Ignite Youth STEM Learning with Citizen Science

Ignite Youth STEM Learning with Citizen Science

(bright music) – [Alexa] At after school and
youth development programs all across the United States, we’re helping young
people nurture their STEM, their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills in
order to help them thrive. (bright music) Citizen science is a partnership between everyday people and
professional researchers who do real science together. When young people participate
in citizen science, they’re not pretending to do science, or practicing to do things, they’re doing real science
along with scientists. ( music ) – [ Jerrod ] I think the kids really enjoyed engaging and observing the birds, and reporting their
data and their findings, and being involved in something bigger than just what they were doing. -[ Marilu ]You can have a global impact by starting just in your own community. Citizen science is an
indoor or outdoor activity. – [Jerrod] There are
hundreds of different types of citizen science projects available. – [Alexa] What’s really
exciting about citizen science for educators is that these projects and these communities already exist. – [Marilu] In our program
we love to offer kids the opportunity to go outside. – [Jerrod] Really getting their creativity and curiosities going. – [Alexa] I love that
young people and adults can chase their curiosities together. – [Marilu] Whatever
project you and your kids choose to participate, you
will be using real science. – [Jerrod] And answering
questions that impact the places that they
live, play, and learn.


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