How to Play Good Society (Ep 2) – Preparing Your Game

How to Play Good Society (Ep 2) – Preparing Your Game

In order to prepare your game of Good Society, you’ll need to make three quick decisions. First, will you have a Facilitator? Most games of Good Society will have a Facilitator, but if you’re experienced in collaborative
storytelling, you can choose to play without one. Secondly, how many major characters will be
in your game? Each player in Good Society will take on the
role of a major character. The Facilitator may also choose to play a
major character. We recommend 3-5 major characters in total. Lastly, how many cycles will your game consist
of? Good Society is a game played in cycles. We’ll explain cycles in a future video. Each cycle takes between 2-4 hours to complete. The best way to work out how many cycles will
be in your game is to take the number of sessions you plan
to play and subtract 1. So for example, if we’re planning to play
5 sessions of Good Society, we’re likely going to play 4 cycles. This is important to know because if you’re
playing a game of 3 cycles or less, you’ll need to use rule modifications as outlined
in the book on page 28. If you’re playing Good Society in person,
you’ll need to print the following: character role sheets, family background sheets, connection sheets, the public information sheet, and the cycle of play sheet. You’ll also need: desire cards, relationship cards, connection cards, and tokens in two different colours – at least 30 for resolve tokens, and 5 for
monologue tokens. And that’s all the background and preparation! Now let’s get into the game.


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