How to set Analog and Digital Dual Time Citizen Radio Controlled Navihawk Skyhawk (Caliber U68*)

How to set Analog and Digital Dual Time Citizen Radio Controlled Navihawk Skyhawk (Caliber U68*)

hello guys welcome to the expert in this
video I will show you how to set up the analog time and dual time manually on a
citizen eco-drive radio-controlled watch with manual number U680 first step is to put the watch in the
time mode by pulling the crown once and rotate the crown until the hand of the
function dial is facing TME or horizontally downwards step two leave the crown on the first
position and use the two buttons on the right side of the watch to find your
city or the city corresponding to your time zone if you don’t know which one to
use comment below and I will help you I am from mauritius but I have to use the
Dubai time zone this is the city corresponding to my time zone once you
choose the city pull the crown once again to the second position once you
pull the crown to the second position you can use the bottom right button to
put daylight saving time on or off then you press the top button and you can use
again the bottom button to reset the second to zero press the top button and
now we can choose the minutes to choose the minutes you have to rotate the crown
clockwise and anti-clockwise to find the correct time in your time zone press the
top button and now choose the hour again rotate the crown to choose the correct
hour press the top button again and now use
the bottom button to choose either 12 hours or 24 hours military-type once you
are done put the crown back in the zero position now you should have your
current correct city time on the right digital display of the watch to move
the same time into the hands you have to pull the crown once into the first
position and press both buttons at the same time this will move the current
city time which is in the digital display to the analog lines and again
you can press those buttons if you want to choose another time zone to be
displayed on the right digital display once you are done pull the crown back
into the zero position thank you for watching and please subscribe


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    Rob Fio

    Hello, I followed your process in exact detail and the analog hands are not in the correct position, the digital time is however correct

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