Impeachment, Lisa Page, Diversity – Your AMAC Weekly News

Impeachment, Lisa Page, Diversity – Your AMAC Weekly News

Hi I’m Ben Ferguson and welcome to Your
AMAC Weekly News. First up, liberals in Congress have
decided the best time to continue their sham impeachment inquiry is when Donald
Trump is out of the country, and they planned this on purpose. I’ll explain why
in just a moment. Also we know that impeachment is hitting a new low. Why?
Well, they’re trying to use prominent figures like former anti-Trump FBI
Attorney Lisa Paige, who has come out saying she’s a victim of Donald Trump to
try and distract the American people. Well the reason why they’re doing this
is not good for them and I’ll give you the whole story in just a moment. And
finally, liberals have been pretending for years like Donald Trump could never
win the African American vote. Well it looks like the tides are turning, just as
they lose more diversity in their own presidential candidate list. All this and
more in just a moment, but first a quick reminder, please share this video with
your friends on social media. Your AMAC Weekly News starts right now. Liberals in the house decided that the
perfect moment to continue their ridiculous attempt to remove the
President of the United States of America was when he actually left the
country. That’s right President Trump is
literally meeting with world leaders on behalf of the United States while liberals
are trying to take part in an attempted coup. Now prior to Trump’s departure for
London, he spoke to the press calling out liberals for deciding to put impeachment
on the table while he’s on his way to a major NATO Summit. Watch what he had to
say on Fox News. So, the Democrats, the radical left Democrats, the do-
nothing Democrats, decided when I’m going to NATO — this was set up a year ago — that when I’m going
to NATO, that was the exact time. This is one of the most important
journeys that we make as President, and for them to be doing this and saying this
and putting an impeachment on the table, which is a hoax to start off with. If you
know, there’s breaking news today, the Ukrainian President came out and said very
strongly that, “President Trump said absolutely nothing wrong.” That should be
case over. Republicans have never ever been so committed as they are right
now and so united. So it’s really a great thing in some ways but in other ways
it’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace for our country. That’s right, the President’s going out of the
country to represent us with world leaders all while members of the
Democratic Party in Congress are trying to remove him from office.
Thank goodness GOP Members of Congress actually released their report on
impeachment ahead of, well, the left. Their document was pretty clear. It fully
defended the President’s actions on Ukraine and accused the left of rushing
to impeach the President without any evidence that Trump did anything wrong.
Now a day later, liberals fought back releasing their own impeachment inquiry
documents. All right so let me just give you a quick overview of basically what
the Democrats said. First, it was all based in their report on hearsay and the
opinion of Democratic Members of the House Committee that have already said
on the record how much say hate Donald Trump. Now as the impeachment inquiry
enters into the House Judiciary Committee, led by Jerry Nadler, I want you
to watch a really important clip of what Nadler, the man who’s now doing this, had
to say about impeachment back in 1998. Take a look at this from C-SPAN. The effect of impeachment is to overturn the popular will of the voters.
We must not overturn an election and remove a president from office except to
defend our system of government or our constitutional liberties against a
dire threat. And we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the
American people. There must never be a narrowly voted impeachment or an
impeachment supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by
the other. Now to be clear what Nadler is doing now is exactly what he just
preached against doing. He is trying to change the rules all because he’s
obsessed with trying to take down Donald Trump. They’re literally trying to remove
a duly elected president just because they are scared that he’s going to get
reelected again. Now it has been proven over and over again that liberals never
respected or even accepted the will of the American voters.
Representative Jim Jordan appeared on Fox News to emphasize that exact point,
take a look. This whole thing is built on what Nancy Pelosi said two weeks ago
Sunday, when she called the President of the United States and impostor.
They have never accepted the fact that 63 million Americans voted for Donald
Trump on November 8, 2016 and made him president. He won in an electoral college
landslide. They have never accepted that fact and for the Speaker of the House of
Representatives to call the President of United States an impostor is just wrong.
