How to set the Time and Date manually on a Citizen Radio Controlled Watch (H820)

hello guys welcome to the expert in this
video I will show you how to set up the analog dual time manually on a citizen
eco-drive radio control watch with manual number caliber h820 first
step is to pull the crown to position one the second hand will rotated to the
current City and time zone that the analogue hands are set to for example
now it’s set to London rotate the crown clockwise and
anti-clockwise to your desired or your current time zone for me right now I
will rotate to Dubai which is matching my time zone wait for the hands to stop
moving completely press the top right button to put the daylight saving time
on or off depending on your city press and hold the top right button for
three seconds until the second hand moved to the six mark then pull the crown
to the second position rotate the crown to select your current time remember to
check the 12 or 24 hour dial hand to make sure you select the correct time of
the day from midnight to noon the hand should be on the right side of the dial
and vice versa press the top right button and now again rotate the crown to
choose the date press the top right button again and now
rotate the crown to choose the day of the week press the top right button
again now it’s time to select the correct month and year it gets a
little bit tricky here so let me explain quickly as you rotate the crown when the
seconds hand is between 12 and 1 mark the month is December between 1 & 2 is
generally between 2 & 3 is February and so on so for September you have to move
the second hand between 9 and 10 for October between 10 and 11 and so on
at the same time you will have to choose the correct year refer to the chart
below for example for 2019 it says 3rd minute marker so if it’s
December 2019 December is between 12 and 1 December 2019 will be on the third
marker means 3 minutes for February is between 2 & 3 so
February 2019 will be on – is 10 minutes 11 12 13 minutes so the second hand has
took point 13 minutes if you have a question about this any time drop a
comment below and with that I will tell you exactly we are to face the second
hand once you are done pull the crown back to the zero position to select a
different time zone for the secondary dual time tile pull the crown to
position 1 and press the bottom right button once
now you can rotate the crown to face which time zone you want the secondary
time to see for example now I put to London the second degree time will show
London and then put the car back to position 0 thank you for watching and
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