Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driving Kills US Citizen, ICE Fed Up With Media Bias & Misinformation

Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driving Kills US Citizen, ICE Fed Up With Media Bias & Misinformation

a new u.s. immigrations and Customs
Enforcement officer known as ice is opening a new office in downtown
Portland one that has a lot of people angry there have already been two
protests the latest was Monday at City Hall demonstrators are demanding that
Portland leaders do something to keep ice from operating within the city they
say they’re doing it to help protect immigrants but are there protests
justified in this case to try to answer that question new senator Maine’s
Shannon Moss asked for and got access to that office on the fourth floor of one
city center she’s here to tell us what she found Pat and Cindy truth be told I
didn’t know that office was even going into one city center until that first
protest about three weeks ago and one I discovered is that it’s not the only ice
office in the area but one of several in Maine all with a mission to keep our
borders safe and to catch criminals who may be in the country illegally the
first thing you notice when you walk into Isis new office in downtown
Portland is that it looks like any typical office
break room here but when you look a little closer you’ll start to see the
differences so this room is our evidence storage room a room with a cage that ice
officials say will not hold undocumented immigrants or firearms as some people in
Portland have suggested but secure evidence agencies during an
investigation they would come in here they’d seal the evidence they put on
these shelves every law enforcement agency in the country has a similar room
I think the general public is misinformed about everything that
immigration Customs Enforcement does so let’s break it down US Immigration and
Customs Enforcement or ice as it’s known is a federal law enforcement agency
under the US Department of Homeland Security it was created after 9/11 and
it has two directorates or divisions enforcement removal operations or ero
enforces the nation’s immigration laws this group identifies arrests
and removes undocumented immigrants who are a risk to public safety a danger to
national security or are engaged in criminal activity ero has an office in
South Portland its agents have been in Maine for decades the other division of
ice is Homeland Security Investigations or HSI and its role is vastly different
these agents handle more than 400 transnational crimes like human
trafficking child exploitation financial wire fraud narcotics and gang activity
HSI has offices in Houlton and bangor as well as two in the portland area that
will now move into this space at one city center Jason Molina is the acting
Special Agent in Charge for HSI Boston all New England offices report to him he
says HS is biggest focus in the Northeast is human trafficking and child
exploitation it’s absolutely mind-blowing that
there’s that many people who are interested in victimizing children often
done on a little-known part of the internet as cutting edge stuff that
we’re doing in the darknet realm and the intrusion trauma and just in computer
forensics in general it’s a dark a difficult job
that’s netting some impressive results within the last three years HSI in Maine
identified and all rescued 70 children being victimized by child exploitation
they identified or rescued 25 victims of human trafficking and they’ve arrested
222 people on a list of charges including child exploitation human
trafficking narcotics and financial crimes some of those cases made
headlines in Maine in December 2018 Rashad Sabri of Boston was sentenced to
17 years in prison for his role in a trafficking case involving two young
women from Maine sabri’s violence and threats and drugs to compel the women to
perform sax for his profit in july 2019 Timothy McGowan a former school bus
driver in bath was sentenced to prison for taking upskirt photos of girls on
his bus and then posting those photos on a foreign website and in August
Vincent Graham a gang member from New York was sentenced to more than 26 years
in prison he forced a woman from to engage in by either denying her drugs
physically abusing her or threatening to kill her when you are protesting HSI
that’s what you’re protesting recently on two different occasions dozens of
people gathered in Portland to let ice know it’s not welcome in Maine’s largest
city because I don’t believe that ice has a place in downtown Portland
especially not with a holding cell in a in a commercial building what do you say
to the people who say ice is just doing their job sure the Gestapo was – special
agent Molina says his agents don’t deserve this the fact that any of them
have to turn on a TV after doing it with a kind of safeguard this this the great
people of Maine and turn on a TV and be called the Gestapo or Nazis it’s
appalling to me so in here is our prisoner processing area and as for that
holding cell it will not house detainees if there’s a time where we’re waiting to
transport them they will place him in the cell one cell in the prisoner
processing center to temporarily hold people arrested in criminal
investigations in Portland we have an agent who’s working an international
case and through the use of a lot of undercover activities he’s identified
and rescued 150 children worldwide and these these are children who are
actively being victimized Special Agent Molina says he’s proud to
be a part of ice I’m very proud of the men and women here with HSI who are
doing this great work every day protecting our neighborhoods and it’s
not just HSI Special Agent Molina says ero the agency of ice that enforces our
immigration laws is also doing important work keeping our country and community
safe and as I mentioned earlier they have had an office in Maine for decades
well Shannon speaking of ero the enforcement removal office many of the
people who are opposing ice are worried that they’re going to start cracking
down on undocumented immigrants in Maine they are and I asked Special Agent
Molina that very question I said two agents have any plans to descend on
Portland and start rounding up undocumented immigrants undocumented
immigrants and his answer was simply no that is not the reality
eriberto do you feel remorseful for what you are accused of doing have you spoken
to family well bail set at half a million dollars
cash for an undocumented immigrant accused of driving drunk and killing a
man riding a tractor in Weedsport last month both the defense and prosecution
asking bail be set for herberto perez Velazquez for different reasons
the defense asking that he be kept in local custody because only because if
release under the state’s new bail reform law he could be deported by ice
ultimately the judge deciding he was justice to be served for victim mark
naps family before Velasquez could be forced out of the country justice that
the Cuba County DA worries won’t be an option for other families newsChannel
Lyons Rob Hackford has more tonight when eriberto Perez Velasquez was arrested
