India’s Need for Citizen Amendment Bill | Analysis by AKTK

India’s Need for Citizen Amendment Bill | Analysis by AKTK

Arguments are going on in Parliament
on #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 that bill has been passed from Lok Sabha,
but is still waiting for being passed from
Rajya Sabha, at the time of this video. So, this bill is very communal as per us This bill talks about Christians,
Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists & others but forgets, for any bill to be secular,
it is the required to favor Muslims & this bill excludes Muslims, then isn’t it communal bill
& add to that, we are secular people Now, we are that much secular
that we call Amit Shah as Ahmed Shah So friends, let’s talk about
the heights of secularism So Right-Wing is hypocrite, so much that
it talks about deportation of Rohingyas & welcomes Hindu, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists,
X-tians from Pak, Afghanistan & Bangladesh To give them rights here. They are much hypocrite to say to save
Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, X-tians & Buddhists Now, if these people are being raped there,
or are being killed, or their temples are being destroyed,
or are being forcefully converted, or are being excluded from country with no reason,
then what problem do we have with that. Why we have to be in between them.
How does it even affects us that the Palace
of Guru Nanak in Pakistan, has is destroyed? Nor that the fact that 90%+ of
Hindu temples are destroyed, affects us? What affect should it make, and why? And Yusuf Yuahana,
a Pakistani Cricket Star, was a Christian, but even he had change religion
& convert to Mohammad Yusuf. For What? Can you think of that? On flip side, after kidnapping a Hindu Girl,
She was married of to a Muslim, & later was converted,
Such news are very common there And it is not that that
it just happens to Muslims. Doing same, even to Sikh or Christian girl
is a very common thing there. Google Namrata Chandani,
that’s a very recent case. that why a girl studying Medicine,
was killed in her room after ill-behavior. Why? Asia Noorim, Who was a christian,
was excluded from country. Why? Because, she got into quarrel
for water with other Muslims & in that quarrel, they said against Jesus,
and she said something against prophet. So she was excluded from country
because she did blasphemy. An Australian girl got into
love affair with a Pakistani boy. That boy lied & called her to Pakistan
& was ill-treated by many people. and tried best to convert her. for what? Whether Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh,
All of them are Muslim nations & in all 3, population of Hindus, Sikhs,
Buddhists, Jains, X-tiansis declining These people were given a
chance in 1947 to be in India. But all these people stayed in Pakistan
& Bangladesh, & denied come, So they should be
eating fruits of their deeds Now, what problem do India
have if they are being punished. Now, why should we talk about
the rights of Hindus, Sikhs & Jains First of all, they don’t have
any country of their own, which calls themselves Hindu-nation,
Sikh-nation, or Jain-nation So, where these people will go,
we shouldn’t thunk about that, but rather should think about,
where the Rohingyas will go,
who are Muslims, having 52 Muslim nations, So we should talk about Rohingyas only. Now, let’s see hypocrisy over this bill, Congress party, with all of its power,
is saying to oppose this bill, From Rahul Gandhi to Priyanka Vadra,
every congressman is opposing this bill. While, in 2003, Dr. Manmohan Singh said
that we need Citizen Amendment Bill. The minorities are facing many
problems in Bangladesh & Pakistan. For them, we should open doors in India. Friends, this too is a hypocrisy that
Owaisi tears the CAB in the Parliament. But, also says to welcome Rohingyas instead The Indian Constitution, Right to equality
& right to life, not just on Indians, but is also applicable on refugees. blah blah blah… more blah blah blah…
can here not be the Rohingyas? owasi…. See this thinking if PM, that he cares
about Hindus of Pakistan & Bangladesh Why PM should care about
Hindus of Pakistan & Bangladesh. PM should care about
the citizens of India instead. And you question me,
what deal do I have with these nations, with Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh Now, let;s also see the hypocrisy
of Arfa Khannum Sherwani too. You must have seen that regarding
the population explosion, the people of Sangh & RSS,
do politics often but if India has that much population
& they really care about that, then why BJP wants
to increase this population Indian Constitution, promises immigrants,
just like it does to Indian citizens, for Right to equality for them,
as per the Article 14. even Right to liberty for non citizen, who
are refugees, also get as per article 51. So, whether this decision of India to
send those crying people back, for whom, maybe there isn’t
any other place to go for them, who are referred to as,
No wheres people, No body’s people. Will they be, under the
view of sending them back, Is India disrespecting both the
International law & its own constitution? Rohingyas, still after having 52 Muslim
countries, came to India, but…. the minorities of Bangaldesh & Pakistan, still after having no specific nation
for them, shouldn’t come to India. What kind of hypocrisy it is?
Can’t understand. That too when India is intolerant for Muslims
& Muslims are scared in India. Now, it’s not that only BJP, Sangh or
Amit Shah oppose Muslims immigrants. Nehru has done same in his tenure. Nehru said it to be right for Hindus
to come from Bangaldesh & Pakistan, while, to examine people coming from East
Pakistan, a strict vigil was applied by him, whether that’s a Muslim. Now, Nehru should have loved Indian Muslims
at least that much loved Hindus of Pakistan But, no such Kunal Kamra was
present at that time for saying such. Now, what fear do Indian Muslims have?
I am not able to understand till now. Any Muslim living in India must be having
all the necessary documents to live here. Must be having Indian passport, Adhar card,
ration card, must be having all documents So what fear do you have even
after having so many documents? While opposition has one more fear
that, “what will happen ti Article 14?” Article 14 defines right to equality, & no
differentiation due to religion, caste etc Now if you have this mush fear, then you
should remove reservation first, which is in India from past many years,
b/c that too is breaks law of equality. In Lok Sabha, many questions were asked to
Amit Shah, & he gave good answers to them. One of which was that, “Why Afghanistan is
included in this bill, when the Border of
Afghanistan doesn’t even touches India?” To which Amit Shah answered that,
“Afghanistan has border of 106km with India, & if you don’t think POK as part of India,
then I can’t do anything with that.” So friends, this was our coverage on CAB. We hope that you liked this video. We have our focus on this topic. You will get to watch more videos. & on flip side, we launched
one more channel, “AKTK Itihaas” There, we will give you the
historical details regarding this topic. So subscribe that channel immediately. Subscribe “AKTK Itihaas”. Link is in the description,
along with tat of Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Their links too in description. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.


