Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi – Hungarian Citizenship Test

Hungarian Lesson with Zsuzsi – Hungarian Citizenship Test

Hi there! In this episode we will explore the topic of the citizenship exam. As you probably know already, if you would like to once get citizenship in Hungary, you will have to take an exam The only help for this is Ugróczky Mária’s book titled Alkotmányos Alapismeretek. The language of the book is quite difficult and dense. The exam itself is also pretty difficult, examinees have to pick 4 items, and among the topics you can find historical, political, state theory and cultural questions. Now we’ll go and see how most Hungarians would anwser our questions. What are the neighbouring countries of Hungary? -Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, I can’t think of any more. -Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia -Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, not sure, But, but, yes, and Austria. -Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, what did we leave out? Also, a piece of Russia too, right? But that’s Ukraine. Yes. Correct Anwser: Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia What do you know about Szent István? -Well, he’s the founder of the Hungarian state, our first king, -Well, he’s the founder of the Hungarian state, our first king, he was crowned in 1001, He brought christianity to Hungary, (In 1000 according to the Julian Calendar) and he’s the one on the 10000 bill. -Founder of the state, August 20th, the celebration of bread, in 1001, that’s my birthday- he was crowned (In 1000 according to the Julian Calendar) yes, this wasn’t his original name, he offered the country to the Virgin Mary, Vajk, he was Vajk, yes, uhm, well, he was with Koppány maybe, yes, yes, with him, because, ohthere was that, that the law, that the son or the eldest male relative, or something like that, yes, and that’s why he argued with Koppány, because, yes I think that’s it. -Our fist king, the founder of the state. Correct Anwser:
The first king of our country that was baptised. Does the Parliament have weekly meetings? -No it doesn’t. It does more rarely, but I don’t know at what intervals. -I think they should, yes. You said it so firmly, that they should! -In theory they do, yes. Yes, but not in the summer period. -Well I hope so. Correct Anwser:
Yes, They have weekly meetings. What is Hungary’s form of government? -Republic -Republic Correct Anwser:
Republic Do you know any Hungarian Nobel-prize winning authors? -Imre Kertész, for example -Imre Kertész -Imre Kertész? Sándor Márai. -Does György Faludi have a Nobel-prize? Correct anwser:
Imre Kertész Do you maybe know any Hungarian scientists who won the Nobel-prize? -Yes, Albert Szentgyörgyi, inventor of vitamin C, also I think maybe Bánki, no there was someone else as well, in relation to atoms, he invented something, but it slips my mind right now. -Scientists? -They exist There is -No, no, I know, I’ll say it, Vitamin C… paprika, -I froze up -That’s what I’m afraid of, but this should be like a ‘yeah’ anwser -Not this, Ányos Jedlik, Miksa Déri aren’t, I don’t know, scientist Correct anwser:
Fülöp Lénárd (model of the atom)
Albert Szent-Györgyi (work conducted with vitamin C)
György Hevesi (discovery of hafnium)
György Békési (research of the human hearing organs)
Jenő Wigner (research of the atom’s core and elemntal particles)
Dénes Gábor (invetnion of holography)
János Polányi (dynamics of elemental chemical processes)
György Oláh (research into carbocations) Which governmetnal bodies take part in the creation of International relations? – I haven’t a guess at first blink Correct anwser:
Parliament, cabinet, the prime minister, the president of the republic, and the minister of foreign affairs. What is the reach of the minister of state’s power? -Great question
-Yes, it really is difficult to pass this exam -Definitely less then the prime minister’s, but obviously he’s very important on national holidays, political meetings We are very sorry he makes appereances and represents the country, but he has significantly less decisionmaking power than the parliament and the prime minister, but over the symbolic role I guess he also has decisionmaking power. Well, that’s what I can say about this. -Minister of the state? -Lots of things -Yes
-Lots of things -For example he can also approve laws, he’s the one who can overrule them? Approving laws. Correct anwser:
He represents the Hungarian state abroad
He signs international contracts in the name of Hungary
He gives the ambassadors their mandates
He sets the time of elections
The parliament’s inaugural meeting
He can make proposals about personnel
He signs laws (can also send them back)
Appoints offices
Promotions What Hungarian National Holidays do you know? -March 15. -August 20. -October 23. well maybe, I don’t know if the day of work is a Hungarian holiday, -That’s international, isn’t it? -The first of May, -Let’s say May 1 Correct anwser
March 15.
August 20.
October 23. When did Stalin die? -I’ll be having trouble with this one -The second World War, one thousand…, no, later, 1950’s, 60’s maybe? Sixties, probably the sixties. -Stalin? In ’53? -I don’t know -Well, 53, in 1953 Correct anwser:
Stalin died in 1953 What effect did this have on Hungary? -His death? -yes -Well, it gained freedom, a… I think, I mean… well, he had quite a big effect while he was alive and after that I think it calmed down a bit and we started moving toward the west, or I don’t know -The… at the time the so called anti-revolution, the revolution of ’56 Correct anwser
Weakening of the dictatorship Who is responsible for signing international treaties? The prime minister, I don’t know. The President of the Republic It’s difficult. I would guess, unfortunetly I don’t know… Correct anwser:
The President of the Republic What is the definition of the Hungarian Royal Curia? -Higher court, isn’t it? In short, a higher court who can overrule the lesser, or how should I say, they overrule the laws Correct anwser:
Higher court, who can overrule laws. Who or what oversees the work of the electional bodies? -Electional…, The Office of Election, and it’s director was a lady at the time of the election, that I know. Correct Anwser:
The Office of Election What is the most significant body for representing the people in Hungary? -Labor unions Correct anwser:
The parliament Do the members of the parliament have immunity? -Yes Correct Anwser:
Yes. What is the precise name of Hungary’s Constitution? -Of Hungary’s Constitution? The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary. Correct anwser:
The Fundamental Law of Hungary (Since 2012) Where do they keep the Holy Crown? -In the Parliament. -And do you maybe know which room? -Under the Dome, right? Correct Anwser:
In the Parliament. Where is the European Court based? -In Brussels Correct Anwser:
In Strasbourg In what matters can a referendum be organized? -They usually collect signatures, 200 000 signatures are needed, but about what topics exactlay… -Well the electi… or what’s that office accepts it, that’s the electional, how do you say it, that’s what has to approve it, that’s where you have to refer these questions. Correct anwser:
In the fundamental law of certain state formations, regions and settlements it is defined which topics are forbidden from being the subject of referendums. Such topics can be for example: Correct anwser:
budget, tax, fee and customs related questions Correct anwser:
duties that are the result of applicable international contracts Correct anwser:
constitutional provisions of the referendum Correct anwser:
questions of personal and organizational development that are under the jurisdiction of the parliament Correct anwser:
dissolution of the parliament Correct anwser:
governemt’s program Correct anwser:
declaring a state of war or state of emergency Correct anwser:
Use of armed forces Correct anwser:
dissolution of local governmental representative bodies Correct anwser:
practicing amnesty


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    Marcsak azert, amikor en tanultam foldrajzot, sokkal kevesebb (es mas 🙂 orszagok voltak pl. Magyarorszag szomszedjai 🙂

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    10:30 The European Court of Justice is located in Luxembourg, whereas the European Parliament is located in Strasbourg.
    I live in Luxembourg 😉

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