I Joined a Secret Society of Magicians.

(light music) – Yo, what’s going on, guys? Very special vlog today. I’m in New York, hanging
out with some friends. I’m in a book. (upbeat music) Not a magic book, but a book about magic. It’s called Magic Is Dead
and I’m here with Ian Frisch who’s the author of this book. I met Ian probably what
three years ago almost. He was writing an article for Wired, following me around in Black Pool and whatever happened to
the article, I don’t know, but Ian got bit by the magic bug and delved into the underground of magic, became a really good friend of mine and actually also a
member of the elusive 52. Now, if you guys are not
familiar with what the 52 is, it’s probably because we’re
not supposed to talk about it. That being said, this book kind of reveals what the 52 is about and
the key members of the 52 as well as Ian’s journey through magic. So, it’s a really, really interesting read for magicians and non-magicians alike. So the reason I just wanted
to talk about that right quick is ’cause we’re here filming
some sort of publicity to help the book sell for Ian. It’s being printed with Harper Collins, which is a big publishing
house in New York that’s going to print this book and it’ll be available February 26, but you can pre-order it. So, I left a link below if
you guys are interested. Basically the story follows Ian and his first person narrative through these three crazy years that he’s lived and he follows me around, Spade, Madison and a lot of other really
interesting people. If you guys are at all interested in reading something about magic that isn’t a book that teaches you magic, but sort of behind the scenes
of what we’ve been living for the past three years, I
don’t know if you’re interested, but if you are, I left the link below, you guys can check it out,
it’s definitely a good read. So right now, they’re
gonna wrap up some filming and then we’re gonna go upstairs and I’m gonna perform some magic to some of the staff
here at Harper Collins. Let’s go. I’m about to do a magic
trick, you filming? – [Spade] Yeah. – Okay. Thank you, Spade, for holding
the camera, by the way. I’m here with Shawn. You just saw Ian perform a
trick which was pretty cool. Now, you get to see some good
magic, which is really sick. (laughing) Shots fired, shots fired. I got two decks of cards here. Have one of these, actually
shuffle them up if you can. Now, I’ll shuffle my deck as well, we’ll both shuffle our cards. Perfect. Take these actually, we’ll
try something a bit different. – Alright. – Take those, and I want
you to place them behind your back, and I want you
to cut the deck in half anywhere you like, bit
of dexterity required, – Yeah. – You got it? – Got it. – Do you wanna cut it again? – I do, yeah. – Go for it. Alright, so take the top card, I’ll take the top card as well, and without looking at it, the top card. – Yeah. – Without looking at it,
place it in your pocket. Alright? So at this point we both have a card, we have no idea what the cards are, but it would be pretty
amazing if that card was the same card. I’ll pull mine out first. – Okay. – I’ve got the four of clubs. – I’ve got the four of clubs. (nervous laugh) – How random is that? Magic! How’d you do that? – How’d you do that? – How’d you do it? You chose the same one I did. Thanks Shawn. – Thank you! (laughs) – [Ramsay] Oh, what is this? Fort Knox, who is this? – Fort Knox. – [Ramsay] Xavier Spade. (laughs) Show me something. Oh, you showed me something the other day, that you’ve been working on. – Oh ya ya ya, – [Ramsay] Can you do that? – Yeah. – [Ramsay] Do it! Stop talking. – Take the six here, so there you go. – [Ramsay] Whoa! Where’d the six go? Oh, it’s on the bottom, I saw it! – Ha! Got ’em. – [Ramsay] Kay guys, like
honestly, one tip to help people improve their pass. – Relax. Relax. – [Ramsay] Relax? – Yeah, most people tense up too much, and just you know… come down. So a lot of times, people
do the pass they do this, and then this super intense moment, they whip everything around. – [Ramsay] Yeah, that
looks exactly like my pass. (laughs) – Yeah, it does. – [Ramsay] Hey! – This is a Ramsay pass. – [Ramsay] It’s a Ramsay subtlety. – Ramsay Subtlety. – [Ramsay] The Ramsay not so Subtlety. (laughs) – Like the Criss Angel pass. – [Ramsay] I’ll take it. – Ever see the Criss Angel pass? – [Ramsay] No. – It’s like, okay, here
we go, “alright guys, here “look at the card, watch
the card right here, “okay, and one, go!” (laughter) “We did it guys!” (laughs) But uh, yeah, just relax. – [Ramsay] Wait, did you just do it? – Yeah… – [Ramsay] Really? – Yeah, so you know just relax with it. – [Ramsay] Kay, do it now. – I’ll do it face up so you can see it. The more you relax, your top hand. – [Ramsay] What are you doing? – The more you relax your top hand, the smoother it becomes,
because it’s about this, not about anything that’s
happening underneath. – [Ramsay] Go, we’ll get right in tight, so I can see, now go! Okay, whatever. – More relaxing. – [Ramsay] You are Harry, Wizard. – I’m a potter, Goshman… – [Ramsay] No, keep going,
it’s getting better. (laughs) It’s gonna get funny eventually. – One day. – [Ramsay] Yo Spade, you got
a project coming out too, by the way, don’t you? – I do, I do. – [Ramsay] What can you tell
the viewers a little bit about what the project’s gonna be about. – I’m calling it a
Master Class, but really it’s just kind of a little
course that brings you from never holding a deck of
cards to medium to advanced card handling in the beginning
and after that I’ll probably be adding some coin stuff
and some other things, also. – ‘Cause that’s interesting,
’cause I get so many questions on the channel about,
“I just started my journey “in magic, where do I go?” And YouTube can be really