But that underscores what they’re trying to do. They have never accepted the will
of the American people and they’ve gone to this crazy impeachment strategy that
we’ve seen unfold now for several months. So as this witch hunt continues, some
members of the Democratic Party in Congress are becoming, well, very worried
and concerned that they may be going down a road that might backfire on them
come election day. Take a listen to this CNN panel where one reporter states that
well some members of the Democratic Party in Congress are getting very concerned
about even moving forward with impeachment. You’re now hearing rumblings
within Democrats saying maybe we should just go with censure or not
really knowing how to move forward on this given where the President is and
given where Republicans are. And given that Republicans, especially at least
Stefanik, some of the more moderate ones, and Will Hurd after the two weeks of
testimony that they heard from fact witnesses, did not move at all. They said
that they do not believe that anything the President did was impeachable and in
fact they seem to be protecting the President more than than they were prior
to these two weeks. Now the more facts that come forward the harder it is for
liberals to continue to argue that President Trump did anything at all that
would be impeachable. We here at AMAC are fighting for the truth, We are here
fighting for your voice, and most importantly that your vote that you cast
in 2016 isn’t being thrown out by a bunch of
people in Congress. This is America and our elections and the voice of our
citizens should never be dismissed, yet that’s exactly what the left is trying
to do in Washington, DC today. While many liberal members of Congress
are trying harder and harder and harder to try to find any reason they can to
impeach Donald Trump, there’s another thing going on and that is the deep
state in Washington DC is in a serious panic. Why? Because there’s a major new
report coming out about their actions against Donald Trump during the 2016
election. Now Democrats, rather than accepting that they are just failing
miserably at trying to impeach the President without having facts to back
it up, they’re now moving forward with something else and that is a campaign to
distract the American people with some pretty ridiculous stories. The latest one,
well it came in the form of former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, now
claiming in a major sit down interview that she is a victim of
President Donald Trump bullying her. I’m not kidding. Same woman that traded text
messages with Peter Strzok about stopping Trump from becoming president
is now saying she’s a victim. Now you may be asking yourself how is she a victim?
Well get ready for this amazing story. According to her, the President, she
claims, acted out what she described as a “sex scene” with her voice between her and
the former head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Peter
Strzok. That’s right she’s literally saying that Donald Trump is bullying her
and that now she’s willing to fight back, she’s not going to take it anymore.
Now the truth of the matter is nothing the President said was at all inappropriate,
which is exactly why I have no inhibitions about showing you exactly
what she is complaining about. It aired on MSNBC. What a group. She’s going to win, ten million to one
she’s gonna win I’m telling you Peter. I’m telling you Peter she’s gonna win. Peter, oh I love you so much.
I love you Peter. I love you too Lisa. Lisa I love you. Lisa! Lisa, oh god I love you Lisa. Now Lisa Page claimed these words by Trump were the straw that broke the
camel’s back. MSNBC anchors tried to carry forward
this narrative that Page is a victim in their reporting of this story, take a
look. But these are not normal times and imagine being Lisa. In that
moment, the most powerful man in the world, piggishly humiliating her by name
on a stage seen by millions, in fact that moment we just saw [sic] you was the moment
that Page decided she needed to break her silence. In a brand new interview
published by The Daily Beast, former FBI Official Lisa Page, whose text messages
with Peter Strzok, also an FBI agent, were released to the public almost exactly
two years ago, describes how the profoundly the scandal has affected her life.
