Illegal Immigration Documentary: Citizens*: Why Come Illegally?

When I hear that comment,”Why do they want
to come here illegally?”, I’m just like, what are they talking about? It’s, uh, for me its
a very dumb question. You think that you wanna, you wanna do all this stuff if you have a
chance to come here legally? I mean if, if somebody asking you, I mean, if you have the
chance to get a visa and cross the border, have a job, or sacrifice your life, and you
know, suffer from heat or winter or whatever, what are you gonna pick? Of course, come here
legally. There’s no chances to come here legally. I’m pretty sure that if there were a program
that offered the opportunity to work and then go back to your country and that kind of stuff
… come on! But uh, even trying to, even for families, who, you know, have the opportunity
to ask for a visa, does those guys… I, I, you know, when somebody asks me that, do they,
do you know how difficult is to get a visa? When has your family ever tried to get a U.S.
visa? You have to, you have to have an, um, bank account, you have to have a house or
business, or if you’re a student, you have to have good grades, whatever. And then, you
have to spend, nights and days, out of the, um, American Consulate. You have to spend
the whole night to have an interview the next day at 4 o’clock or 3 o’clock. I saw old men
waiting for that interview for 36 hours, 40 hours outside, um, you know, just sitting
on the floor, sleeping on the floor. And then when they show up in front of the, uh the
Consulate person, uh, “Oh, you forgot to bring your paycheck. So I’m sorry.” So just to check
how many of the ones who’s tried are getting visas. Just try to compare. I mean most of
the people they, they, they leave the, um, American Consulate crying. And their kids
who wants to visit maybe um, mother or parents, or mother who tries to, to uh, know his new
grandson or grandkid. And they don’t wanna, they don’t even want to stay here – they just
wanna, you know, be part of the family. And, and it’s, it’s impossible. Its impossible.
It’s not the, the question is not, “Why?” it’s “Why not?”. There’s supposed to be a
way. I mean, we are, um, we, we’re not just the United States and Mexico – there’s too
many things involved.

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