Incredible Ways People Cheat On Exams

1/ Few of us relish the idea of exam time,
and although some people think our students are tested too early and too stringently,
most have a dim view of cheating. But it does happen, and students’ attitudes
towards cheating may surprise you. In a survey by US News and World Report, 51%
of high school students do not consider it wrong. And even more shocking, is the fact that 95%
of those students interviewed said that teachers had not detected their cheating. 2/ Today, we’ve decided we need to dive
a little more deeply into this subject and find out what’s really going on, in this
episode of The Infographics Show, Incredible Ways People Cheat On Exams. 3/ Before we run through the list of creative
ways some of these students are getting away with cheating, let’s first look at some
more statistics to see how bad the situation with cheating on exams really is. The Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics
surveyed 43,000 high school students in public and private schools. 59% of high school students admitted to cheating
on a test during the last year, and 34% self-reported doing it more than two times. And one out of three high school students
admitted that they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment. 4/ Cheating isn’t only prevalent in high
schools. Underhanded tactics are also happening in
college and graduate schools. A survey of over 63,700 US undergraduate students
and 9,250 graduate students, from the years 2002 to 2005, was conducted by Donald McCabe
of Rutgers University, and it revealed more startling facts. Here are just a few: 36% of undergraduates
and 24% of graduate students admit to “copying a few sentences from Internet sources without
footnoting it”; 14% of students and 7% of graduate students admitted to “fabricating
or falsifying a bibliography”; 7% of students report self-copying materials “almost word
for word from a written source without citation”; And 7% self report “turning in work done
by another.” So what’s going on? Let’s take a look at some of the creative
ways these students are getting away with it. 5/ 1. A manicure can be a very important thing for
a young lady if she likes to have neat, tidy nails. As it happens, it can also be very useful
at exam time. It is actually possible to apply tiny handwriting
or little sticky notes underneath long manicured nails. It’s also easy to erase everything using
your fingers if you think you’re about to get caught. British newspaper The Sun reported in 2017
on a Reddit user post entitled “Nailed the exam.” The user showed how an unnamed student had
carefully written tiny math formulas on minuscule pieces of paper before sticking them on the
underside of her nails. Creative right? Maybe yes, but she got little praise with
most Reddit users who were quicker to comment on the student’s laziness, claiming the
formulas could have been easily learnt. One person wrote: “And just think, the amount
of time and effort to painstakingly attach those little bitty cheat-sheets could have
gone into actually learning the material.” 6/ 2. Modern pens come in a variety of different
shapes and sizes, and some have internal non-transparent plastic or metal areas that create a perfect
environment for secret notes. You can take the pen cartridge out during
the exam and then extract a note with the necessary information to copy. And pens in China have gone a step further
with the introduction of technology. In Sichuan province, 40 students were suspected
of using a high-tech pen for cheating. The pen worked like a mini phone and would
send test questions back to another location, and answers would be sent back to the cheaters
via in-ear receivers. 7/ 3. Calculators are one of the most common cheating
tools. If you use a pencil, you can write notes on
the back of a calculator and they are almost invisible unless you look at the calculator
very closely, or better still, hold it at an angle so the light reflects off of it. And other students have been known to be more
cunning by using the calculator memory. A calculator, after all, is a mini computer,
and you can hide formulas and test answers for some period of time. With some calculators, you can write a program
the day before the exam, and under the program function, type in formulas or cheat notes
that can be accessed during the exams. But lots of teachers now check the programs
on calculators, so students have become more cunning by putting their notes under the Vars
or Variables button in one of the 10 Strings listed. When notes are placed in different sections
of the calculator, it’s much harder for the teacher to locate them. 8/ 4. Since we’re talking about technology, let’s
not forget modern digital watches, which can fully replace smartphones and offer all sorts
of cheating options. They have apps, instant messaging, and Internet
access, so when a student is subtle, they can solve a test in a matter of minutes by
using their watch. And then there are Google Glasses that hook
into other devices. We found a story about students at a medical
college in Thailand who were caught using spy cameras linked to smartwatches to cheat
during exams. They planned to use wireless spy cams embedded
in eyeglasses to capture exam questions before transmitting them to associates elsewhere
and receiving responses back through linked smartwatches. But the plot was foiled, and Arthit Ourairat,
the rector of Rangsit University, posted pictures of the high-tech cheating equipment on his
Facebook page. 9/ 5. Finally, we also found a rather persuasive
cheating method used by some students that involves psyching the teacher out. What do we mean by that? As soon as an exam paper is returned, the
student makes corrections that are similar to the teacher’s corrections and presents
them as mistakes made by the teachers. Some teachers, especially less experienced
ones, get nervous because they can’t be sure they have not overlooked or misinterpreted
something. The teacher may then immediately agree to
improve the grade without looking at what is there and rechecking where the amendments
were. It is not a pleasant method of cheating, and
it takes a very cheeky student to use this underhanded approach. 10/ One country that comes up repeatedly in
search results when you look at cheating on exams is India. This is due to some past cheating epidemics
that have been exposed over the years. In 2015, British news agency the BBC reported
that around 300 people were arrested in the Indian state of Bihar for blatant cheating
on school exams. Incredibly, dozens of parents and friends
of students were photographed climbing school walls to pass answers through the classroom
windows, and some of the classrooms were as high as four stories above the ground. Many of those arrested were parents, and at
least 750 students were expelled. 11/ State Education Minister PK Shahi asked,
“Three to four people helping a single student would mean that there is a total of six to
seven million people helping students cheat. Is it the responsibility of the government
alone to manage such a huge number of people and to conduct a 100% free and fair examination?” Then this year the BBC reported again on the
situation. It said that the authorities in the same state
in India have now asked students not to wear shoes or socks in order to stop them from
being able to sneak notes with answers into the exam hall and cheating during exams. 12/ The rule came into effect on February
21 of this year when roughly 1.8 million 15-year-olds took part in their final class 10 test school
exam. The crackdown on cheating by authorities has
seen the state of Bihar’s pass rate fall from more than 70% in 2014 and 2015 to barely 50%. 13/ Cheating certainly seems to be prevalent,
but in reality it’s stealing the work of another student who has put in the time to
learn the material. And getting a good grade you didn’t actually
earn can also damage the curve for the entire class and leave the students who are struggling
with exams believing that there is something wrong with them for not understanding. 14/ So, have you cheated on exams and are
there other methods you know of that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our other video,
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