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    Sayontani chakraborty

    Are a sb 6oriye….
    Namo dekh lenge….🏵
    Assamese kudh ko hi kiyu jala rahe he!!!🤔
    Aur bol rehe he ki Assam jl raha he….🤯😖😵
    Koi jabab dedo…🙏
    Gali mt dena plz…🙏

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    Charlie Venkat

    महाराष्ट्र के मुंबई में २०१४ साल में यकायक बांग्ला देशी, पाकिस्तानी और रोहिंग्या मुसलमान की आबादी बढ़ गई। और महाराष्ट्र सरकार ने हिंदुस्तानी नागरिक बनने के लिए उन्हें जो भी कागजात चाहिए, देने के लिए सरकारी दफ्तर के सभी बाबु को हुक्म दिया। ऊंची ऊंची इमारतों में रहने को आए भी नहीं उनके नाम से राशनकार्ड भी जारी हूए। और सालभर के अंदर वो सभी लोग गायब हो गए। और आज़ कैब के कारण बचे-खुचे लोग दिखने बंद हुए।एक कट्टर हिन्दू शवसेना ही उनके लिए मातम मना रही हैं।

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    abhishek katiyar

    अगर बात ये है के क्या पाकिस्तान अफगानिस्तान बांग्लादेश से सिर्फ हिन्दू और सिख ही यह आ सकते है, तो हां सिर्फ यही आ सकता है क्योंकि बाकी तो कहीं भी जा सकते है लेकिन ये लोग कहा जाएंगे इनका तो एक ही देश है। जो इनको शरण दे सकता है।

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    Abhishek Yadav

    BJP- Hm lakho rupee lgaege apne promotion m
    AKTK- Ary rukye modi ji kuch hmse bh free ki sewa l lijeye
    Free m krege aapka promotion…

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    Subodh Kumar

    यही है मुसलमान का असली काला नाग चहरा , जो सिर्फ अपने मतलब के सेकुलरिज्म कि दुहाई देते फिरता , हिन्दू – मुस्लिम भाई कहता पिठ मे खंजर भोक देता , इस लिए इनको कट्टर जिहादी काह जाता । जो गैर मुस्लिम को मौत घाट उतारता रहता सैकुलर वाला भाई वाना रहता सब के समने ।

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    Pooja Rana

    2003 में क्यों 2019 में इलेक्शन के टाइम पर राहुल गांधी ने भी तो खुद कहा था अपने घोषणापत्र में कि हम 20 परसेंट शरणार्थियों को भारत की नागरिकता देंगे लेकिन अब जोर इसलिए पड़ रहा है क्योंकि अब रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों को नहीं उनकी जगह हिंदू जैन ईसाई सिख पारसी को नागरिकता मिलेगी