and charged with aggravated DWI in October following the state’s new bail
reform law he was released from custody but just a few weeks later police say
while driving drunk at three times the legal limit he struck and killed 59
year-old mark Knapp you take someone’s life you can’t have
Benson that’s why on Wednesday shortly after Perez Velasquez appeared in court
along with Knapp’s family Hyuga County District Attorney John poodle man vocal
lawmakers and members of law enforcement made their case urging the state to
delay the changes that’s a senior that’s crazy
people can’t wrap their heads around why would you not let court set bail on
people someone breaks in your house they beat your wave to kill your dog they
burned your house down and they have to be released back to the street before
the tape works done while Perez Velasquez his case is unique as an
undocumented immigrant and requesting bail allows him to stay in the country
littleman says it’s the premise of his release in October Andrea fence in
November that is a preview of what’s to come after January 1st if he’s out I
think he’d be drinking again I really do because he’s done this so many times
like this experience will strained him around and I hope that you know
maybe someday he will realize what he has done well both Perez velázquez’s
girlfriend and friend oh you just heard from say he suffered from alcoholism and
that potential time in prison will be good for him if he doesn’t serve time in
the US they hope his two month old daughter Isabella will be able to visit
they wish the Knapp family healing saying they never deserved this tragedy
Christie Rob thank you Perez Velazquez’s scheduled to be back in Keokuk County
Court on February 11th welcome back the battle of a border funding President
Trump is expected to sign the one point four trillion dollar budget deal passed
from the house yesterday it includes several border wall provisions with
billions going toward new barriers at the us-mexico border President Trump
will maintain his ability to use other defense related funds on border
construction as well joining me right now is US Customs and Border Protection
acting commissioner mark Morgan Commissioner it’s good to see this
morning thank you thanks so much for joining us characterize the the bill
yesterday in terms of the money allocated toward border funding what is
that money going to be used for specifically building the wall
absolutely and so that that’s a significant victory for us for for those
of us and a law enforcement business who our mission is safeguard this country
that one point three seven five has been appropriated is specifically for wall
funding and it I think it’s important to talk about wall though it’s a wall
system it’s it’s it’s an incredible system it has integrated technology
lining access roads and I would say for every mile of wall that’s being built
this country is more safe because of that it’s because of this president and
this administration’s efforts now let me switch gears to ask you about one state
testing whether illegal immigrants should have the same rights as citizens
US citizens New Jersey lawmakers passed a measure allowing undocumented
residents to get a driver’s license driver’s license in some cases all you
need to vote okay from someone who’s dedicated basically my entire adult life
to this country specific good law enforcement for decades I am outraged by
this this is a reckless we with this law does just like sanctuary cities you’re
giving more rights to illegal aliens and criminals this type of law are actually
protecting people that are here illegally think about this you don’t
have to really peel back to many layers of the onion to think about this this is
an effective tool for law enforcement yeah they are taking away a tool of law
enforcement every time you do that those cities this entire nation is less safe
because it’s actually extraordinary it is it really is commissioner thanks for
stopping by this one and we so appreciate it you bet any time
Commission mark Morgan a well illegal immigrants can now get driver’s licenses
in New York yeah you know I have some final thoughts
take a look folks that’s the line of people at one New York DMV wrapping
around the block on the first day the state allows illegal immigrants to apply
for driver’s licenses if you are an American or a legal immigrant that
should take you off and if it doesn’t you’re either not paying attention or
worse you allow the garbagey legal and the rich here leading from the left to
control your good sense either way wake up the Democrats ruining and ravaging
New York are clearly trying to keep up with the Democrats ruining and ravaging
California the state joins the illegal immigrant cheerleading states of
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Illinois Maryland New Mexico
Nevada Oregon Utah Vermont and Washington who have passed similar laws
allowing illegals to obtain standard non commercial driver’s license out of any
state DMV office oh goody last week a federal judge struck down one of the
laws several legal challenges but luckily at least three other lawsuits
remain but still the law went into effect this week again oh goody but
let’s look at that line and one DMV office again that right there was what
no respect for our immigration laws looks like that’s what taking advantage
of our country looks like that’s what bad policy rubber stamped and passed by
pandering Democrats looks like and keep in mind folks if New York is anything
like California those illegal immigrants applying for driver’s licenses may also
be accidentally placed on the voter rolls now California officials swear up
and down they screened to make sure illegals aren’t placed on voter rolls
yet there you go the motor voter program launched in California in April 2018 and
it automatically registers eligible voters when they visit the DMV now you’d
think eligible would mean citizen but shocker
the DMV reported making a hundred and five thousand registration errors in the
months after the program began and how does our state make sure illegals and
non-citizens aren’t placed on voter rolls well not much since the voter
registration database doesn’t include official citizenship documents instead
applicants simply have to affirm they’re eligible under penalty of perjury under
the laws of the state of California Wow sounds foolproof huh
not so New York way to go you’re following in California’s footsteps
which may be great for those Democrats looking to bolster their voting bloc but
does nothing to preserve the integrity of our border our immigration laws or
our nation as a whole and furthermore what message are we sending come here
illegally remain here illegally instead of paying the consequences our
government will rubber stamp your illegal activity and handout perks like
driver’s licenses that’s essentially aiding and abetting illegal activity or
at the very least encouraging more of it what a crock of crap
those are my final thoughts from La God bless take care let me know what you
think in the comment section thanks for watching like share and subscribe as
always god bless till next time please


