of the greatest minds ever gathered on American soil we called
ourselves the unclaimed oh the ant lave our members were once
the puppet masters of the United States quietly pulling strings at every level
of power in the nation ooh it was once our solemn personal duty to
attend to the needs of the enclave members that called this place home but
our earlier residents suffered from conflicts efficient conflicts that
claimed a few of our more critical systems and permanently disfigured
shining person most politically their squabbling has forced us to seek help
men and women who can do we display your utility to us and perhaps will allow you
to join our little Enclave and allow you access to oh this place is capable of I
like the sound of it if you believe you might suit our needs
please continue down the stairs and to help yourself to some
refreshments along the way okay you must be famished I am actually a
little thirsty I’m not quite there yet but okay thank you
meet the bunkers resident okay let’s head on over this way that’s a really
nice looking couch it’s all nice and pristine our general lead the way got
some work benches or something down there and scan okay let’s see activate
hand scanner okay we’re green that’s good okay
purified water added sweet I’ll drink one of my purified waters now then here
we go are those such good water you know really crystal clear taste you know it’s
really good water okay let’s see what we get here it’s a nice dining tables I’ve
got a big operations room down there nice okay moving under orientation clave
has counted residents members of the Joint Chiefs and prize-winning
scientists membership before you’re allowed to join such lofty ranks we’d
like you to take a brief questionnaire to see if you possess the knowledge and
character we value in our members of course if you feel your strength some
more tangible in nature you may approach our terminal to continue on to the next
section of the evaluation Oh guys let’s take this entrance
questionnaire access card US Senate photograph no match handprint no match
okay begin questionnaire what was your profession prior to your arrival
business owner executive lawyer military law enforcement doctor scientist
Agriculture Food Services uncle business owner executive which of the following
thinkers believe systems most closely matches your own st. Thomas Aquinas Adam
Smith John Stuart Mill Karl Marx Elvis Presley let’s go with the Adam Smith he
was a Scottish economist who was the 18th president in the United States
andrew jackson ulysses s grant Chester a Arthur Abraham Lincoln he was ulysses s
grant in a formal table setting which is the only fork placed on the right of the
dinner plates South Fork dinner Fork oyster fork fish Fork
the correct answer for that would be the oyster fork and which general was
responsible for the reclamation of Anchorage Alaska in January 20 77 from
the Chinese Red Army Admiral Thomas J the Jagger just stitched or I can’t
pronounce that a general Archibald Baker commander Arthur wicker shim or general
Constantine Chase the correct answer for this question is general Constantine
chase do you wish to submit your answers for processing yes submit my pleasure
please proceed to the nearest motors tomorrow results all right let’s discuss
my results let’s head right over this way and let’s see what he says your
examination results were promising oh that’s good they were promising you
might be just the kind of member we’re looking for oh sweet
there is one additional task we’d like you to perform however so that we may
confirm our suspicions okay what would that be some of our most precious
external connections were damaged by our residents squabbles okay we just made
our forays into the outside world trying right solidifying dam a plan you might
help us see to fruition please approach the dispenser okay whoops the dispenser
let’s see do we get almost some tape this tape is potentially plasma added we
would have you taken to an old naval surveillance facility known as sugar
growth I Supergirl plug it into any terminal in their signal intelligence
room will allow us to connect to their formidable Network Oh Kate sniff out a
piece of archive technology that was gone from our memory banks now it is
likely the facility will react to our intrusion
okay but we have seen fit to add a routine to that tape that you turn some
of their defenses to your side it’s a mess courtesy we extend only to our most
promising applicants oh thank you additionally we’ve provided you with a
little item from our stores we make the whole process goes smoother armored now
it’s time for us to see what you are capable of okay sweet so we are in the
white Springs bunker which is right here now we need to travel right over here to
go to the next quest Sugar Grove Oh okay we gonna Robo brain I’ll grab one of
those fusion cores I need that fusion cells well that’s
good load and still Dan explosions everywhere
I was my gun right doing no damage 26 this lever action is awesome but doesn’t
seem to be doing too much damage preservers it’s alone did you get that
love we’re actually you gave it to me right others playing I know you wanted
it but I let it drop on a death ball of like I’m gonna keep this for my buddy
thank you by the way no problem I’m able to crap Webber actions now but I don’t