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    Varun Tiwary

    yes yes yes history channel is must for all the indians , now days no one knows about their history where they have come from or how this nation was formed i was thinking to start a channel like this ……thank you for doing this a much needed thing right now

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    Siddhesh Suryawanshi

    Owaisi…rohingya ko ghar pe leke jaa…agar ye bill par problem hai to prime minister ban jaa…aur bahumat haasil Kar…bill cancel Kar…

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    यार मैं तो कह रहा हु कियु हिन्दू छुप के और दबे आवाज में मुस्लिमो के विरूद्ध बोल रहे है हम बल्कि खुल के बोलना चाहिए हम हिन्दुओ को इन हरामियों के बारे। धीरे धीरे कियु जल्दी से देश से मुस्लिमो को भगाओ।

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    Le ao kisi ko bhi.

    Just exempt Tripura and Assam because we've been giving citizenship to lots of immigrants already that now the number of such people became majority and we the tripuris became minority in our own state.

    Apply this bill at the same time take these people from Tripura and allocate them somewhere else like Gujarat.

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    Elesh Lathiya

    Tu seculer ki tension na le itana…..seculer words jo bandharan prastavana me wo modi ji nikale wale he….. taki na rahega bass na bajegi basoori !!!

    1.Triple Talak
    2.Article 370
    3.Ram Mandir
    4.Citizen Amedment Bill
    Or next bill
    5. NRC
    6.Uniform Civil code
    7.Population Control Bill
    8.Bandharan Prastavana Sansodhan
    9.Hindu Rastra.
    🙏🙏Modi he to Mumkin hey !!

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    हिंदुत्व न्यूज़

    नेहरू जी बहुत बड़े तीरंदाज थे। उनके बाँण मारने की कला पे एडविना फ़िदा थी !!
    रोमिला थापड़

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    soumyajit pradhan

    Dear AKTK and all the people who finds this comment , GO AND WATCH DHRUV RATHEE'S video on this topic ..

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    Chandan Verma

    Citizen ship amendment bill
    नागरिकता संसोधन बिल;-
    1.यह बिल नागरिकता देने वाला बिल है ,न कि छीनने वाला
    2. इस बिल के बनने से पाकिस्तान अफगानिस्तान और बांग्लादेश से आये हिन्दू सिक्खों पारसी क्रिस्चियन बौद्ध आसानी से भारत की नागरिकता पा सकते है।
    इस कि इलावा पाकिस्तान अफगानिस्तान और बांग्लादेश से आए मुस्लिम भारत की नागरिकता आसानी से नही पा सकते पर अदनान सामी की तरह आवदेन कर सकते है।
    मुस्लिम देश पाकिस्तान अफगानिस्तान और बांग्लादेश में मुसलमानों पर जुल्म नही हो सकता, बल्कि दूसरे धर्म को मानने वाले को वहाँ जिंदा रहने के लिए संघर्ष करना पड़ता है इस लिये कृपया अफवाहें न फैलाने दे।

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    saiyed kamil

    They have very shallow understanding of issues. Please do not rely on the dimwit analysis given by this outlet. Just went through few of theri videos, horribly misinterpreted.

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    pradeep waghmare

    Asam aur tripura me virodh kyon ho Raha hai Bhai , apne desh ki janta ko to employment de nahi rahe ab inhe kaise sambhaloge sirf vote bank ki rajneeti hai iske bare me bhi to KUCH bolo.

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    Omkar Bhangle

    AKTK sir if u see this comment please make a video on this(if possible for you)

    I searched youtube but i did not find a video on comparison of congress 60 years vs BJP 10 yrs.

    Please don't be biased on any 1 side and highlight both the achievements and failures of both govts on various issues like
    1. Healthcare
    2. Employment
    3. GDP growth Inflation and Economy
    4. Uplifting India from Poverty
    5. Education reforms
    6. Agriculture and Food surplus/shortage and condition of farmers
    7. Security of the country issues
    8. Foreign relations
    9. Freedom of press
    10. Terrorist attacks and internal riots
    Etc etc

    I know this is too much to ask for but please see if it is possible for you to make a video on this.


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    Ankit Mishra

    Sare example to Pakistan ke de diye…ek do example Bangladesh aur Afghan ke BHI dete…..hadd hai..kab tak Pak ke naam se naam kamayoge

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    Arnab Datta

    What About Assam Accord?
    First Financial mess , Ongoing Economic mess and Upcoming Migration mess , country is heading for a Chaotic mess !

