How To Not Get Nervous Speaking In Front Of People

How To Not Get Nervous Speaking In Front Of People

Hey, I’m John Crestani, in this video
we’re going to be talking about how to do public speaking and not get nervous.
Public speaking is a great way to make lots of money as all we know. And I’m
going to be going over 5 specific things that you can do to allow yourself to not
get nervous. I never like public speaking personally. So, I’ll be going over
exactly what to do. I’ll be going over also how to make money from this in this
video towards the end. So, keep watching. Check
it out. I love this money gun. So, 5 ways to not get nervous if you’re
looking to get into public speaking. Now, public speaking can be useful for a lot
of things. First off, you know, you have to understand building a personal brand,
your brand is going to go everywhere with you, okay?
No matter what. You can’t get rid of yourself. You can’t rid of your body.
Until we do, you know, the neuro-link and all this stuff where we can upload,
download and upload our brains and other bodies. That’s not probably in the near
future. But here you’re going to carry yourself everywhere. And no matter what
doing public speaking, whether you are pitching consumers. Whether you are
pitching businesses. Whether you are pitching investors. Those are the 3
people you’ll be pitching. Only one of those or all three of them. To
build your business, you are going to need to speak in front of people. And if
you want to be successful, you’re going to have to speak in front of groups of
people at various times, I’m sure. So, let’s go over these 3 ways that you
can not get nervous public speaking. Now, one thing that I think is really useful
to think about. You might get nervous if you just see a huge crowd of 500 people
in front of you. Like right now. I’m speaking to… I’m speaking to Alicia who’s
behind the camera. But really in reality, I’m speaking to maybe 10,000 people that
are my YouTube audience or whatever it is. If I thought about 10,000 people in
front of me or if I was in a stadium and I was speaking to 10,000 people, that
would get scary. I try not to think about that. I never talk like you all. I talk to
you. Talk to one person. So, think of it as one to one. If you think of it as
a one-to-one conversation, it’ll be a lot more successful. I do this in emails too,
right? So, like this is just standard email copywriting practice is. You’re not
speaking to the masses. You’re speaking to one person 10,000
times. Okay, so think of it like that. Because each person is getting talked to
by you. So, it’s just a conversation. Don’t make it all weird. Don’t think you have
to say things in a weird way. Just be normal.
Your normal self. Now, number 2 is slow down. A lot of people speak very fast
when they’re public speaking. And I naturally speak a little fast. I’m from
California. Not New York. New Yorkers speak really fast. But people want to
just try to get everything out. They say, “Okay. And the statistics show
that, you’re going to make a lot of money doing this.” And the bar chart shows up in
to the right on the economics. And the bar chart shows up and right in the
cultural trends. And the bar… You know, people want to get everything out.
They’re worried, they’re going to forget something. You might be worried, you’re
not going to be interesting. And speaking fast is kind of… Usually I think where it
comes from is like lack of confidence. It’s that you believe that people are
just going to tune out so you have to get all your words out to keep people
interested. You can slow down. You don’t need to speak really fast. Simplify
things. If you think that what you’re saying isn’t interesting, then simplify
it. Speak with less words. If you have too much to say, simplify it. Speak with less
words. Number 3, look at this. Structure. You notice how I use a lot of
bullet points in my thing and I always kind of organize what I’m talking about?
And like 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or stuff like that? Structure is good for
everyone. Structure is good for you. Structure is
good for me. Structure is good for just general understanding, right? So, I always
structure what I’m talking about because otherwise it can turn into a long ramble.
And it also gives the audience that you’re talking to the people. Gives them
something to glom on to. You know to expect 2 more things. And you know to
expect a bonus at the end. Because I said it. But it’s a way of what we call
in marketing parlance, future pacing. Now, future pacing is giving people an idea
of what’s to come. Because if people have an understanding
of what’s going to come in the future, they will wait or they will look forward
to that particular thing. They know that something maybe special is coming like
that bonus I’d mentioned in the very beginning. The method of using public
speaking to make money. So, I’m keeping people hooked. I give people hook a