have any mods forms so doesn’t good until I can craft more and scrap them
out right there we go we’re four pounds under being over encumbered oh wow
that’s a turret oh crap I’m about to die I didn’t pay attention to my health I’m
coming I’m good there’s a turret still gonna try to take this drill will ran
out and Colonel gutsy level 52 damn he promised nope take this dusty-ass detector now you know what’s there 1 1 dot Bernal
stop shooting Colonel I’m on your side maybe not now rubber ring century this
is the main control room with this complex so it looks like we got to go
access this terminal here Cygnet system terminal ok accessing all
right so we just got to load this holotape in it’s the system access
system access tape and it’s all the way at the bottom if you’re wondering I
believe any time you need to do a quest that’s similar to this just scroll all
the way to the bottom kind of annoying it to be the top one but whatever I’ve
had a glitch differently before and stick it in the middle oh really ok
that’s kind of annoying deal initiate external connection system table exit
system access tape removed there we go how will the tape unloaded interaction
disabled ok we should be good then collect møtes’ lost data
ok we gotta go up here there’s an override assault Ron Oh overridden Assaf
there’s a steal instruction here it’s empty this sucks
what yeah it’s empty for me for some reason again general lucid is using his
special general cloaking technology that they’re testing out 76 when fallout 2 came out hey you just
got a pre-order the game about 20 years and they’ll give you all the cool stuff
alright let’s get inside here archival sissie these things say they’re
overridden some of them are it seems they’re friendly okay
they’re guarding us return the instructions you little white spring
collection end of list okay so now we just need a head back I’m here to
protect us alright so I just need to fast travel back okay we are finally
back inside the white Springs bunker so let’s use our ID card
there we go sweet a door opened right up for us we can walk right through the
laser bring the instructions downstairs yes no problem let’s open the door for
me it sounds awesome I loved the vault doors opening and
closing inside there should be an elevator right over here yeah there we
go is really bright inside this elevator let’s get over here okay the dispensers
right over here okay okay one last errand okay now what our records show research tell us which overriding simply
plug the device into the console east of the natural isolationism should give us
the Bristol oh your connection we’ve missed for so long
okay standing well back is advised standing well back is advised
okay Roger that I will take that into consideration
ploy the uplink module at the connections site so now once you get
outside the bunker the Waypoint will update to right over here so let’s go
over to where we work white string bunker exit it and then the Waypoint is
right here and there we go so let’s go up this hill and got to get to the
uplink looks like it’s inside this building National Radio Astronomy reason
by scorched I’ve seen it man by super moons
oh that’s always fun oh yeah they were definitely a lot harder to deal with
because they were a form that top sniping oh yes hey five caps in this
mailbox this three cap was three cats in that toolbox alright so let’s see we
need to head upstairs it looks like we got some more scorched but you got one
shot off on me thirty get off oh she’s loaded damn so let’s head up these
stairs all the way up nothing yet there we go he’s dead okay so we got to
go to the rooftop Roger that you gotta put the thing in the thing to
do the thing alright so looks like it’s right to the left
let’s get over here and insert uplink module now I’m backing up
yep hey yeah that’s a lot of okay okay here we go
yes last signal receive everywhere we see yes we understand
terrible horn wanted to join us that’s not there speaking of which you’ve kept
your end of the bargain let us fulfill the powers we’ve ordered
the Kovak to drop off a little care package where is that once you’ve
collected its contents – Kovach I hear the oh there it is damn
yeah I’m gonna try to jump down here so I don’t need to jump in my power armor
here we go okay let’s get over to the care package
okay it looks like the care package landed right over here oh man that looks
friggin awesome it’ll scan beacon and orbital strike beacon Oh pneumatic robot
chest peas 3131 money canned dog food in Excel not too bad of loot returned to
the white spring all right let’s see if we return to the white spring I wonder
if this thing came from space I’m guessing it came from like a satellite
yep okay sweet oh when the x1 helmet export song and a 260 left arm working
right leg just sitting there oh sweet
okay what’s completed one of us we’re now a member of the Enclave and it’s
brand new dude wow that’s awesome alright guys I’m gonna leave this
episode here we are finally a member of the Enclave I hope you guys enjoyed this
video maybe it helped you out as well lemon aioli in the comments below have a
great day guys and see you next time maybe kids are subscribing if you
haven’t already take it easy guys

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