I Am a US Citizen Living Abroad Can I Sponsor My Spouse for a Green Card?

I Am a US Citizen Living Abroad Can I Sponsor My Spouse for a Green Card?

If you are living outside of the United States
with your spouse who you want to sponsor for a green card to live in the United States,
your spouse will have to consular process or interview in the country where your spouse
is currently living for the immigrant visa application that leads to permanent residency
for that to be approved. At the consulate interview, you have the burden as the US citizen
to prove that you’re going to be moving back with your spouse to the United States at or
around the same time on a permanent basis. If you plan to stay abroad for work or live
abroad on a permanent basis, then immigration will not approve your spouse’s immigrant visa
or green card case. The whole purpose of allowing migration for your spouse is to keep spouses
united and living together. Even though there are certain exceptions when spouses do not
have to be living together but they are living in the same state or even the same country
at least. When you have permanent plans to live apart and in totally separate countries,
immigration is not going to approve your spouse’s immigrant visa or ability to come to the United
States with a green card. There are difficulties in these types of case when you do not have
the intent to move back to the United States on a permanent basis. One of the main ones
is the affidavit of support requirement. In order to be her financial sponsor, you have
to file taxes in the last three years in the United States. If you’ve been working abroad
and have not been filing US taxes, you may not be able to meet the affidavit of support
requirements, which are put in place to make sure that your spouse does not access public
assistance once in the United States with no possible reimbursement from you for those
expenses to the US government. If you are thinking about moving back to United States
on a permanent basis. always consult a licensed immigration attorney with experience in these
types of cases so the transition can be as painless as possible. I am an expert in complex family based immigration
cases and have a 98% approval rate for the past 12 years. I’m a nationally publish immigration
author and frequent public speaker on immigration topics. I regularly train other immigration
lawyers on complicated marriage and family immigration cases for the American Immigration
Lawyers Association, Federal Bar Association and National Legal Education providers. I
represent clients all over the US traveling to immigration and abused and deportation
proceedings. Visit our website: www.humanrightsattorney.com. For more in-depth information and articles
on complex family immigration issues.


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    chang san feng

    yaeh sure, I hope you are telling your spouse that she gets to be 55000 dollars in debt the moment she gets her green card…I wouldn't get a green card even if they gave me a million dollars to take it…..stay away from th US. Best advice ever.

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    Bobby Shaeed

    Im living in sweden for last 5 yrs and i dont have job here and I want to move back to usa and take my wife with me . What can i write in AOS fourm ? I will be working when i move back to USA . Can you anwer anything about my case

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    Sarah Brock

    I live abroad in the UK, where I am currently employed. I have maintained a US bank account, have filed my taxes over the last 3 years, and my entire family are still residing there. I also have maintained a mailing address at both parents' houses. I've been told that I will have no issues bringing across my British spouse, however is the above enough to prove domicile? Also, if I do not have a job yet lined up in the States, can I still meet the income requirements based on my past employment? My immigration lawyer assured me my case would be relatively straight forward, but I'm a bit dubious!

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    Nicole Sanderson

    The trickiest part is "having a job lined up" before moving back. I've been abroad for two years and I've been paying my US taxes, etc the whole time. Ideally, my Moroccan spouse and I would move back to the US if we could get jobs there, but getting a job, from abroad, while saying "he doesn't have his green card yet, but he'll apply once you accept him" is very unrealistic. Even for me, saying "I'm currently in Morocco but please hire me" is a huge obstacle! My husband is more employable than me, as an engineer, but most job applications say that he needs to already be a lawful permanent resident.

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    This is retarted, i am just trying to have my wife join me in china and she needs to have a green card to be able to do that. and just because my employer isnt a US company or the US government i am totally screwed. I either have to live in the US where i make half of what i do now or we have to send her to Turkey where it is incredibly dangerous for her to apply for her Chinese visa. This is really screwed up man

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    h corolla

    what if you live with the US citizen spouse but outside the US, can you still maintin the green card (conditional) status? thanks

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    dalina kh

    Hi, I am from the u.s but currently living with my husband abroad. i want to sponser him, although with me living abroad i am not working and do not have the required income to sponser also do not have a co signer. what other routes can i take to sponser my husband to come to america without having the required income?

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    This is a messed up law. You are responsible for your ex spouse after she divorces your ass for 10 years!!!!!!! At 125% of the poverty level. Omg. It is such a joke! Unfair So this all sucks. Your actually marrying Uncle Sam with your foreign wife. Totally unfair. Even good faith marriages end and why should we have to automatically support or ex wives or ex husbands at an absurd sum for an absurd amount of time?

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