reason to watch. But I put in little hooks. Put in a big hook towards the end.
So, I want to hook in the beginning to keep people watching I want to cook at
the end to make people want to watch to the entire end. Now, number 4 is
big word here. Non-attachment, okay? Don’t be tied into
any particular outcome. If you have a particular outcome, if you’re thinking to
yourself, “I want these people to buy my sh*t. I want these people to buy my stuff.
I want these people to buy my stuff.” You’re attached to an outcome. And you’re
going to beat yourself up. You’re like, “Argh!” You’ll see somebody leave your
presentation or you’ll see your watch time on YouTube is too low. You’ll be
like, “Oh, they hate it. They don’t like me.” I suck. Don’t be attached to an outcome.
More you’re attached to an outcome, the more you’re going to fail. Now, check
this out. Let’s say I was at a bar or something and I want to approach a
pretty lady, right? And I’m walking up to this pretty girl. And all I’m thinking of
is “I want to get this chicken bad. Geez, she is so hot. Look at that body.” And I
mean, there’s a midget woman but you know maybe I’m into midgets. So, I come up and
I’m like, “Oh, my gosh!” I’m trying to talk to her. And I’m trying to say, “Hey, uh. Can
I get your…” You know I’m trying to use some pickup line on you learned. Like, “Can
you tell me your opinion on this? Is this guy… Is this guy single or is he dating
one of those girls on either side of him?” Something like that. I’m like this is a
picture my buddy just post and I need a female opinion. I don’t know some pickup
line I learned, right? I can’t get the line out. I’m speaking too fast and she
leaves me, right? If I’m so attached to the outcome, that’s not going to work because
I was attached to the outcome. Whereas if I just go over up to her and say, “Hey,
what are you doing here?” I was like, “What you’re doing here?” So, if
I’m not attached, there’s a confidence, there’s a coolness and a
confidence that successful people err when they walk into a place. There’s a
coolness and confidence. And if you’re attached to an outcome, you will not be
exuding that coolness and confidence. So, be non-attached. This is the hardest
thing. That’s why I kind of spend a little bit of time on that. Do not be
attached. The same thing in business. You’re not going to have the results you
want in business if you are not cool confident, not attached. Tight? It’s hard,
right? It’s kind of like a catch-22. Chicken egg thing. Last but not least is
you need practice. Practice, practice, practice, practice all the time. Because
the more you practice, the better you’ll get. The more you speak to people, the
better you will be. Now, I do a lot of YouTube videos and I’m speaking to
people all the time. I see their reaction. I see people say “Oh, you…” You know, they’ll
call me like… You know, “You see word N word. You know jew…” Or you know or you
not… C word, N word –Nazi. I get I get both. I’ve also gotten
ginger Nazi Jew. And like, I could take it personally. But I move through it. I just
practice a lot and I get better. And I check out. Look at all my metrics on
YouTube and as my audience has grown, things change. But I look at my metrics
and I figure out what works what doesn’t. And what do I say, how do I edit. All that
stuff, right? YouTube’s a little different. And good place to speak is meetup
groups, Eventbrite groups. Make friends with event organizers in your area. Help
them out. Offer to speak. Offer to hype them up. In business and I was going to
meet up or an event every single day. And I remember I was talking to some of
these presenters at some of these like marketing conferences or these marketing
meetups or events. And I said, “Hey, are you’re really making money doing
this? Like is that work? How do you do that? Like you didn’t explain like this
this and this. Like how do these dots connect. And then eventually I’d
kind of find out, “Oh! You know, he’s just trying to pitch people. He’s
trying to sell something from from the presentation area.” But I I
wanted to get more into anything. So, I said, “Well, will you tell me more of your
secrets if… Or will you tell me more stuff or connect me with more things or
show me more stuff? I’ll help you out somehow.” And I started helping
out my friend Gary who ran this… Was back in 2009. I’d
be his hype man. I would introduce him. I talked for about 15 minutes in the
beginning. And then I’d hand it off to him and make him look really cool.
Because if he just introduced himself, you don’t look that cool whereas if
somebody else introduces you. You look a lot better. So, I was its hype man. One of
the best ways I think to make money doing public speaking is… You know, I
haven’t done much like live public speaking. But I actually view YouTube as
a public speaking forum. This video itself is a sort of public speaking but
