How to well prepare a Citizenship application?

Hi everybody welcome to our Channel
today I wanted to make a video on citizenship application I’m going to
talk about 7 tips on how to prepare your citizenship application to ensure that
it’s processed smoothly and that it’s approved tip number one make sure that you
have all the rights required documentation so there are certain
documents on the document checklist which might take a couple of weeks or a
couple of us to get so make sure you have those before you apply for example
right now if you have lived in certain for certain number of time outside of
Canada during the eligibility period of your citizenship application you do need
to provide a police clearance and sometimes that takes some time so make
sure you look at that before you start preparing and finalizing your
application. Tip number 2 correct calculations for your citizenship
residency requirements so right now the law in order to become a Canadian
citizen is you have to spend three years out of the last five years in Canada
physically in your application there are forms that you have to fill out so make
sure that the days that you write are the correct dates I always advise
clients will become permanent residents up until the time that they’re going to
apply for citizenship to keep an excel sheet with all of your ins and outs of
Canada with the dates of proper calendar system and also keep a record of all
your flight confirmations, boarding passes and any other evidence you have
that can show your travel because even if you do indicate on your
forms certain dates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the officers are
going to believe you so if you’ve traveled a lot and if your days are very
tight and there’s other concerns in your file the officer could scrutinize your
application and then send you what’s called a residence questionnaire or send
you a letter with questions about where have you been? Oh you said you were traveling here, do you have any evidence? Can you show me that you actually left? Can you show me you were actually in Canada? Do you have anything to prove to me that
you were in Canada for for all this time? so sometimes immigration might ask for
health care records or exit and entry records or bank statements or any
document that shows that you’re actually living in Canada unfortunately there are
a lot of people that lie in their applications so because of that officers
have to do their job so they have to make sure that people that are applying
for clearances should actually leave the days so make sure you include your
correct calculation and then you have a backup as a sheet with an explanation
and your evidence that you’re keeping just in case there’s a
citizenship interview or a hearing that takes place or you get sent the letter
that asks you for further evidence if you provide everything and the officer
is satisfied that your application is going to be approved. Tip number three
language requirements make sure that before you apply you make sure that if
you do need to take a test for your citizenship that you do take the test
sometimes I could take a couple of weeks to schedule and then obtain the results
so you need that to apply for your application Tip number four once your application is ready to go don’t send it by regular
mail always make sure you send it by courier. FedEx or Post Canada I prefer
FedEx over post Canada because FedEx has more they guarantee the days
and whereas Post Canada even if they say one or two days it could take three or
four days and with a signature other Post Canada or FedEx or any other
courier company that you trust because if you do send it by regular mail it can
get lost it’s a big package just an important document and also there’s no
“it could get lost in immigration” in their offices doesn’t happen often but
it does happen sometimes and it can be very frustrating because you could file
your application, immigration rules on to it for many months or finds it months
later or you submitted it and then you don’t hear anything you can’t contact
them they just tell you you know general information on the website says it could
take this long and then eventually they’ve drawn you find out that maybe
didn’t even receive it but if you do send it by registered mail or courier
then there’s a tracker the tracking number you have someone that signed for
it so if they say that they can’t find out for some reason you can simply
launch and you do have it and they can look into it further tip number five
once you have had their application immigration is going to correspond with
you many times when they’re processing it so always make sure that you verify
your mail and your email if you have a lawyer and file usually your lawyer gets
everything but if you do have a final sometimes they can send you, send
an email to the client directly sometimes usually nowadays they communicate by
email but sometimes they do send the by mail as well so always make sure
you check your emails, your spam folders, your mail at home, because if you do miss the letters and in citizenship they kind of they could give you timelines pretty
quickly you can get a letter that says you have to come to your testing next
week or in two weeks and then you can get a letter that says you have an it
citizenship interview next week or you have your oath ceremony next week and if
you’re traveling or you’re not checking email then you can the days and pass
very fast and then you’ve missed everything so you have to send letters
ask if you can do it again and that could delay everything another place to
check also is online immigration has an online status portal where you can go in
and check the status of your application for different about all applications
have this most application have its citizenship has it for citizenship
applications as lawyers, at our office we check that but we don’t rely on that
because we find that it’s not always updated information so sometimes we may
have gotten a letter maybe our client has already become a citizen and then if
you go online that says we have received their application it’s processing it’s
not the best system for the most updated information so as lawyers we
don’t verify that we verify that but we don’t rely on that but we do verify it
because sometimes it has happened that a letter is sent out we never got it even though we’re lawyer on file we never got it we went online that said a letter was sent to us on this date but we never received an email or a letter so then you have to
contact immigration and say you never sent me that. Usually I would say generally
we get everything that immigration sent to us but the system is not perfect of
course so sometimes they might send a letter by regular mail – gets lost,
they say this sent it but they didn’t send it, sometimes I send an email and I
see it, it says “sent” I call the person I sent it to they don’t receive anything – no junk, no spam. It happens so check the online system at the same time as you
check the email and the paper but don’t just for example don’t only rely on the
online system and another thing with the online system is very often will say
“sent letter”, but the next day or the day after you can’t be like “I didn’t get the
letter”. I find usually it takes about a week sometimes a little bit more to get
the letter because just because they say sent the letter it doesn’t mean they
sent the letter on that day and immigration usually sends all the
letters by regular mail so if you get holidays and weekends and regular mail
could easily take five to seven-eight business days so just be mindful of that .Tip
number six if you can’t make your citizenship if you have to take the test
and you can’t make it or you can make your oath ceremony make sure you send a
letter as soon as you can asking explaining why you can’t make it and
also asking them to reschedule usually they’re pretty good at rescheduling it,
they want rescheduled forever so make sure you try to do it as soon as you can
it’s possible, we’ve had some clients travelling and they weren’t able to attend so as long as you provide an
explanation and you submit a good right way and they receive it it should be reschedule. Final tip when you go to your oath ceremony this is after your
application has been filed and approved make sure you come with your identity
documentation on the letter it says to bring your ID and also that letter and
also any documentation, any original documentation that you submit that you
have that you use to submit your application so usually that means the
letter that you received, your passports original passport, your PR card or your
landing paper and if there are some special circumstances in your case where
you have to give other documentation original clearances or something like
that you can bring those as well very important if you are a permanent
resident you don’t have your PR card to bring your landing paper which is called
also a confirmation of permanent residents there’s a lot of people that
live in Canada that are permanent residents but who never renewed their
card because they didn’t need to they weren’t traveling but they’re permanent
residents because they have been approved and they have the confirmation
of permanent residents paper or the landing paper but if you don’t have that
and your permanent resident it’s important to apply for what’s called the
verification of status which is a document you apply online last time we
did not the office took about a week or so it’s a document that says
verification of status (VOS) this person is a permanent resident of Canada so
that kind of replaces your landing paper or your confirmation of permanent residence if you don’t have it but there are a lot of people that they didn’t keep that,
they got landed in Canada maybe five, ten, twenty years ago they can’t find it, but
when you go to your citizenship oath ceremony they need to identify you, so as a permanent resident as well so if you
like I’m a PR card you need to have landing paper and if you don’t have that
then you need to you should apply for a verification of status documents. Thank
you and if you have any questions you can submit an email at [email protected]

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