Immigration and Citizenship Forms: The Basics

Hi, my name is David and
I work at Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Do you have an immigration, citizenship or refugee sponsorship form to fill out? Are there other citizenship
and Immigration Canada forms you would like help with? Then you’re in the
right place! See here? This is where you will
find our tutorial videos, which are designed
to help you complete a variety of application forms. Our goal is to help you
get it right – so you can get on your way sooner
and avoid processing delays often caused by
incomplete applications. Before you start, let
me give you a few tips: Always read the
application guides before you complete your forms. It tells you everything
you need to know and provides examples so that you’ll
know exactly what we expect. It’s also a good
idea to keep it handy as you’re filling
out your application. You will find a full list
of application guides on our website at Our site also offers
access to online forms, videos, instructions
and much more. Finally, we also offer
great checklists to help you make sure you’ve
included everything we need when you submit
your application. You’ll find the checklists
in your application guides and on our website. So go ahead! Make use of these
great tutorials… and get on your
way sooner.

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