How to set the Time and Date (Perpetual Calendar) Citizen Eco Drive World Time E784 ?

How to set the Time and Date (Perpetual Calendar) Citizen Eco Drive World Time E784 ?

hello guys in this video I will show you
how to set the time and perpetual calendar the date on a citizen eco-drive
world time E784 for this we gonna use the crown and the
button which has to be pressed with a sharp pointed object for example a pin first step is to pull the crown once and
turn the crown clockwise to select your current city for me right now I will
move the crown to London which is my current city once you choose your city
wait for the hands to stop moving if you don’t know which one to select leave a
comment below and I will help you to find the city that you need to point the
second time pull the crown one more time to the second position and rotate the
crown clockwise and anti-clockwise to set your current time keep an eye on the
date that will change only after the clock has passed midnight so now the
time is in the morning once you set the time push back the
crown to the zero of position now I will show you how to set the date and
perpetual calendar use a pin to press the button once immediately after press and hold the
button for two seconds until the second time start moving now rotate the crown
clockwise to set the month and year we’re gonna use these diagrams to find out
where to point the second hand for example the month of December is between
12 month to one mark January is between 1 to 2 February
between 2 to 3 and follows so November is between 11 and 12 using these two
tables you can see that 2019 is at the 3rd minute marker so December 2019 we
have to face the second hand at 3 minutes
January at 8 minutes and for the month of May 2019 we have to face the second
hand at the 28 minutes if you have any questions regarding this please comment
below and I will be happy to help you once you set the second hand to the
correct year and month rotate the crown now anti-clockwise to set the date when you finish setting the date use the
pin to press back on the button to set daylight saving time on or off
press the button one and rotate the crown to on or off
once you’re done press the button again using a pin thank you for watching


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    Mifody Georgic

    Great video, very informative. My watch was changing the date at midnight now it for whatever reason changes around after 2:00am something wrong with the calibration?

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