How to Make Valentine’s Day Cards 💘 | Barbie Vlogs

How to Make Valentine’s Day Cards 💘  | Barbie Vlogs

Hi everyone! Happy soon to be Valentine’s
Day. I love this holiday because
I get to make so many cool things with the people
I care about. See? I made these heart chains for my
room and for my sisters’ rooms. Oh and this is the shirt I made
last year. I spend a lot of time on
Pinterest. So this year I am going to
share a card that I’ll be making for
my friends. Okay, so what you’ll need is some construction paper,
safety scissors, glue and colored pens or sparkle pens. …and ribbon, which is
optional but I like to… …I’ll show you later. Okay, so first you start with a
brightly colored sheet of construction paper. You can use any color you’d
like but I’m using light pink. You can use any size… …and then fold it so the
edges meet in the middle. Now take another piece of
paper. I’m gonna use yellow. Cut the yellow paper, so it fits the
two front panels of your card like this. And you’ll take your glue stick, put the two flaps on. So, there’s that. Next, you need another piece
of colored paper. I’m a traditionalist, so I’m
gonna go with red. And I’m gonna show you how to
make a perfect paper heart. So first thing you do is you
fold it over in half, like that. And then on the seam, I’m
going to draw out the half of the heart. Next, you cut on the line. And then you end up with a
perfectly symmetrical heart. Just like that, isn’t that cool! And then, take your heart and
you’re going to cut it in half. And glue that on to the front
of your panels. Glue that on,
right on the crease. So that your heart… I put the glue on the
wrong side. Whoops!
(Laughs) That’s not gonna stick. Hold on. So… there we have, our card. And then… you can do anything you like
with the inside of your card. Use markers. Sparkle. Draw pictures, or you can cut
out pictures and do whatever you would like
with it. Now, it’s time to write the
note for your friend. This card is gonna be for Ken,
and since he lives next door, he’s here all the time and he’s
part of the family. So this will be from me
and the family. Now, I like to use yarn
or ribbon to tie up the card like it’s a special present. Like this, with a bow. Tada! What are your favorite
Valentine’s Day gifts to make? P.A.C.E.

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