HPSC0001 – Madness and Society

I’m Bill MacLehose, I’m the lecturer for
HPSC0001, the very first module in our catalogue, which is Madness and Society. So Madness and Society is a module that’s an overview of the history of deviant
behaviors, what’s considered to be beyond the acceptable rational thought of
humans from, really, the Classical period to the present. So we look at early
visions of religious madness, both positive and negative, we look at
gendered madness – things like hysteria or shell-shock, and we look through to the
present, to Freud and Jung and into the anti-psychiatry movement of the
60s and 70s. This is meant to be an overview for students working
primarily in history, but also in related fields in terms of Natural Sciences,
human sciences, and students working in history of psychology, or history of psychiatry So some of the topics that we’ll be
looking at include the history of depression and melancholy, the history
of suicide, the history of gender and psychology – that is to say hysteria,
shell-shock, things like that. We’ll look at the creation of the psychiatric
profession, so Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud and a number of other
issues that relate to the history of different types of madness,
particularly issues of law and criminal insanity – what happens with the
violent mad. In terms of assessment, you’ll be expected to write an essay and do a final examination. The essay is meant for the student to
pick a topic that’s related to the module, a topic of your own choice that you
can then go into some depth on, study, figure out what time periods you
want to work on, and really going to find the primary sources and work with those. There are no prerequisites for the
module, but we would expect a student to be very self-motivated, to be eager
to pursue a topic that they choose to work on, and to go in-depth in
that material, so this is not for someone who’s looking for a simple survey that
doesn’t require much beyond textbook reading.

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