How To Land in First Person | Star Citizen 3.6

Today im going to show you how I land in first person.

Lets get to it.. lame intro Hows it going citizens im seer6 your salty aerospace technician. If you are new to this channel or star citizen and you want a better understanding of the basics and how things work in the verse… Then consider subscribing and turning on all notifications so you never miss anything. And to further increase your knowledge of the verse

be sure to check out the other videos in my channel. They are all here to guide you to success If you have seen my hover mode guide then you already know that I didn’t effincize relying on third person The reason why is because I made visual aids that allowed me to know where the center was for a top down hanger was Once you find and memorize them, landing should be a bit easier Of course once the landing UI has been implemented this will be null and void but till then, if you want to learn how to land in first person then I encourage you to watch till the very end. So the best way to make a visual aid is to spawn in a new ship because it will always be centered on the landing pad. And using the same technique I showed in my guide just strafe up once the hanger is completely open, and fly till you are hovering just above the blue forcefield. Let’s pause and look at the still image of my CATT. Noooo Wrong cat fool That’s better… So these two highlighted areas in the flightdeck and on the rim of the door structure are my visual aids. Once these two objects are relatively close, but not touching then I know Im in a relatively safe spot to place the ship in the hanger Since the CATT is an asymmetrical ship I know I need to hug the left side of the hanger to land in the center The next ship ill use is the vanguard warden Same with the Catt Once in position i use these objects are may aids to know that i’m in a safe position to land And for the final ship Ill use the constellation Here is my visual aids to land in a good location And as an added bonus ill leave you with this tip. The main thing I have seen people do is enter hover mode waaay to high above the pads in general. Instead, do yourself a favor and paint yourself a picture of the landing pad. The reason I get extremely low is so I can line myself right over the hanger This is another reason I don’t need a third person. Flying right over the hanger gives me a mental image of where it is then just line myself up and then touch down… Again it just takes practice I personally use mouse and keyboard and don’t seem to have many issues, I did have a little practice but since i have flown many hours in the harrier in DCS and worked on the MV- 22 , a vtol aircraft, I honestly had an easier time getting the hang of this because I understand how the mechanic currently works. Overall this is just a work in progress, Ladies and Gents peoples voices have been heard and i’m sure soon CIG will come up with different ways to ease peoples troubles collectively. It’s not my job personally to try to fix hover mode but instead to instill confidence in those I teach and give you the tools necessary to perform these said maneuvers confidently and effectively As always I thank you for the love and support, if you enjoyed this video and got something out of it then I would ask you to consider liking it and sharing it with anybody who would find this helpful. also tell me other troubles that hover mode is giving you in the comments below. so I can further explain something And again feel free to subscribe, remember citizens… you subscriptions helps me reach out even further to the community so they can also benefit from my content… Also feel free to further support me on patreon, it’s never necessary but it’s always appreciated. But untill next time fellow citizens… I will see you on the flip side

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