Human rights leaders speak out for LGBT equality

Human rights leaders speak out for LGBT equality

The Free and Equal Campaign is without precedent.
It is the first time that the United Nations has launched a global public education initiative dedicated to combating homophobia and transphobia, and to promoting respect for the rights of
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. Around the world, lesbians, gay men, and bisexual and trans-gender people are denigrated, attacked, imprisoned, tortured, even killed, because
of who they are or whom they love. And in more than a third of the world’s
countries consensual same sex conduct remains a criminal offence. The biggest foes of gay and lesbian, bisexual,
transgender and intersex equality have been invisibility and silence. And when we don’t
identify ourselves and when we don’t speak out, ignorance prevails. I cannot worship a homophobic God. As I travel around the world meeting with
governments in many countries, I find not only a lack of knowledge on the part of government officials but huge resistance to acknowledging the rights, the human rights, of LGBT people. I oppose such injustice with the same passion that I opposed Apartheid. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
promises a world in which everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights. No exceptions, no one left behind. But we know from experience that eradicating discrimination requires more
than changes in laws and policies — it takes a change in peoples’ hearts and minds as
well. The UN’s Free and Equal campaign is aimed
not only at governments and non-governmental organizations and the public — it’s also
aimed at the LGBTI community itself. Make yourselves visible. Make yourselves vocal.
Claim your humanity – for in claiming your humanity, you are enriching your own society. Together we can build a world that is Free
and Equal.


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    Wlecoming speches here including by the chief of UNHCHR and Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winnner, I reaffirm that any exclusion, discrimination and prejudice on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity consist human rights violation that cannot justifed by cultural relativism.

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    Junior mayema

    we cannot use religion and culture as weapons of massive destruction to commit human rights violations and crime against humanity targeting people who are LGBT, we must spread the message of love thy neighbor as thyself, love even thy enemies, don't judge others, culture is good but when culture is being used for female genital mutilation, for child marriage, for polygamy and patriarchy, rape, culture become destructive that way

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    Well, we were told by our South African consulate that they will not marry us because we are gay – they do not wish to "offend the locals". We are SA citizens living abroad. Bigotry is alive and well in SA.

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    Robert Moumakwa

    Human rights are not necessary moral rights. Sodomy remains offensive to God and that's why He destroyed Sodom. No one can make God love sin. Tutu and those like His are free to choose hell if they rebel against the Maker! Sin always has is advocates, but it's greatest allies are wicked and immoral so called "ministers" of the word. Tutu must humble himself before God and surrender his I renewed heart or else will continue being an agent of hell

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    joey alfaro

    1:27 no no no god the father Jesus dad is not homo phobic. he loves you as person but as father your actions thoughts cause him to reject you. in truth your rejecting him. he can't take you as you are there is a protocol for correction on your part. he's perfection study him.

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    The devil is a liar it creates a situation that is on legislation to benefits human lives then it tempt man to defy God law and His word when it does that it takes up the laws that God has put in place to protects His people and uses these legislation against God and His laws to bring human being under condemnation. Cant you see guys the subtlety of this demonic entity? Gods word say man and woman created He. History will show the outcone of the choices made to deny And to kick against God's will for that individual. God have mercy. Now these people have to for the rest of their lives take hormones to keep up the facade. Which long term will cause illness in their body mind and spirit. God loves the individual but hates his sin and will fight to bring him back to normality and to God's plan for him. And very well Bishop TuTu knows that. I dont know if he is getting senile but he knows God's word better than I.

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    Gottsohn Israelitenjugendfuhrer

    Can any person explain to me why we should give rights to those who implicitly rejected them by dehumanizing themselves?

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    M L

    The only LGBT equality is when a whole nation is punished for sexual perversion. We all are treated equally, suffering the consequences, as Sodom and Gomorra did. If people are born LGBT oriented, why babies are not having sex immediately after being born? Sexual perversion is learned by the crooked ways of humans.

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