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    Alioski Di Cuña

    Time to deport every single illegal out of here. Enough is Enough. Illegals are here illegally and all this mess is going to lead to war. We the people will do the government's undone job. We might have to take matter into this nonsense. Since the feds aren't doing their job. Trump 2020

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    Alioski Di Cuña

    All these libtards can bring every single illegals to their homes. Why don't they take them into their houses, shelter them, feed them, etc etc. Or better yet I'm wondering if I can stay at their houses without their permission and not pay a single dime on rent, food, I can sleep on their beds, wondering if I can just come in without their consent?! Very ironic and hypocrite they are.

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    P M

    Democrats, are destroying the legal system in USA. They want a lawless country, no order, no safety, no justice. We as a country are going backwards, thanks to the Democrats treason, and hate against America.

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    Joan Ridgeway

    People live in lala land, their is evil people coming here by the thousands, they commit crimes and get away with it, cause we dont know who they are. They just get deported and turn back around and come back.

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    Cats Paw

    Boy, those people in Portland are far gone. Who is indoctrinating them? And why are they always so hard on the eyes?
    Gotta love that Tomi…Sic 'em Tomi!

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    Dora Tiscareno

    Living Working Here
    And Driving Drunk All The Time….🍺🍺🍺🍺🚗


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    We the People are the ones in charge, NOT the Lawbreaking Immigrants, and certainly NOT the wanna be Communist/ Socialists' that are attempting an overthrow of our Country.