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    Jay Patel

    Irrespective of any religion CAB becomes perfect opportunity for terrorist infiltration.And having a nation like Pakistan which funds terrorism its very big threat

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    Ayush Agarwal

    Pakistan shud too pass CAB in their parliament n call n give citizenship to all 20 crore Indian mullahs as dey feel unsafe in India n r persecuted by Hindus ☺😁😂😊😀😎

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    Jitendar Pal

    Arphakhan swara bhaskar jaisi seckulr kutiya aatanvadi Rohingya Bangladeshi ghuspaidhiyo ke liye aasu bahati hai lekin Kashmiri hinduo ke liye burkhe se bahr nhi aati hai

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    Sepimong Thonger

    Indian Ministers you think of safety for other countries while you can't even handle the problems in your own country and bringing CAB When you can't even give job to millions of people maybe 1.2 billion population was less for you.

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    Sepimong Thonger

    AKTK maybe you are living a luxury life that why you don't know the unemployment we are facing in our country we india are mostly living in poverty line first solve the problem for them and invited other you idiots not thinking about our future but saying just to get likes and make contents , what a native fool you are

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    2019 के इलेक्शन में विपक्ष ये कह के कपडे फाड़ रहा था।
    के मोदी गोवेर्मेंट ने 2014 वाले घोषणापत्र में जो वादे किये। उनमेसे 1 भी पूरा नहीं किया।
    और अब जब .narendramodi जी . AmitShah जी घोषणापत्र खोल के बैठ गए और 1-1 करके सारे वादे पुरे कर रहे है।
    तो ये लोग फिर कपडे फाड़ रहे है।😆😂

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    Subhankor Sekhar

    The only problem I have with this bill it is like a pandora box, what happens when some day congress comes to power. The excluded community will be allowed back.

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    Pankaj Singh

    Seeing those leaders who opposed CAB, anti TT bills or any pro-India actions makes me wonder and equally depressed as to how stupid people were in electing such assholes. We definitely went wrong somewhere.

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    saurabh anand

    Brother reservation constitution ne hi diya hai use hatana aur na hatana ka yahan koi topic hi ni… Aur equality ka rights indians ko hai foreign ke liye gov chahe to kuch restrictions laga sakti hai… So in librandu ka case wahi close ho jana hai…

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    Dutta M

    1. We are not protesting against CAB because we are a bunch of left liberal pseudo-seculars who are unhappy because persecuted Muslims are not part of CAB. Sorry, we don’t care about that. Our protest is not because it is discriminatory towards Muslims as some of the foreign media and politicians are trying to portray.
    2. We are also not protesting because persecuted Hindus are being given citizenship. We are okay with it as we understand that India’s long cultural heritage makes it the only domicile of all Hindus
    3. Then why are we protesting? We are protesting because Assam has a history of massive influx of illegal Bangladeshis. For various reasons (from economic to partition to war), over last 50 years, 7 million Bangladeshis have taken shelter in Assam changing its demography completely (There are various articles and studies on this which can be googled). The people of Assam, especially the students, led a massive protest against this problem in the 80s (google Assam Agitation, Student’s Movement, AASU, Prafulla Mahanta). After sacrificing 800+ lives, and countless student-years, we finally got NRC (among other things) thru Assam Accord. Despite all its flaws, high court monitored NRC was the best effort made so far in identifying illegal Bangladeshis after years of lip service by politicians. We were not happy with the final outcome of NRC as it could detect only 1.9 million but nonetheless, we accepted it grudgingly as ‘something is better than nothing’. It also gave us confidence that no more Bangladeshis can come or get regularized beyond 2019.  Unfortunately, CAB nullifies all of it and not only legitimize 0.5 million out of 1.9 million but also opens the door for future influx! That’s why we are protesting.

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    Shubham Dwivedi

    Sir, bill passed is good one but due to violence in North east japanese pm cancelled his visits & india lost approximately 2 billion dollars investments, i feel very bad because its a great loss for whole india.

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  95. Post

    पाकिस्तान बार बार बोल रहा है भारत मै मुसलमानों पर अत्याचार हो रहै, उस पर दीखते हुवै पाकिस्तान बील पास करेगा भारत कै मुसलमानों को पाकिस्तान मै सिटीज़न देगा, फिर देखना डरनै वालै मुसलमान पाकिस्तान की ऐमबेसी बाहर खडे दीखेगे

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    Saurabh Yadaav

    straightly answer my 5 questions..
    1-what is the critera of deciding countries.
    2-on what basis 31st dec 2014 date is chosen.
    3-what about tamils in srilanka.
    4-what about atheist
    5-why to include Christians when have more number of countries than muslims.
    i will be glad to you if anyone of you answers to my these simple questions..

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