not totally, right? There’s editing involved. There’s cuts. It’s a lot
different. I can’t… We’re not interacting live. Not interacting with you live. But
what you can do and where there’s a huge opportunity on YouTube is live streaming.
I think people really underestimate the value of live streaming and just how
important that can be and how much money you can make doing that. Not a lot of
people are doing that. And that is public speaking on the internet. Can’t edit that.
You have to react to the audience. People are writing in their comments as you
speak. So, practicing doing that. Maybe once a week you do a live stream on your
YouTube channel. If you’re trying to get into this. And interacting with an
audience life. Going periscope. Go on Facebook live. There a couple different
other mediums where you can live stream. And you can start getting good at public
speaking. Interacting with the audience. Because they’re gonna catch you off
guard. I do a lot of webinars. You know, I have an audience. You need an
email list, all this stuff. But I do a lot of webinars. And I have to
interact with the audience live. I have to explain to people a concept. I have to
sell people a product. But I have to interact with people live during that
process and address questions or concerns or whatever’s going on. So, very
useful skill. There’s very easy ways that you can start practicing it and it will
make you very successful. One of my students, Ahsan Habib I’ll have my editor
link to his testimonial video. He’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars
doing affiliate marketing. He’s very successful and went through my
course the super affiliate system. I think I went through super affiliate
system version 2. I mean we update it every year. But Ahsan, he is now
very prolific and very famous. He’s spoken at a couple events in Bangladesh
which is a country of about the same number of people as America. Very small
country but it’s same number of people as America. And he’s a celebrity in
Bangladesh because of his success. People have just flocked to him because they
don’t have many people to model in that country. It’s one of the poorest
countries in the world. Now, if you’re looking to learn more about how to do
YouTube and how to get into that and start building an audience, I suggest you
check out my video and “How to make money with YouTube 6 easy tips.” Very good
video I posted it back in October 15th. It’s a great video. Check it out and
learn how to become a better YouTuber. I’ll link to that at the end of this
video. And release a lot of new traffic. Free traffic methods and those are you
wanna hop on those as fast as those videos are released and implement them.
Because when those methods are hot, they’re hot. And you want to implement
them right away to make that big money. Looking forward to seeing you in future
videos. And if you got some… Let me know which one was the most
helpful. Was it understanding? Speaking to people one on one? As opposed to speaking
new group. Speaking slow? Having structure? Non-attachment?
Or just practicing and how to do that? Let me know in the comments which one
was most helpful and I will talk to you soon. As always have a good day.


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    Arie Ortiz - Affiliate Jump Start

    Great video John!

    I believe the best way is to practice doing videos regularly.

    The first time I ever did a video, I was insanely nervous.

    But the fact that I did it and kept going was what got me comfortable doing them regularly.

    Also, as you mentioned, thinking of it as a 1 on 1 conversation is a helpful tip!

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    Meo Gamer

    00:39 What to expect in today's video

    02:31 Thinking of it as one-to-one conversations

    02:42 Slow down

    03:37 Have a structure

    05:06 Do not be attached to an outcome

    07:13 Practice

    09:13 Making money as a public speaker

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    Mike Allen

    Slow down is hard for a lot of people and really only practice makes perfect. Some people might try toastmasters if it is in your area. You can practice when it doesnt count essentially.

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    Bobby Love

    Love your style John !!!! I want to start basically what your doing on you tube. I want to purchase a video software editor from best buy. Which one should i buy??? Waiting for a response!!!!

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    Twandi Sinyenga

    All I will be one of the best you are the best ❤️😘💗💗❤️❤️❤️

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    Made Full Man

    Hi John, I have had the Super Affiliate system for a long time. Can you update the course to 2019 videos they are already a bit difficult to follow sometimes?


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