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    Joe Cool

    They are not undocumented aliens. They are not illegal immigrants. They are infiltrators. They are stealing our country by attrition. Estimates are as high as 60 million already here and still they flow in every day to the point that in my town Citizens are the minority. All without us firing a shot. When will we stop taking it in the ass?

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    Drue Baye

    So we have some illegals that walk around with no worries because they are in a sanctuary city, we have some illegals being held, we have some being deported and some being rewarded with driver's licenses WTF just wait …
    The ones being held or deported are going to sue for not being freed and given drivers licenses and the legal ones are going to sue because they had to file, pay, qualify and wait. This is a mess.

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    Sylvia Farese

    We as American citizens have to get informed about this spending bill the House passed. The Dems have snuck in several things that benefit ILLEGALS! It’s ridiculous!
    AND then there’s this:

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    Sherry Lambert

    Is it true that illegal migrants from the Congo are headed to Portland? I know they r here & being bused somewhere?!? They have an Ebola problem in the Congo ?!? This could b dangerous for all Americans?!? There is a new strand that cannot b detected right away?!? 🤦‍♀️🇺🇸🙏

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    scott leachman

    Notice they not mention primary ethnicity? See:Youtube Doc "THEY DONT JUST DANCE" Epose of their devient sexual proclivities. These people DEMONIC!

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    Miami Knight

    Wait until these illegal immigrants move into the protesters neighborhoods and wreak havoc in their neighborhoods then they will see how it is living with illegal immigrants. Ice needs to open up more offices around the country. 🗣 WE ARE WITH YOU ICE 🇺🇸🇺🇸 👍🏾

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    Kreepy Pasta

    US citizens need to learn what Supply & Demand is, and how DACA, overstayed visas and open borders are supplying a demand that is looong gone. Therefore, any foreign labor we get at this point, is only serving to drive down wages, displace US citizens in the workforce and devalues workers rights. Something Americans DIED for!

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    The BIZ

    Why isn’t ICE camped out by those lines in NY for a DL and herding these law breakers out?

    Because the Democraps have succeeded in thwarting federal law. This is going to take THE PEOPLE to stand up and put an end to this lawlessness BULLSHIT!

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    Sherry Lambert

    Sooo,, to get a drivers license,, Americans have to have a birth certificate, and 2 other forms of ID?!? along with proof of residency?!? Ex: bank account or electric bill?!? Do these illegals have to have all that & b able to pass a written & driving test?!? Can they do that without speaking English?!? Do they have to have proof of car insurance?!? 🤦‍♀️

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    Angela S

    I support ICE 100%!
    Illegal Aliens are Criminals!
    Terrorists & Cartels & MS13 & Drugs are coming in through our southern border!!

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    Nolan Forsyth

    Well this happen a lot. But the bleeding heart democrats will take up for them no matter how many of us they kill. Damn democrats should be deported to right along with the illegals. They love them they can take care of those heatherns.

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    Angela S

    That’s what Voter Fraud looks like!! Illegal Aliens are gonna make us loose the 2020 Election! That’s what they planned all a long!!
    The GOP isn’t doing anything!
    There should have been massive protests in front of the DMV & block the entrance! Cops can’t arrest you over illegals! It’s against the law for them to be here!
    Where was Border Patrol & DHS!!

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    Elvis Johnson

    So where do They put Americans when their arrested? The Holiday Inn.? I am tired of this Americans going To jail while the illegals get a free ride..

  52. Post
    truth and common sense warrior

    Eventually it will be the second amendment vs. democrats.
    Guess who is going to lose?
    Lock and load because the demonrats want to control every aspect of your life.
    A good democrat is a dead democrat.

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    🚨 ICE/Federal Law Enforcement Authorities Should NOT have to apologize & appease illegal aliens or their sympathizers! The State, City & Federal Government Does Not Apologize to American Citizens for Enforcing The Laws of The United States of America and should not apologize or appease illegal aliens! You commit the crime you pay the price, there should be no encouragement of illegal behavior unless America submits to a culture of crime & victimization of innocent people!

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    work of art

    I wonder whose paying these Americans, that go out and protest for illegals? Could it be the large corporations, and the capitalist?