From that Daily Beast’s interview, quote, “I wouldn’t even call it PTSD because
it’s not over. It’s ongoing. It’s not a historical event that’s being relived. It
just keeps happening.” And as if on cue the President couldn’t help himself. Trump
tweeted about The Daily Beast interview with Paige this afternoon, writing, quote,
“When Lisa Page, the lover of Peter Strzok, talks about being ‘crushed,’ and how
innocent she is, ask her to read Peter’s ‘insurance policy’ text, to her, just in
case Hillary loses. Also, why were the lovers text messages scrubbed after he
left Muller. Where are they Lisa?” And by the way, Lisa
Page is about to be back in the news again. A week from today, the DOJ
Inspector General, that’s the watchdog of that agency, is expected to release his
report. According to the New York Times it will reveal no evidence was found to
support the accusation that the FBI attempted to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign. Now look, you gotta admit it’s kind of ironic that the IG report and the DOJ
report, which will be very damaging to the left, is going to be coming out most
likely this week. Now you have Lisa Page who just happens
to come forward with a sad sob story that she’s a victim and that Donald Trump
is bullying her and it must be stopped. Fox News’s Craig Gutfeld called this out
for exactly what it is: it is a coordinated effort between the
mainstream media and Lisa Page so that she would look like a victim, take a
listen. And this story to me is always about the media and how they create
these kinds of things. When you saw this story break, you saw the drooling fan
base immediately tweeted the story out and then you look at her followers — the
people she follows on Twitter, they’re exactly the same. It was — and they
all pushed it as this big kill shot, right? They really got him. But you look
it’s the same crowd regurgitating the same self-congratulatory bunch of crap.
It was so sheep-like, in how everybody copied each other. It
revealed to me that there were marching orders, right? Like it wasn’t
like, oh I just decided to speak out. This was the fruition of a courtship
between the press and Page for a while that guaranteed that will make her
look like the victim to evil, evil Trump. And because of the people who
boosted this piece instantly are the same group of people that have been
saying this stuff forever, so it was all planned. And when you see a coordinated
effort like this involving the media and never-Trumpers, people who hate Trump,
you see why his tweeting to him and the rallies are so important, because they
control all the other tools. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a brain
surgeon to know why this is all coming out right now.
The timing is perfect because the IG report is about to be very damning to
the deep state who tried to literally take down Donald Trump, it’s called a
coup attempt. Now of course Lisa Page has already claimed that she was not coming
forward because of the President’s comments, not to get ahead of the
upcoming report of course. Now thankfully people are calling her out for this
insanity. Robby Starbuck is the host of the show
Grow Up and he tweeted this amazing tweet out that said, quote, “Lisa Page is
trying to be recast as the victim and a news site wrote up an adoring interview
for her. This is why we don’t trust the media. Her
bias while working extremely political cases is clear and evident to anyone
with a functioning brain. To pretend otherwise is insulting.” Look it is
insulting that they actually believe that the American people are this stupid.
Now the good news is the IG report is coming out soon and the deep state with
good reason is now totally losing their minds. This really is the only reason
that Page chose this moment to come forward. We just have to make sure that
when the facts are actually released, that we do everything that we can to
make sure the American people see those facts before the media of course tries
to cover them up. Now AMAC will continue to keep you updated on this report and
this story as it continues to break. There’s no denying that the African
American vote has been key for victory after victory after victory for many
liberals for decades. There’s a new problem though for many on the left and
that is that they have been taking the African American vote for granted. Now
liberals are frantic because they are seeing the real signs that many of their
empty promises and their social policies that have been not helping but actually
hurting African American community and leaving them behind, well they’re now
starting to backfire on them. Now all of this is happening as they also have a
problem now. Diversity in the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate list, it
got even smaller this week when Kamala Harris decided to drop out. Now even
current candidates are beginning to show concern about the so-called “growing
whiteness” of the Democratic presidential candidate field. Cory Booker appeared in
an interview on MSNBC and said that Harris dropping out as a sign of something
that actually makes him mad, take a look. Well let me just say Kamala,
before she was a senator, presidential candidate, she was my friend. She
was my sister. And so today I’m a little angry, I have to say, that we started with
one of the most diverse fields in our history giving people pride. And it’s a
