How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards : How to Make & Decorate a Money Card for Christmas & Birthdays

How to Make Homemade Greeting Cards : How to Make & Decorate a Money Card for Christmas & Birthdays

I am Heather McCanna on behalf of
and today I will be showing you some card making basics. In this segment I will be showing
you how to decorate the money card that we already made. This card I already put congrats
grad which is a message that is going to fit the recipient as there graduating and wanted
to give them a small money gift. When you open the inside you are also going to want
to put a message where you put the money. Make sure before you start decorating that
you have taking out the money they already make sure fit into to slits we made earlier
cause you don’t want to mark on that or ruin the money. It is also important that you keep
in mind the money would be coving most of the inner section of the card. You don’t want
to be writing any kinds of messages were the money would be laying. So we are going to
put our message over here on the right side you can put it on other flap as long as it
is a nice personal message. In this one I’m going to simply put congratulation on your
graduation. It is a basic message but it fits the needs of our recipient. It is also nice
whenever you are making a card that you do it in handwriting as that make the card more
personal. It is also important that you keep your handwriting as organize as possible and
if you are not able to do handwriting without putting down some kinds of lines go ahead
and use a ruler to keep your handwriting straight or you can even use a stencil which I also
have. Here I’ve writing a nice graduation message and afterwards you can sign it with
your own signature and put the money back into the slits that we made before closing
up the card and giving it to your recipient.


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    That is the worst card I have ever seen. It`s just a sheet of paper with felt tip scribbles! XD You gotta love 'Expert' village for the lulz

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