confusing because, especially if you go to, like, my YouTube
playlist, there is no order of Start here, it’s just
kind of, I throw you in there randomly, ’cause I’m very
unorganized in my life. Spade apparently, much
more organized than I am, and a lot more knowledge. So he’s gonna be albe to
teach you guys from A to Z if you’ve never held a deck of cards, to like, all the essentials. – Uh hmm, yeah, and you
know you’ll get history, where to look other things
up but more importantly, it’s just kind of a base
line of basic card handling. – [Ramsay] Do you credit Arpel Wilson? – Every episode is from
Arpel’s repertoire. (laughs) – [Ramsay] Thanks Spade. – Thank you. – [Ramsay] Well who do we have here? We got a magician. – Oh hi! – [Ramsay] How’s it going, Wes? – Good, thanks sir. – [Ramsay] Nice to see you. Nice to see you, Nick. (laughs) – Well, hello there, welcome back. We actually split from
the book place because crazy weather, everyone’s
going home early, so I couldn’t actually
perform to the staff, I performed a little bit,
but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I
brought in a special guest. By the way, this is
Ian’s place right here, this is where he wrote this book. Which is fitting. I am sitting here with Xavier Spade, guys, and he’s gonna teach you something. So, I’m very excited to
have another tutorial on this channel, with something
for you guys to learn, so let’s get right into it. I’m gonna read these books, by the way while you guys do that. (piano music) – Today students, welcome
to Learnthemagics.org here we have a compilation of… – [Ramsay] We don’t need
those, we have YouTube now. (laughs) – Welcome to YouTube.com I’m gonna show you guys a little control, and the control is a
funky little table cut, that you can retain one or mutliple cards in the action of cutting
the deck to the table, and it’s super easy, it’s super clean, and it’s super casual. So we’re gonna use this mat. This is what the move is, so
let’s say the four of diamonds, you’re gonna hold a break, just
in a nutshell very quickly, and then we’ll go into detail. So, as I cut I’m gonna
hold back that card, – [Ramsay] Just that card? – Or whatever amount of cards you want. – [Ramsay] It could be a little more? – Yeah, whatever amount of cards you want, I’ll show you multiple in a few seconds. And then you just add it back,
and you complete the cut. And that’s it, keeps
it on top of the deck. So we’ll do it face up, so
you hold a break on that card, you come, cut, retain the
card or multiple cards as you come back, add
and then finish the cut. – [Ramsay] So what are the angles on this? – Pretty much anything
from the front of the hand, so I’ll show you how to cover that, but first let’s get
into the finer details. Usually, when you have a
card that you wanna control, you get a break on it however
you want, we’ll do mutliples, we’ll do four, right. So let’s say you have four
cards on top of the deck you wanna control, it’s easy
enough to get a pinky break, if you don’t know how to do that, there’s plenty of videos around for that, you get a break and as your
hand comes over to grab the deck proper, your ring
finger is gonna tip that up. So now you’re gonna insert
this into the pinky, and ring finger area, and
you’re gonna kinda hold the deck deep, right, you’re
gonna hold it kinda deep, so you don’t wanna do this,
you want those fingers to go over the edge of the deck, you
see I’m hiding it like that. And now your thumb can
grab everything else, from the back here. So now you just come over, you
lift, and as you go to cut, you just let go with
your thumb a little bit, and that will release everything
under that pinky clip, and now your hand’s gonna
tip back a little bit, your finger extends
and your fingers relax, so it’s like you’re
letting go of the deck. – [Ramsay] Right, right,
that relaxation’s probably really key to make this fooling. – Right, so you relax out,
and as you come back to grab the deck, you extend a
lttle bit more and you grab. – [Ramsay] And then you’re done. – And now you’re done. Yeah, so you wanna do it from… – [Ramsay] You wanna be
either like middle to like the right. – I would say a little bit off of middle. – [Ramsay] So right here. – Right where the knuckles
are pointing, over. – [Ramsay] Got you. – So you just, you’re here, you come over, you grab the deck, you cut, you come back, you cut and you’re done. – [Ramsay] It looks so weird
with the card face up on top. – Yeah, it just vanishes. – [Ramsay] It’s hard to
understand what’s happening. You’re like, wait, did
it, no, there it is. – It’s just vanishing for a minute. So we’ll do it with one card
here, so the four of diamonds. So we’ll just go here, that’s it. – [Ramsay] Done. Woo! – And that’s it. Quick little table control, on the Magic is Book dead, on pre-sale! – Alright guys, go check
out my buddy Xavier Spade, I’ll leave his link below, he teaches a lot of magic on his channel, a lot more thorough than
I am with magic teachings and more knowledgeable as well, so definitely go check out his videos. He’s gonna be posting a
lot and as I mentioned, he’s got a project coming
up that a lot of you guys have asked me about, beginner’s stuff, so it’s not only
beginner’s stuff obviously, it’s how to refine the
stuff that you should learn in the beginning, and I think
a lot of people could use that because it’s kind of like
walking on a broken foot, you wanna correct it before it gets worse. So thank you to Mr. Xavier Spade, thank you guys for watching, stay tuned, dropping some more videos coming soon. Like, smash all that stuff, subscribe and we’ll see you on the next one. Peace! (upbeat music)

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