damn shame now that the only African American woman in this race who
has been speaking to issues that need to be brought up, is now no longer in it. And
we’re spiraling towards a debate stage that potentially, we’re still fighting to
get on it, but could have six people with no diversity whatsoever. Now if you look at the facts, Harris had major issues that actually killed off
her campaign. She could not answer basic questions on how she would pay for
Medicare for All. She could not answer basic questions on how to pay for
college for everyone and make it free. She could not answer basic questions
about her abuse of power when she was a prosecutor, literally keeping people in
jail for longer than they should be there just so that she could look like
she was tough on crime. Now the worst part is, she was running as a prison
reform advocate. Well thank goodness other candidates, many of them Democrats,
called her out on this. But the media claims now that America is biased
against her because she is a woman that is black. They want you to think it
didn’t have anything to do with the fact that she couldn’t keep her policies
straight or defend them or explain how much they cost. No, they want you to feel
bad as an American because she’s not in the race any longer. I’ll give you
another perfect example of the insane media bias, well look at this MSNBC panel
that decided to claim that Senator Harris was just held to a different standard
because she is black and a woman. I worked for Sarah Palin. I carefully
watched and covered the campaign of Hillary Clinton. I do think that women
are still held to different standards as candidates. They have to have well-run
campaigns, never mind that Donald Trump didn’t have
a campaign, he only flew around with Hope ironing his pants. They have to be
perfect on the stump, which she — I never saw her stumble. Joe Biden is beloved, I’m
a fan, he’s never perfect on the stump. I mean I do think there is a gender piece
here that we still suck at talking about. No you’re right, and I don’t mean to cut you
off you’re right. She told the guys to shut up, alright?
We need to shut up now. I need to say this though — you women are
held to different standards and black woman especially. I agree. Now while Democrats and
the left and the media are trying to figure out an excuse as to how
they can explain away why Harris just didn’t make it,
the reality is polling shows that well people didn’t like her because they
didn’t like her policies. It wasn’t because she was African American or that
she was a woman. A perfect example of how the polls just sometimes tell the truth
is the fact that Donald Trump has been picking up support from African American
voters. That’s right and liberals are going crazy over this because they’ve
been saying since the beginning of 2016 that Donald Trump is a racist. He’s a
racist, he’s a bigot, he’s a racist, he’s a racist, he’s a bigot. So they couldn’t
imagine that actually African Americans would vote for him over one of their far
left socialist candidates or a woman who happens to be African American. Well
guess what? That’s exactly what’s happening. Now rather than accept that
Americans aren’t happy with the far left and their promises and their candidates
and their price tag for all these crazy free stuff ideas, well they’ve decided
that they’ll just attack and say, “The American people, you need to look at
people and you need to realize that you are racist.” In a recent interview with
CNBC the BET founder, however, said this is basically ridiculous.
The billionaire, Robert Johnson, suggested that Trump’s reelection is, quote, “his to
lose.” Now it’s important to note that Johnson is a prominent African American
businessman and a very faithful Democrat. Johnson cites the increase in black
employment and the strong economy is what is helping Donald Trump with
African American voters. And liberals again they’re having a hard time
actually understanding that when you put people back to work and you don’t look
at the color of their skin, well people actually like a good economy. Two polls now,
one by Emerson College and one from Rasmussen put black support at or
above 34% for Donald Trump. Now of course this is terrible news for the left, the
Emerson poll showed that 34.5% of black registered
voters supported the President. Now that is up from 17.8%
a month earlier. Rasmussen showed that the President had 34% approval from
African Americans as well. Well the President is delivering higher wages,
opportunity zones, education reform, and vocational training. Now you compare that
to what the left is offering and it should not be surprising that Donald Trump is
doing so well in these minority polls. Now look, this election truly is President
Trump’s to lose, but it’s up to us to help make sure that the word gets out
about what’s actually happening in our economy. That’s it for this edition of
Your AMAC Weekly News. Be sure to share this post with your friends on
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    "Diversity" is one of the leading causes of friction, resentment, crime and violence in America. Diversity divides. Harris had to drop out because her policies, ideas and personality were not liked by the people. NOT because of her race or gender.

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