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    Valkyrie Sardo

    The Portland mayor is extreme left and allows extreme left crazies to run wild. ICE is desperately needed in the city and will be openly opposed. They are literally entering enemy territory.

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    Kauni Kauni

    ICE MUST first end the MS16 Gangs in America…THEY must be located and DEPORTED…I will Not pay for their cushy Prison Stay…

  62. Post
    leanard flow

    Portland NEEDS ICE TO up hold immigration laws, ICE HAS A JOB TO do AND THEY ARE GOING TO do THEIR no matter HOW THE FAKE MEDIA spreads THEIR LIES . GREAT JOB PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT and the American citizens.

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    Jack Of None

    These idiot snowflake protesters are so incredibly misguided…wait till these crimes touch their lives!!! The left is trying to take this country in a direction that is unbelievably destructive to our way of life!!!

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    Those pinheads that protest get paid by Soros, wait until a drunk immigrant runs over them, they will get it but maybe too late.

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    How many anchor babies did Perez Velazquez father? 3, 4, 5, 6? I am sure having this human trash's garbage offspring makes the US a better country

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    Samy Montoya

    According to DemoRats, Give Illeagals a warm place to sleep, a job, food and the pass to do everything they want. Screw us Real Americans. LYNCH them All!

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    book marks

    Just imagine the fines, prison time, and life ruining consequences 2 DUI will cause an American citizen?…..But, precious Hereberto gets to get out and kill somebody instead! Thanks to sanctuary city laws that keep criminal illegals like Hereberto safe to commit more crimes and never be held accountable.

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    elizabeth cope

    Ayana Pressley bill: New Way Forward Act
    Gives foreign felons a greater chance to remain in U.S.A.
    It will:
    End mandatory detention of aggravated felons/ exempt drug traffickers from deportation/ place 5yr statute of limitations on all deportations/ grant all foreign immigration violators a right to release from detention on bail. This gives foreign felons a greater chance to remain in the U.S.A.
    IMMIGRATION REFORM .COM article: Foreign Criminals are Victims

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    Elouise King

    These protestors should spend time in a jail cell with an illegal. The agent should look the other way when things start happening in the cells. Let them enjoy the companies they want to keep.

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    Cathy T

    ICE should be shown the utmost RESPECT from ALL CITIZENS. i bet these protestors wont be standing with their stupid signs if their loved ones are raped and/or murdered. The first thing they will want is justice and the help of ICE.

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    Dawn Remington

    Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain Driver’ Licenses is just another step that the Deep State is taking to turn the U.S. into a third world country by using their votes. Every American must stand up & vote out every one of these Deep State controlled criminal Leftists out of office & return our country to us Americans.

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    Gwillen Lowe

    It amazes me how someone from other countries can come in and make demands. When they start having lots of murders on the highway the people need to rise up. Those people are crooked not thinking about doing right. Mark my words they are creating monsters. They will be crying later.

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    Patricia Demekpe

    Illegal immigrants are welcome but there’s a history of racism against Americans called Negros, Blacks, coloreds, African Americans, etc. immigrating to Portland, Oregon.

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    Nathan Anderson

    you people in Portland chance can stop by some come in there that's the US government and you reside you guys is city that that look the pain on the government so therefore I scrubbed make a do what they want to do but they are just United States government y'all not in the sanctuary cities down with them and if I won't to and pregnant if I get ice in the mall back to maaco when he belong don't bring your problem tells we don't need you we got no problem here already we don't need no go no no more problems thank you have a great day and God bless Donald Trump 4:20 and 20

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    ABOLISH ICE, HELL NO!!! I LIKE MY DRINKS COLD & MY COUNTRY SAFE. Seriously I.C.E. please over look these idiot Liberals that don't have the sense God gave a goose. Thank you for the job you do Merry Christmas May God Bless & Keep You

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    jojo DaCosta

    Idiots undocumented arrests. You idiots should take in these illegal aliens have them molest your kids, then maybe you'll think twice of backing up a criminal who is here illegal.

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    Maria ortiz


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    Deborah Lowe


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    Good job ice way to go guys.. get the low life illegals the fuck out. !!! Send them right back where they come from.!! the protesters are a pack of retarded idiots keep up the awesome job were with ya and support you 100%

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