How to pronounce- Countries, Nationalities & Languages correctly? Improve English Pronunciation

Hi everyone, I am Niharika and thanks for
clicking. Well in today’s lesson we are gonna look at some vocabulary related to nationalities
and languages. Now do you know how many countries are there in this world? Well you’ll be surprised;
there are 196 countries in the world today. So 196 countries, huh and if you travel a
lot, you end up meeting people from different countries. So the very first question that
you ask, when you meet for the first time is where you from? Okay where are you from?
Right? Well you would not ask what is your nationality? You would not do that. Unless
you are filling up a form, may be a visa form or probably an immigration form, where it’s
asked that what’s your nationality? So in this lesson today, we are gonna look at the
country names. We are gonna look at nationality and the main language, the official language
of that country. Okay Beacuse it’s important for you to know this, especially when you
meet people from all around the world. Like for example, when I was in the United States,
well they used to ask me, so you are an Indian, you speak Indian? So no I don’t speak Indian,
I speak English because English and Hindi are the official languages of India, okay.
So many people get confused, so today let’s The very first country I have here on the
board is Australia, the beautiful Australia. The nationality is Australian. So if you meet
someone who is from Australia, you gonna say, oh are you an Australian? Okay and the official
or the main language of Australia is English. Okay, you got that? The next one Brazil. Okay of course Brazil,
the nationality is Brazilian. Okay so the people of Brazil are called as Brazilians.
Okay and the language they speak or the official language of that country is Portuguese. Right. Next one Canada, the cold Canada. So Canada
the nationality is Canadian. Okay so the people of Canada are called as Canadians and the
language that they speak is English. Next one, Chile. Okay Chile it’s a great place
to visit, it’s beautiful. I’ve been there and it’s really nice. So Chile, the people
of Chile are called as Chileans. Okay the language that they speak is Spanish. Okay,
so if you think that they speak Chilean, naah the language that they speak is, Spanish.
There is no language called Chilean. Right, next one, Denmark. Okay Denmark is the country
name, the nationality is Danish. Okay in fact not just Danish, they also call it as Dane
and the language that they speak is Danish. Got that? Next one, Egypt, okay lot of historical
names in Egypt, it’s beautiful, reminds you of mummies, reminds you of pyramids, right?
So Egypt, the nationality is Egyptian and the language that they speak is Arabic. Okay
they do not speak Egyptian, there is no language called Egyptian because yes people I have
heard that before, people say that, oh they speak Egyptian. No, there is no language called
Egyptian, their nationality is Egyptian but they speak Arabic. Okay next one Finland, so Finland, the nationality
will be Finnish. Okay now people often get confused. They think that okay, it’s always
you know the nationalities always end with ian, the letters ian. But that’s not true.
We do have exceptions as I said we have 196 countries in this world today. So there are
exceptions. It’s not gonna be Finnlidian. Okay that’s incorrect, it’s gonna be Finnish.
Finnish is the nationality and the language that they speak is Finnish. Okay, France, okay that’s very common. France,
the people who live in France or who are from France, well they speak French and the language.
I’m sorry the nationality is French and they speak French. Okay so the language they
speak is French. Whereas Germany, okay they are not Germanians.
I have heard that. So that’s incorrect, they are Germans. Okay the nationality is
German and the language that they speak is also German. Okay, the next one Indonesia.
Well Indonesia, the nationality is Indonesian and the language they speak is also Indonesian. Okay and then the last one that we have here
is Italy. Now many people pronounce this incorrectly, they say Italy. Well that’s wrong; the correct
pronunciation of this country is Italy. Italy however their nationality is Italian. Okay
then it’s not Italian. It’s Italian and the language that they speak is Italian. Okay so please make a note of the country
names, the nationality and languages and we have some more names of the countries, so
let’s have a look. Okay so here we have some more country names
and nationalities for you. We’ve got and the nationality is Chinese. Okay so the people
from china are called as Chinese people. Whereas the language that they speak, the official
language is mandarin and in fact towards the north of china, they speak Cantonese. The
official language but very commonly they also speak Cantonese. The next one, Israel, whereas the nationality
is Israeli and they speak Hebrew. Okay then we have Mexico. I love Mexican food. So Mexico,
the people of Mexico are called as Mexicans. Whereas the language that they speak is Spanish. Then we have New Zealand, okay New Zealand,
well the nationality is New Zealander. Okay so the people of New Zealand are called as
new Zealanders and the language that they speak, the official language is actually Maori
but now people speak English. Okay so you can consider both as the official languages
of New Zealand, that’s English and Maori. Poland, Poland is in Europe. Poland is the
country name; the nationality is polish, whereas the language that they speak is also polish. Then we have Thailand, okay the nationality
is Thai and the language that they speak is Thai And then we have Vietnam, Vietnam the nationality
is Vietnamese and then the language that they speak is also Vietnamese. And then we have India. India, well it’s Indian,
okay so I am from India, I am an Indian. So if someone ends up asking you, where are you
from? Then you gonna take your country’s name, okay and then you gonna say, I am an Indian.
Okay, if they end up asking your nationality, then it’s gonna be Indian, Thai, polish and
so on, whichever country that you belong to and the language that we Indians speak is
Hindi. Hindi is the official language and English is also the official language of India
now. Then we have Ireland and the nationality is
Irish and then the language that they speak is English. Then we have Iran, Iranian, okay it’s Iranian,
is the nationality and the language is Persian, they speak Persian. And then the last one here is Greece, the
nationality is Greek and the language they speak is also Greek. Okay so these are the most common ones. Now
we have so many I said 196 countries and that’s a huge number. So it’s very difficult
for me to go ahead and put all the names on the board. So like the most common ones like
japan. Okay japan is the country name, Japanese is the nationality and they speak Japanese.
Okay so there are several countries like that and I’m sorry if I missed out on any. If you
have any questions, do write into us and hope these names and nationalities are helpful
to you. So the next time someone puts up this question,
where are you from? Or what are you? You know what to say, right? And I’ll be back with
a new lesson, till the take care.

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